‘Bridegroom’, the Documentary Inspired by One Gay Couple’s Love Cut Short: TRAILER PREMIERE

Here's the trailer:

Here's Shane Bitney-Crone's heartbreaking video which inspired the production:


  1. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    It’s so very sad that this could ever happen, and a bit dispiriting knowing that the people who need to see this documentary probably won’t. I am somewhat relieved that I live in Canada where same sex marriage is legal, and confident that in the near future our American brothers and sisters will be able to marry the person they love too.

  2. Hagatha says

    Is it wrong to wish that someone would beat the shet out of Tom’s parents? Seriously, at what point do these religious idiots not realize that the choice is between someone who actually exists and whom you love and a goddamned MYTH. A mythological figure whose story (the Bible) is full of vengeance, murder, shame, and all manner of ungodly behaviors. Why can’t these people figure this out?

  3. SFshawn says

    What an incredible man to take something so horrific/devestating and not only grow from it but help others grow emotionally in the process! Bravo.
    May he find another love just as deserving and may Bridegrooms family learn someday that love isn’t just something you read in an old book.

  4. akhaddd says

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  5. thom says

    Tom’s parents committed murder, plain and simple. They are MURDERERS. That’s kind of a sin mentioned in the “bible”, isn’t it?
    Once again proves the deep pit of hate starts with religious “instruction” and foments and festers until something like this happens…then they blow and they hide from their mudererous ways behind…yep, once again the “bible” which gives them a
    “pass” on whatever they want to do.
    Shame upon you both. Eternal shame upon you both. Painful unending shame.

  6. RK says

    They lived in California. Should have protected their relationship more proactively registering as domestic partners at minimum. This horrible tragedy points to the need for gay male couples to protect themselves, their children, and assets.

  7. Robert says

    Documentary will be painful, but I love that it’s getting made. I get the impression that they weren’t the world’s perfect couple, but that should NOT matter to the government.

  8. peterparker says

    @RK: domestic partnership would not have provided many protections for Tom & Shane–certainly not as many as provided by marriage.

    @Robert: Why on earth would you come onto this site and post that you “get the impression that they weren’t the world’s perfect couple”?! What purpose does it serve?!

  9. trevor says

    I remember watching the video shane made. That video alone was heart wrenching. It also had to take alot of courage and strength for him to create it. I am happy he did. I am from Canada, but this past Christmas myself and my partner (same sex) got married in NYC. Eventally the USA will move with the times and be more open to same sex marriages. Unfortunately for Tom and Shane this did not happen soon enough. So many things could have been different if same sex marriage was legal when this all happened. I realize Toms death would still have happened, but the horrible situation which presented itself would not. It makes me sick to my stomach how Toms parents were. It was fine to not accept Tom and Shanes relationship but to refuse access to his funeral is just sickening. They are sick individuals who deserve nothing but misery for the remainder of theyre lives. They are hateful people. I wish no good for them.

  10. David Weinstein says

    I think it is a powerful story and I hope it will be a great movie.

    However, this trailer is really, really awful. The story is laid out in flat, didactic text. The music is intrusive and doesn’t set any consistent mood for the film. It veers from peppy to scary, and both music sets are cliched. Finally, the off-camera voices are made less potent because we can’t see the people talking and because the quotes are crowded in so they almost talk over one another, even while more didactic text flashes on screen. There are other annoying lapses, like having a reference to their trip to Peru synced with a picture of Brazil.

    This fail of a trailer follows a “sneak peek” trailer which was not a sneak peek at all, but rather a collage of wedding scenes that presumably don’t have anything to do with the movie, set to Macklemore’s “Same Love.”

    I sincerely hope the actual film – which was funded with a lot of Kickstarter donations – is better than this first trailer and the faux sneak peek. To the folks on this project: go to the bank, withdraw a few grand, and hire a marketer who can create 1 or 2 proper trailers to do this film justice.

  11. wds says

    I so agree with peterparker … @Robert WTH? What on earth does being a perfect couple have to do with anything? That’s like saying “well, he wasn’t a perfect person, but that shouldn’t matter…”

    Seriously, here’s a story about bigotry AND (I’ll say it) one of the ultimate “get back at you fa—t” I’ve seen.
    Heartbreaking, horrifying – and yet, the scary part to me? The parents are going to manage to play the victim card to as many outlets as will let them …
    Hopefully, this documentary will keep that down to a minimum ….

  12. Ned Flaherty says

    The story is tragic, beautiful, and transforming, as is Shane’s homemade video. The film, we hope, will live up to the challenge.

    But . . .

    the official trailer is unbearable (as perfectly outlined by David Weinstein above). PLEASE FIX IT, because this story needs to be widely told.

  13. Voet says

    I agree that we need marriage equality and DOMA needs to be repealed, but it is sad that people do not make legal provisions that ARE available. Every gay couple should have a will, durable power of attorney for health care and finances and possibly a trust. My late partner and I did and it made life much easier for me when he died.

    I am now legally married to my new partner (although we reside in a state that does not recognize it) and we have the same protections. I do not suggest that this is an acceptable alternative to recognition of our marriage, but I know of too many gay and lesbian couples who did not do this and went through hell when one partner died.

