1. ratbastard says


    And it’s NOT FUNNY. Comedy is supposed to make you chuckle after a fashion, or at least find mildly amusing. She is unfunny and unamusing.

  2. hedwig says

    Hey, ratbastard. Let me teach you a little lesson; whether something is or isn’t funny is completely subjective. Believe it or not your opinion isn’t the final call on how funny someone or something is. Maybe if you lack a healthy dose of self-awareness and humility that might be a difficult concept to grasp but give it a shot anyway.

    She’s made a career out of making people laugh ergo she isn’t objectively unfunny. You are completely entitled to your opinion but please have the wherewithal to phrase it as an opinion, as opposed to sounding like a toddler declaring that ‘vegetables are icky’, or some such nonsense.

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