1. ripper says

    Perhaps Robbie Rogers will be inspired by Jason Collins and the positive support he’s received and will reconsider his retirement.

  2. Allstart505 says

    Alan Brickman, do you always have to be so miserable?

    I don’t get people who come on here, and take precious moments of their life to post negative comments on a perfectly positive story like this?

    Do you REALIZE your time on this planet is short and you’re wasting it on being miserable and consistenly negative?

  3. Steve-ATL says

    I’m so proud to be a member of this community; between Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, Anderson Cooper. Confident, educated, talented men comfortable in their sexuality and self.

  4. Jackson says

    Great segment.

    My heart fills with emotions knowing how many LGBT died while not being allowed to be themselves, especially in previous generations. But I’m filled with joy for our future.

  5. GenerationNow says

    Lovely clip actually. And this guy is absolutely beautiful. Then again, so is Anderson, and Collins. We sure do grow them attractive in the gayberhood ūüėČ
    Thoroughly Appreciating all these thoughtful interviews regarding our LGBT story, which so often gets untold.

  6. Los Angelino says

    Soccer is my life. He needs to come back! He has raw talent and can really shine, especially now with him having this weight off his shoulders.

  7. Drake says

    Robbie, if you see this, please consider getting back on the field. Not only for the inspiration it would serve, but as you said yourself, you still thrive off playing and sincerely love the sport. We’d be right here supporting you as a community, and you earned the right to play again. Congrats and well wishes on this new chapter in your life full of authenticity.

  8. Jake says

    Awww, man, again CNN didn’t upload the whole interview. Robbie talked about having accepted himself and being happy to be gay and I have to say he and Anderson had great chemistry and got really flirty. Such a nice, sensitive and charming interview from both sides. AC is by far the best guy to talk to when it comes to coming out stories, gay rights issues and interviews in general that require a compassionate, classy interviewer.

    Both Robbie and Jason are very brave guys and I hope Robbie will play again after taking some time off to process things. That’s no age for a footballer (soccer player).

  9. Rick says

    Maybe Jason Collins’ action will encourage him to continue to play, since it will have taken some of the pressure off of him.

    Regardless, great to see young, masculine gay men we can all be proud of for a change, rather than just effeminate queens who do nothing but embarrass us and make it harder for society to like and accept us.

  10. The Real Alan Brickman says

    The first comment is not by Alan Brickman, but by “Little Kiwi” aka Raymond Miller, a failed actor from Toronto living in NYC. Miller is a troubled individual who likes to post offensive comments under other peoples’ names.

  11. andrew says

    @The Real Alan Brickman: It looks like I owe you an apology. I have on several occasions criticized you for comments that may have been made by the devious Little Kiwi. People who visit this site regularly know that Little Kiwi posts often vile and negative comments in other people’s names. He also uses many aliases to “gang up” on someone with whom he disagrees. Something he frequently accuses others of doing. It is unfortunate that such a devious person posts on this site because it makes it difficult to understand the real opinions of many of the posters.

  12. ripper says

    Heavy sigh, Rick. You’re sad and pathetic, but at least you’re consistent.

    Robbie Rogers may be an athlete, but he’s hardly a beacon of masculinity. He has his own fashion line for gawd’s sake.

    He has diverse interests… you know, like people in the real world, not the black and white make-believe world you seem to inhabit.

  13. Jake says

    @ripper: I think he means mannerism and type, not his interests (besides, what kind of celebrity does their own fashion design? They just give their name for the stuff). He’s definitely not an effeminate queen.

  14. JONES says


    This struggle isn’t about society liking us or accepting us. It’s about equality under the law. For all LGBT people. And nobody has to meet your approval for a masculinity standard to be included. Your hatred of gender non conformity or effeminate behavior based on a masculinity index is no better than hatred based on a religious standard.

    As 8 year old Boston Marathon victim Martin Richard’s sign says: No More Hurting People

    Stop hating

  15. tinhouston says

    good for him. and good for all of us. and yes, darn it –he so damned cute!!!! whoa baby.

  16. Bollux says

    Weird. There is a report that Robbie is out training as a “special guest” with the LA Galaxy today. So take that for what you will.