1. bobbyjoe says

    From their “not all is as it seems” comments it smells like a dream sequence or a “Dredd is undercover” move or something. If so, these days “Judge Dredd” is less cutting edge than Archie Comics.

  2. luminum says

    You got this story so, so wrong.

    Comics Alliance already revealed that the story is about a boy whose father is killed and finds himself in an underground fetish club, devoted to fetishizing Judge Dredd. The boy comes out from the closet, and meanwhile, the real Dredd investigates the club, finding himself confronted with the cultural impact of his presence in the world he operates in: Judge Dredd in a Judge Dredd fetish club.

    The Dredd kissing the guy is probably a fetishist dressed as him, and the narrator is the boy.

  3. Polyboy says

    The 2012 “Dred” is much better and true to the 2000AD milleu. It just was cursed with a horrifically bad marketing campaign. Carl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey were fantastic. I am going to own it on DVD.

    And this image has been my desktop wallpaper since it was leaked a month ago. :)

  4. says

    I don’t know about coming out, but he seems severely injured in that it appears as if he can’t stand up on his own. WTF?

    Are straight people doing these comics? Do they not get that in gay male relationships there is no woman? So there’s no need to portray one man in a womanly way (fainting, having the vapors, etc)

    Two men stand strong, upright, confident and HAVE AT IT !!!!

  5. Brandon says

    Tre are you being serious?
    If so…LMFAO!
    I have seen plenty of guys get all “womanly”
    while being kissed or hugged or even while getting a drink bought for them!

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