1. my2cents says

    she’s at a place where she shows up and performs where her handlers book her. her career will most likely be a flash in the pan, and they need to maximize the coin. think of a person doing the USO tour for the boiz. raise those tents.

  2. my2cents says

    i appreciate her realization that this gig isn’t appropriate. but, geesh… especially since she did hit the scene with a gay themed video. the math doesn’t add up.

    riri is too big (she thinks) to care. there’s a reason the company behind TS is named ‘Big Machine’.

    all in all – better late than never.

  3. alex says

    You complainers are delusional if you think any Grammy-nominated performer is handling her/his own bookings. Do you honestly believe that you talk to the artist when you try to book someone for a private event like this?

    If you need to assign blame, go after The Agency Group or Simkin Artist Management.

  4. Rob says

    I think this has been much more effective, publicity-wise, because she was already booked for the gig and then withdrew once she knew more about the BSA policy. If she had never been booked for it initially — regardless of the reason — it would not have made the news. Carly Rae deserves serious kudos for this, and I for one feel much less guilty about “Call Me Maybe” being such a guilty pleasure.

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