  14. MIke says

    Couldn’t so much have been altered by a will (this is what I want when I’m dead) and an advanced directive (this is who I want deciding things)? It’s not gay marriage or nothing. What about gays who die alone. I have both. Since I was 21.

  15. Bob says

    A– they were young
    B– they were obviously not from the type of families that guided them to be legally aware.
    C– REALLY???????????

  16. Jared says

    Despite the fact that they didn’t have a power of attorney, wills, or any form of legal representation; doesn’t make the story any less important. The message is to spread awareness of what happened, and how things in the USA need to change. Look for the meaning behind it, not what they could have done differently.

  17. MIke says

    “Beating them up” REALLY??????????????
    I just think it’s a bit disingenuous to imply to any single person (straight OR gay) that their personhood begins and ends with whether they’re married or not.

  18. GregV says

    @ Mike: It’s not a matter of anyone’s personhood depending on actually BEING married (or on actually voting or on driving a car or on sitting at the front of the bus), but of our personhood in the government’s eyes being expressed by whether we are PERMITTED to marry if we choose to (or to vote or to drive a car or to sit at the front of the bus).
    When a governmnent says “no gay couples get a marriage license” (or no Saudi women can vote or drive a car or no blacks in Alabama may sit at the front) they are denying acknowledgement of basic personhood to whatever group they are denying the CHOICE to do what any other citizen is free to do.

  19. JF says

    Dear Shane;

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am very close in age to you and Tom, and am also Gay. I cry every time I watch your video ‘it could happen to you’. I think I have watched it nearly a 1000 times. I was SO worried that my family would react to me the same way that Tom’s family did. I have a cousin that came out a few years ago, and she was rejected by her parents. I was so worried that I just wanted peace and attempted taking my own life. Twice now, first when I was 21, and again about 7 months ago. I came out about 2 months ago, and life is finally starting to feel better. YOU helped me to have the courage to come out to my friends and family. I no longer feel broken. I call your video, ‘my greatest fear’. I was also recently DENIED giving blood just for being gay… I am standing up now to protect myself and the ones I love. I am happy to be here, but I also want and deserve equal rights.

    So once again; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  20. Matt says

    Sorry for your loss. Thank you for persevering through this tragedy. You will make a difference… you already have. Sending all the love and kindness you deserve.

  21. Jessica says

    Sweetheart, you make another Facebook page that you control, Post your beautiful pictures of you and your baby. The love you two shared is so obvious and beautiful. It needs to be celebrated. Let no one tell you what you can and cant do or who you can or cant love. Hugs for you. He is always there and never leaves your side. Know you are loved.

  22. Jessica says

    Sweetheart, you make another Facebook page that you control, Post your beautiful pictures of you and your baby. The love you two shared is so obvious and beautiful. It needs to be celebrated. Let no one tell you what you can and cant do or who you can or cant love. Hugs for you. He is always there and never leaves your side. Know you are loved.

  23. Goal says

    This is a bad taste advertisement for insurance. This could happen to you. Get everything you can — everything. Obviously one commenter says someone’s parents should “rot in hell” Typical gay compassion…

  24. jw says

    falls off a roof?
    what’s that about?
    how does that happen?
    when was the last time you heard of someone falling off a roof
    were drugs involved?
    suicide –
    assume this was investigated
    and to state the very obvious:
    if they weren’t white pretty and young the movie would not be made and this site would not be flogging this tiresome story
    who cares
    I mean boo hoo another pretty white blond boy with good teeth dies –

  25. Lazerlight says

    Heterosexuals are evil. We as a gay community need to start calling out heterosexuals and their homophobic evils andnot standing flippantly as they continue being homophobic.

    These two young men are brave and I applaud this powerful documentary

  26. Mikey says

    well if u n-ggers would stop killing everyone in every neighborhood you all pollute, maybe we’d have more compassion for you monkeys. you sick monkeys should be back in Africa. You black monkeys ruin every region u move your ghetto filth into.
    die of diabetes you ghetto thug. all ur parents are in jail I bet. rotting.
    gays will be gaining acceptance in society more and more…get used to it.

  27. Onnyjay says

    where the hell did that last post come from?? totally 19th century not even worthy of a response. love is love, the details don’t matter moron.

  28. Jaan says

    I saw the film at TriBeCa today and found it deeply, deeply moving. Shane is a truly brave guy for telling his story and for using his tragedy to change perceptions and, possibly, the law. Bravo.

  29. Amelia Brianna Rucker says

    Young man,
    Never give up on fighting and what you believe in. Although I am eighteen years old, I have had a personal experience with the gays and lesbians at the age of five. After graduating from high school this year, I want to become an activist and fight for the gay and lesbians as well as African-Americans, and other minorities.
    After seeing the trailer, I wanted to shed a tear because although I don’t know you or your love personally, I would say he was sent from above.
    If we ever meet in life, I hope you and me can become partners in crime to fight for equality or best of all the best of friends. I must go now and prepare to do my mission for what God wants me to do, but first graduating from high school is what I must complete before I go into the world. May God bless you and your family.

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