1. billmiller says

    Bullying is not boys just being boys. I was born in 1953 and did not come out until 1973. I was scared. I lost several friends over the years to suicide, one back in the late 60’s. He was put in an institution by his own father, and just was a couple years older than me. Bullying can and does have consequenses.

  2. Dback says

    Wow. Terrific song, amazing performance. Glad he did it for Jamey, but someone should edit together a video showing some of the other bullied kids who’ve ended their lives as well.

  3. Richard Judkins says

    I was thoroughly enjoying the song and moment until I read Frosty whatever the name’s comment. Where are the moderators is right? So I’ll respond. Bullying is not just a gay thing. It happens to many different people because of their differences. That’s wrong! As far as bullying because of gay/lesbian orientation it’s especially wrong because gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender people are especially marginalized and ostracized in our society. Witness the very post in question. It serves no good and only harms gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender people but especially young people. You, Frosty whatever, are the very example of the bullying that harms gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender people but especially young people and so they especially need and deserve support in the form of this beautiful song. They need support against you and your kind and your opinions. If anyone happens to read Frosty whatever’s rant and feels injured by it, please write to me and let me tell you what a wonderful person you are and how much I love you. BTW Frosty whatever, I am a gay man and I love being gay. I am so thankful God made me gay. Signed, Richard,

  4. MateoM says

    Richard Judkins, FROSTYSNOWFALLFUN is a troll who goes by the names Funisnow and Snowisfun and copy and pastes the same, or similar, rants on this site every day.

    He’s not to be taken seriously and should just be ignored. In the future please don’t even address him. All you’ll get in response is the same rant, with no substantiated proof for his beliefs other than references to god and his own personal opinions.

  5. UFFDA says

    What a lovely performance and song. Very touching.

    Just ignore Frost. He’s the moron shouting on the corner.

  6. db says

    The song is great.

    I saw the show here in LA last weekend, and have some issues with it. It relies too much on stereotypes and focuses too much on the older white middle class gay men rather than the teenager. The jokes are all very much about older, middle age gay men and not about teenagers the way they are today. There should be some female characters and the only African American character is a stereotypical drag queen. The best parts are when the actors speak as themselves and when they bring up people who have posted IGB videos. Most of the music is good but there are some places where I would cut the pop songs. I wanted to really love the show but just couldn’t ease my doubts about how effective it will be for kids.

  7. Richard Judkins says

    No, I don’t believe I will ignore him. I wasn’t writing for him nor expecting a response from him. I was writing for the LGBT person who might happen to read it and not know what you just said. I was writing for that person “out there”. I don’t really care about the opinions expressed at all. I do care about “the kid in Altoona, Pennsylvania” to quote the late Harvey Milk.

  8. Beau says

    I was at the show on Saturday as well. To clarify, Sacha said that he was born in Iran but his family moved to the states when he was young and he grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, where he was bullied.

  9. Riley says

    Jamey’s death makes me so sad. From seeing his videos it looks like we were a lot alike. I’m almost done with high school and I can’t wait for it to just all be over. People have been making fun of me for as long as I can remember, calling me a girl and stuff. Some people say that they’d not pick on me if I didn’t act so gay but that’s just not fair.

  10. Tom221 says

    @DB: Yeah, I get your point. These are simple changes, so why can’t we make them? Well, the entertainment industry is why. This was beautiful, in it’s own way. And again, I see where you’re coming from.

    It has to be better. This is not good enough.