1. Esther Blodgett says

    No Senator Rubio, it does make you a bigot as well as short-sighted and shallow.

  2. Esther Blodgett says

    No Senator Rubio, it does make you a bigot as well as short-sighted and shallow.

  3. Jack M says

    He’d be a bigot if he didn’t approve of interracial marriage, so let’s take it from there. Yep, he’s a bigot.

  4. Michael Heynz says

    According to the Bible, life begins when the fully formed body takes its first breath.

    And yes, it does make you a bigot to deny innocent Americans the same liberties every other American has just because they are biologically attracted to the same gender.

  5. says

    behold – the intellectually stunted attempt at thinking that passes for Republican Logic.

    we respect all life, until that life Comes Out or is found Out to be LGBT. then the respect ends.

    oh, speaking of respect, “you need to respect my inherently disrespectful opinions of you” is nonsense.


    No, it’s not intolerant of me to not tolerate your intolerance.

  6. Polyboy says

    And this is the great hope for the Republican party?

    A bigot, is a bigot. He should drink more water. I’ll keep him from opening his mouth.

  7. V-8 says

    they like to protect life, but they go to war and kill people there…

    they like to protect life, but they allow guns to go unregulated….

    they like to protect life, but think that healthcare should not be a right for every one…

    they like to protect life, at every stage, but let seniors and the disabled perish by a shrinking medicare system…

    they like to protect life, but they r okay with the death penalty…

    they like to protect life, but rather keep orphans in group homes and foster care instead of letting them be adopted by a loving LGBTQ person or people…

    they can afford to think this way, because they can afford not to be in any one of these situations…

  8. Brian says

    He’s just pretending to be for states rights on gay marriage anyway. His official party position, which he definitely supports, is anti -states rights, as they want to prohibit all states from offering their gay citizens marriage rights. Republicans should have dropped DOMA as an egregious violation of states rights, and fought for the right to discriminate on a state by state basis. They’d look more consistent and more modern, while still “protecting” their Southern base from the horrors of gay marriage.

  9. Steve says

    No we don’t have to respect religious fanatics and creationists. He thinks just because his opinion is based on religion it has to be respected.

  10. Bollux says

    I don’t respect anyone who seeks to make me a second-class citizen. And apparently Rubio believes in such hierarchies across the board. He respects all life, but inchoate life supersedes a fully-formed sentient existing life, i.e. a collection of parasitic cells with the potential of being a viable separate organism someday is far more important than the actual woman that houses. Because, well woman are notoriously horrible at make decisions about their own bodies.

    And gays are allowed to exist in Marco Rubio’s America as long as they don’t rock the boat, or even show themselves in public. Separate but unequal. Papers please, Dorothy.

    His attacks on science and logic are all over the place trying to defend this outmoded party line. And he wants respect? When he grows a brain and lands in the 21st Century, maybe.

  11. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Most of the opposition to inter-racial marriage, that led to state laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage, was based on religious beliefs that were attributed to the Bible. So….. does that mean that someone who opposed (opposes) inter-racial marriage based on his/her Biblical belief is not a bigot?

    Sorry, you ARE a bigot. If you want to say that you have a right to be a bigot based on your religious beliefs, you can say that. But it doesn’t make you any less of a bigot.

  12. woodroad34 says

    The 180 degree defense. Bully becomes victim…boo hoo, boo hoo. Stop denying me my rights and I’ll stop referring to you as a God’s honest true bigot…butcha are, Blanche.

  13. jamal49 says

    Sorry, Marco. Life begins when you’re born. And, yes, being against marriage equality does make you a bigot because civil marriage is a civil right for consenting adults.

    Marco, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you go away for a while, experience life, get yourself together and come back when you’ve grown up.

    Otherwise, sit down and shut up.

  14. Sargon Bighorn says

    Denying a Black man the right to eat at the restaurant of his choice does not make me a bigot. Denying a White man and a Black woman the right to marry does not make me a bigot. Denying a woman the right to have a line of credit does not make me a bigot. SHUT THE HELL UP YOU BIGOT!

  15. Pete N SFO says

    Keep diggin’, Marco.

    I LOVE that this is the hope for the GOP. Once the SCOTUS rules we’re bound to have more positive momentum & people like Rubio will look more & more like George Wallace did regarding integration.

    (Problem is, that didn’t end Wallace’s political career & they’ll likely always be a home for Rubio in the G-OLD-P)

  16. Jersey says

    Fortunately for us over 50% of the population disagree with him on whether gay people should be allowed to marry. Good luck with any future attempts for national office Mr. Bigot.

  17. Peter says

    Yes, as a matter of fact it does, as you can not list anything, other than religious objections, to deny us the right to marry. As such, this is a secular nation and your religious beliefs should have no bearing on equal civic rights under the law.

    It is kind of funny, that when JFK was running for president, they were wondering if his being catholic would be an issue, as they were worried he would be taking orders from the pope. Amazing how times change.

  18. Jack M says

    V-8, your post needs to be sent to every member of Congress for them to read. Well done.

  19. says

    Denying a specific minority the right to absolute equality of civil rights, and singling out that minority on the basis of sexual orientation for the very purpose of such denial is the very essence of bigotry.

    Sir, you are an bigot and an oaf.

  20. SFshawn says

    He’s a pretty boy but wow is he STUPID.
    He just need to bite down on the pillow and learn to STFU when he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about….
    What is a bigot then Mr. R?
    These idiots can’t even lie well anymore because they KNOW they are on the wrong side of history and reciting the bible isn’t really a ‘real’ argument anymore and never really was. Get some real life experience and then enter politics instead of wasting everyones time.

