Calvin Klein Brings Male Flesh to the Super Bowl: VIDEO

And their Vine posts:








  1. Lars says

    I’m thinking that this made for some beautifully uncomfortable situations in living rooms across America. Just imagine the girlfriends and wives, turning from this commercial to take another look at their man – chugging beer, and wolfing down junkfood by the handfull. Love it.

  2. Stefan says

    I haven’t religiously watched Super Bowls or Super Bowl ads the last couple years, but I don’t ever recall a Super Bowl where the most blatantly sexual ad featured a man.

    And at least at the party I was at, we had four straight couples, me and my boyfriend, and one single gay friend of the group, so we had four straight guys, three gay guys, and four straight women. At first the straight guys were mildly uncomfortable, until the one said “Now that is one beautiful man.” Best moment of the night.

  3. LR says

    Beware, anything with scantily-clad men on TV causes wives and girlfriends to get beaten up by their man who feels less attractive especially when these women compare their man to this male model and even attractive NFL players. Any Super Bowl ad that has blatantly sexual ads featuring men and even NFL players will cause violence against women because men cannot handle their woman looking at other men. Men take it much harder when their woman admires another man. Anything with scantily-clad men is more controversial than women in the same manner.

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