Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1294

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: At the SAG Awards, she thanked MTV for kickstarting her acting career. Here's the promo she appeared in to get her SAG card.

MARRIAGE EQUALITY: British activist Peter Tatchell debates Catholic Union head James Bogle.

LEA T: Benetton's trans model interviewed.

FRENCHIE DAVIS: Former Idol star sings for NGLTF's Creating Change conference.

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  1. simon says

    I like Hutchens and Fry’s arguments more than Tatchell’s arguments. They are more in the face and not afraid to say things seem offensive to religious people. These religious nuts think they are somehow superior and they have the rights to insult and discriminate other people without any consequence.

  2. says

    Yes, I thought Jennifer Lawrence spoke very intelligently and mature. I still look at her like a vey young girl but I guess that is changing before our eyes. Maybe her and Emily Van Camp from “Revenge” should do a sister movie. Both very hot chicks with Badass attitudes.

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