1. UFFDA says

    ‘Does Ben know?”…what a cute question. I’d like to see that as a headline about Anderson and some of his adventures.

    Or “Ben Scolds Anderson for Risky Move”.

    A man now gets to show his love for another man in the sweetest way possible, by fussing over him in front of everyone.


  2. JimP. says

    I love that Anderson represents what a gay man is for many middle american who live in closed communities. We’re lucky to have him. Even more so since he came out and vocal.

  3. gr8guyca says

    @ yeek: What does being a Vanderbilt have to do with it? Coming from a prominent family doesn’t define a person; their accomplishments do. Harold Vanderbilt defended the America’s Cup. John Astor was a US Olympic squash player. James Rockefeller was an Gold Medal Olympian in rowing.

    Anderson is a cool, gutsy guy – no matter what his lineage.

  4. Perry says

    I’m not surprised Anderson would do something risky after seeing him swimming with sharks without a cage and acting as cool as a cucumber after a huge bomb went off near him in Gaza. He’s kind of badass.

  5. Jake says

    Cooper is such a badass. I think he is a great rolemodel for gay kids, teens and adults because he defies those cliches ignorant people like to cultivate, generalizing ALL gay men.

    And who he is now he has accomplished by himself with hard work, bravery and determination, not by living off his family name and money. I respect that.

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