1. iban4yesu says

    Naaah, he is just working his ass off to retroactively deserve that absurdly premature GLAAD thingy!
    Better werk, gurlfriend!
    Show the world that some gheys are just as much of daredevils as some of their breeder bros…maybe…LOL

  2. ron says

    Jesus christ, all of you are embarrassing to the gay race. The hell is wrong with y’all?

    A gay guy does something on TV that isn’t stereotypical and watch all the “guuurll” “bette werk guuurrrl” coming at him?

    But then lord how we like to complain when the stereotypes are a-plenty on TV and movies. I’m ashamed of all of you and your negative attitudes.

  3. Paul R says

    I was in a croc refuge in India with one boss, another boss’s wife, and one of their boyfriends. I was the one who wanted to go there, paid to feed them, held one, and got in a pen with them. All the straights were scared.

    There are ways to be safe around animals. Lions, maybe not so much. Crocs look scary, but so does my dog, who was bred to hunt lions. What’s the point of living a dull life?

  4. steve says

    huh, at first when I heard about this clip the thought “ambulance chaser” came to mind – but I think his filming these crocodiles like this would likely help with conservation efforts… I do feel a bit jealous that he got to do that. I’ve scuba dived with sharks before and there is a similar feeling that they are quite beautiful once you’re underwater and you feel safe with them. Plus, sharks are beautiful swimmers underwater, very graceful.

  5. hugo says

    CBS must have him well insured. I saw that and it was quite something how close they got. I enjoy his 60 minutes features much more than his CNN stuff.

    But maybe he was shopping for new clothes. Apparently, croc t-shirts are available at Hermes in NYC for $91,500. Cheaper to fly to Egypt, catch your own gator and have some seamstress stitch it together for you!

  6. ron says


    Once again, what is this self-hating tone all of you are using? I’m confused. It’s “Gurl this” or “Gurlll that” and you come up with the suggestion the gay guy must be doing this cuz he needs crocodile leather items?

    I think you been gay-bashed a little too many times in the head, it’s not working properly….

  7. Jean-Jacques says

    I loved THurts’ comment, he is right. Anderson we love you!!! But please stop that. Plus from an European point of view your “actions” looks so tacky. Crocodile, Egypt, the pope… so much courage for so little consistent news. I know CNN loves “Breaking News”

  8. Jake says


    Really? He’s been doing reports on gay rights issues, discrimination and so forth for years and years on CNN and has an impact on his mainly straight viewers, which is probably more important than certain activists just preaching to the choir. That award was well deserved.

    I like that even straight guys who don’t like effeminate gays respect him for being a badass but it’s kind of unfair to act as if he is doing this to counter stereotypes. He’s been a badass for a quater of a century now. That’s obviously part of his personality.

  9. andrew says

    What an interesting and exciting life he leads. I admire him. There is however not a snowballs chance in hell that I would immitate his swimming with crocks. I even get a little freaked out when I am swimming in the ocean and some seawseed brushes against me.

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