Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1298

GLENN BECK: Not in favor of women serving in combat.

ADAM LAMBERT AND SAM SPARRO: "Shady", a new song they wrote together, with Nile Rodgers.

DOMINO DEATH SPIRAL: A cat finds itself hypnotized.

A NAKED-EYE COMET: It's heading this way now from the Oort Cloud!

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  1. Bill says

    The interesting video was the one about the comets, but not for the reasons mentioned – a spectral analysis of light coming from the comet will let us determine its chemical composition, giving us some more data about what the early solar system was like.

  2. acd says

    Why does Glenn Beck get any attention here? He has been declared irrelevant even in the world he once populated. Stop giving him an air to breathe.