1. Butch says

    As a gay man, it turns my stomach when 40-something grown-assed gay men adopt the affect and mannerisms of 13-year old girls. Cohen is repulsive.

  2. Gigi says

    @Butch [perfect name for you] Perhaps Cohen has always been a bit fem. What’s it to you?
    Are you one of those “they give the rest of us a bad name” type of fag? If so, get over yourself. Do women sit around crying that Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton give all women a bad name? Of course not. Why do gay men?


    Cohen isn’t a horrible person because he’s fem. Please, gurl. He’s horrible because he adds absolutely nothing to the human landscape other than a feces eating grin.

  4. Butch says

    @Gigi: What’s it to you if Cohen repulses me? Don’t I get to have personal preferences? Don’t I get to articulate reactions of disgust? Also, I’m man enough not to refer to myself as a ‘fag’. If you said that to my face, I’d empty the teeth out of your mouth.

    Grow up and be a man.

  5. keating says

    I defend Andy Cohen’s right to be as girly-gay as he wants. What I don’t defend is the “Real Housewives” franchise: he should roast in Gay Hell for that.

  6. ctmany says

    I just watched the vid and I can’t believe all you gays going on about Andy being fem. Srsly?

    He’s not that fem. His voice is a big part of that, for me. It’s just so deep and scratchy…mmmmm….

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    There is nothing wrong or demeaning about Andy Cohen’s comedy routine/persona.

    It’s raining along the entire east coast today. We don’t need any more damn gloom. you sour hearted b.tches.

  8. Gigi says


    So according to you, “a man” threatens to knock another man’s teeth out for a mere difference of opinion. Thanks for proving my point. You really are more I was quite impressed that you used the phrase “articulate reactions of disgust.”
    Pretty impressive for a troglodyte. Why not join the human race. It might make you a less hostile person.

  9. Rocco says

    Love Andy and his show. He consistently makes me laugh and smile. I can appreciate he is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many may think his show is mindless fluff, but during his closing bit (Jackhole & Mazel of the day), he uses his platform to advance our causes. He does this far more often than many of us on these boards do.
    I think he deserves our gratitude and respect for that, not our contempt.

  10. Civil Lib says

    @Gigi: I said if you called me a fag, I’d knock your teeth out, not over a difference of opinion.

    So you’re a liar. Are you sure you’re not a Republican?

  11. Bart says

    I admire Andy’s rise to fame, basically being his cute gay coked-up self. Think he’s well liked by middle america and represents the gay community well. As for his taste in pop-culture, well, that’s a whole other thing entirely. He’s given America what it wants to see.

  12. Mark C. says

    It was a fun clip, Leno’s comment that it would have been nice to be wanted was cute. To the haters: wake up, stop hating yourselves and others in the process, life is too precious and too short.

  13. Wilberforce says

    I’m not against shallow trash. It can be fun.
    But that’s all Cohen allows on Logo, and it makes us look like dirt. He doesn’t allow one peep of educated speech. It’s a crime. For that, he should roast in the Sahara in July.

  14. Fahd says

    I think Andy is being himself – which is after all what is all about.

    I am no libertarian, but no one is forcing anyone to watch NBC-owned Bravo or Leno for that matter. Read a book if you prefer.

    So much of Andy’s Bravo programming has or is in the process of jumping the shark that I am worried for him.

    And does he get no credit for bringing Jeff Lewis to television?

  15. jamal49 says

    I’d say Andy Cohen is doing better than 99% of the people who’ve left their bitchy, bitter, jealous comments here. He’s rich. He’s on Leno. He’s famous. You’re not. Get over it, girls, and get back to the kitchen. You got dishes to wash.

  16. Dan says

    Bitter. Bitter. Bitter. I am amazed at the number of haters that are on this site. Andy Cohen is always a target. He’s somewhat feminine but not overly so and what’s the big deal. He’s funny, handsome and successful. Some of you guys please limit the hate in your comments. It is not necessary and just makes us look worse than you think Andy Cohen makes gays look.

  17. Jonathan says

    I LOVED this interview!! Andy Cohen is a breath of fresh air!! Not to mention smoking hot!! And for you people that hate him, that’s fine. He’s laughing all the way to the bank!!

  18. testington says

    I always find Andy really annoying on his own show, but I always think he seems really fun and charming when he’s being interviewed by other people like this. He seems like he’d be a fun guy to hang out with.

    Also, while you might not like the content he produces do keep in mind that it is still an incredibly difficult and time consuming job and there is a lot more that goes into it than what we see.

  19. iban4yesu says

    In here, he’s not that fem. Maybe a li’l hyper but that’s about it. He is decent looking.

    As for the garbage programming, as someone commented earlier, ‘that’s what America wants’, not that it should.(I wouldn’t be caught dead watching that hausfrau excrement! I can tell it is sh$t just by a whiff of stink..) It’s a sad state of things, but I don’t think gay people are necessarily superior to straights, when it comes to tastes. So. