1. jamal49 says

    And if his son wasn’t gay? This man would still be trolling for votes among religious reprobates using gay and lesbians as bait. Screw him.

    @TCW: You make no sense at all. Speaking of trolls….

  2. says

    it’s like with Cheney – “Sure i’m against gay equality, but i’m a rich man in politics, so my gay offspring will get the perks them regular working-class gays won’t get”

    bugger off.

  3. Thomas says

    A lot of politicians don’t understand an issue until it directly affects them. Sorry, but it’s true. A lot of the evolution on issues happens because of a personal event or interaction. You could even say that of Obama.

    Be glad he has enough humanity to change because of his child (not everyone does) and that he won’t actively be a force against marriage equality.

  4. says

    thing is, Thomas, he will actively be a force against marriage equality if he still ends up toeing the line with the GOP.

    the time needs to come for these apparent Republicans With Consciences to actually DO SOMETHING with them.

    you know, like not supporting a candidate who works against Equality.

    it’s true of conservatives – they don’t care about _______ until they’re made to realize one day that ______ actually does affect them, and their family.

    yes – it’s great that he changed. unlike Santorum who’d probably send his son away to de-gaying therapy camp, or help him pick out a cozy casket rather than shame the family.

    but a “non-bigoted republican” needs to up their game – call out the ongoing bigotry within the GOP; be real and honest about it. and finally address what it means to be a republican politician, with a gay child, and the compromise on respecting your child that you make the moment you cast a ballot for a Romney.

    “sorry son, you know i love you, just not enough to not vote for this man who believes your life and your love are a threat to the Great American Family Dream”, or something.

    it’s a good first step, don’t get me wrong. but a first, not a final.

  5. AG says

    Today is a great day to laugh at the usual dem hacks who post here. No matter Republican’s position on gay marriage, he is still an anti-gay bigot unless he is a Democrat.

    And “liberals do the right thing and don’t expect to be applauded”… You people are truly delusional or perhaps simply retarded.

  6. says

    We need to get some academics to do studies on the economic impact of employment discrimination of LGBT people. It would be better to get people employed than on the government dole and that could be an argument that people like Portman should appreciate.

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