1. CD says

    Technically, that wasn’t an interrobang. It is what is commonly used as an interrobang.A true interrobang is sort of like the dollar sign: it’s a question mark with an exclmation mark running through. You can still find the interrobang in unicode as part of the askey set. Thank you Stephen Fry and the QI elves.

  2. Jude says

    I hate to nitpick but it’s misophonia, not -phania. And it’s not just “hatred” (miso) of breathing and eating sounds although they are most common sounds to cause annoyance… and for a good reason!

  3. Kevin Foster says

    The interrobang failed to amount to much more than a fad and it has not become a standard punctuation mark. Although most fonts do not include the interrobang, it has not disappeared: Microsoft provides several versions of the interrobang character as part of the Wingdings 2 character set (on the right bracket and tilde keys on US keyboard layouts) available with Microsoft Office.[7] It was accepted into Unicode[8] and is present in several fonts, including Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial Unicode MS, and Calibri, the default font in the Office 2007 suite.[9]

  4. JB says

    And to add to the list of inaccuracies of this video – The second to last line – Now your’re – try Now “you’re” – duh?! And that toe was nasty.

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