1. SC David says

    When Mr. Bryan Fischer talks about “Big Gay” it make me think of Big Gay Al on South Park. So, I laugh. Which is an appropriate response, I think, to Mr. Fischer.

  2. Cal says

    Honestly, I doubt it’s GLBT-related. That pastor had said a lot of ugly things about a lot of different groups. I don’t think Tebow would care if it was just teh gays they spewed hate about.

  3. NE Rich says

    We’re condemned to forever be the fund raising source for these silly pious vultures and snake bite evangelists. Their deity condemns sexuality and some overpaid dull witted home schooled jock from FloriDUH that our sad Union holds up as a role model can’t make up what’s laughingly called his mind whether or not to make more money for their coffers. And this is NEWS? A sad state of affairs for a state to be in.

  4. says

    Isn’t it time to reconsider secession.

    If we could get all of the nutters into a few selected states and recognise their States rights ….to F*** Off…..
    What a joy.
    Sorry Mr. Lincoln, but we need to rethink the Confederacy.

  5. anon says

    I should think that this would affect TT’s endorsement contracts, if there are any left. Of course, blaming gays for giving TT bad PR is about the only face-saving move they have.

  6. Audi-owner says

    If any large group of people deserve to be shot execution style,it’s these goddamn religious freaks. They are terrorists plain and simple. Many Americans are real quick to jump on the anti-islam bandwagon failing to realize that the biggest enemies to our country are these rightwing KKKristian neocons.

  7. DannyEastVillage says

    Maybe TT is finally learning that lots of people have lots of opinions, backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs–and that it’s unwise to align himself with a “pastor” who hates those unlike himself.

    In other words, TT’s learning that keeping one’s religions practice to himself (as Jesus counseled) isn’t such a bad idea after all.

  8. ratbastard says

    I fail to see the purpose in hating on Tebow, other than the fact he’s an avowed Christian. I hate religions..ALL of them…but I certainly don’t hate all individual religious people, especially if they publicly do the right thing,Like Tebow.

    The small minded shills on TR are just as sad and depressing as the trolls.

  9. Acronym Jim says

    As much as I detest Robert Jeffress’ political and social views, I find it difficult to hate a man who could very well be Leslie Jordan’s long lost gay twin.

    Apologies to Mr. Jordan.

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