  21. Thomas says

    V-8: Awesome comment. Plus ditto to all the other comments. Saved me a bunch of time.

  22. dw says

    Thanks for ‘respecting’ us when we disagree with you.
    But that respect costs you nothing, because we aren’t trying to take away your rights, or make you live as a second class citizen.

    However, when you ask us to ‘respect your opinion’ about our lives,
    Your ‘opinion’ does in fact make us strangers to the law that governs all heterosexual Americans.

    There’s no comparison. In fact, the two situations, which you and your ilk try to make identical, are exact opposites.

    Keep your respect. Give us equal rights. Nothing more, nothing less.

  23. Skeptical Cicada says

    Wrong. I’m not required to respect anti-gay bigotry and more than Jews are required to respect anti-Semitism.

  24. Mike says

    I love his logic: I respect you so you HAVE to respect me. And it’s undeniable that you are wrong about when life begins.

    It’s sad that he doesn’t see the irony or the contradiction.

  25. says

    I thought that perhaps the Republican Party was trying to go in a different direction with Rubio (son of inmigrants, Hispanic)…but it looks like I was very wrong. Very disappointing.

  26. Real says

    Calling people “bigots” is the only line of defense for gays. Maybe it needs to be eliminated, like the “N” word, or “F” word. It’s so charged, and implies the ultimate crime. One day it may be eliminated from the “gay victimization” portrayal, which created the whole marriage movement. The word does not belong to gays — but they love to use it in their hate filled responses to anyone who dares to disagree with them. It’s difficult to imagine how all this hate and venom will translate into “happy families”

  27. TANK says

    @REAL: Wow, thanks for reminding me just how pathetic you self-hating closet cases are! As for the Marco Rubio bashers here, most of whom are probably pathetic middle aged queens, I have to say this even though some of you aren’t going to like it: yeah, you don’t like Rubio’s politics, but if you had a chance to bang that cute little rear end of his you’d do so in a heartbeat! This guy’s politics stink, but he really is one fine looking young man! Just keeping it real, guys!

  28. says

    @ REAL :
    It is used by us because it is accurate and appropriate.

    Just because you feel it is overused means nothing.
    And no, it is not indicative of any portrayal of “victimhood”.
    We don’t feel like victims; we are activists and agitators for equality. And your absurd attempt to describe our responses as “hate filled” is just the same old Republican tactic of transferring your own prejudices into an attack vehicle.

  29. Real says

    Not a closet case. Not Republican. Generalization is your defense. You are right about being agitators. More like aggravators. Let’s make you Black in the early ’60’s and we’ll talk bigot. There will be no “Rosa Parks” statue for gays.

  30. my2cents says

    watch the video without sound/
    someone’s been to ‘preacher school’…
    preaching to the GOP coffers.

  31. Caliban says

    He seems to believe that rights should be up for a vote, which is completely antithetical with the Constitution.

    I suspect he’d be surprised at the result of a vote about whether or not he should go back to Cuba. It’s all fun and games until it’s about YOU.

    And yes, Marco, that does make you a bigot.

  32. Michael says

    I am sure this has been said ten times already but anytime anyone states so and so doesn’t make me so and so, its a safe bet it does.

  33. SoLeftImRight says

    Um, yeah…yeah it does. You are a full-blown bigot, Marco. You can protest all you want, but your actions and words shout bigot to the world…thus shall ye be judged, a&&hole.

  34. andym says

    @TANK -you’re really not “keepin’ it real” because not only is he a short, balding, unattractive troll he is also a total hypocrite. This dude talks about wanting limited govt. and cutting all safety net programs etc. when his illegal relatives fed off the govt. dole for years! This country has bent over backwards for Cuban-Americans and now he wants to slam the gay community? Screw him.

  35. 9/17 says

    Oh, you all are going to make such loving and understanding parents. That is what you want right?? The warmth radiates…

  36. DC Arnold says

    Really makes me ashamed to be a Floridian. If he wasn’t lapping up the elephant dung and cozying up to whitey he might be taken more seriously.

  37. Michael says

    The bigots are those who think ALL African-Americans, Hispanics and women have to have exactly the same (extreme left) political views and are INTOLERANT of any political diversity among any demographic other than white men.

  38. says

    Life does not begin at conception, life is already happening long before conception. Both the sperm and egg which combine to form a zygote are undoubtedly alive before conception. From a “scientific point of view”, there really is no clear dividing line between the lives of parent’s reproductive cells and the individual life of a delivered baby. Conception is merely a convenient place to draw that line, one that just “makes sense” to an unscientific person who cannot grasp the wonder and mystery of human reproduction.

  39. RhinoStyle says

    WTF? Isn’t that like saying just because I am a Cuban American that doesn’t make me Latino? To borrow from Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does – Bigot is as bigot does.

  40. Steve says


    Hate how he plays the race card and now wants to comment on the gay community.

    Back to cuba!

  41. Clayton says

    I think there is something very revealing in what is supposed to be this “red meat” statement. In contrast to the 2012 presidential primaries, when every single candidate pledged to support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman, Rubio was leaving it up to the states. Their right to define marriage “in a traditional way” would also, presumably, include a right to define it in a nontraditional way. Since states are increasingly embracing marriage equality, and since polling suggests this trend will accelerate (barring an extremely favorable Supreme Court ruling), Rubio’s “red meat” statement was really calculated to allow him to evolve as the nation does. He wasn’t taking a stand on anything.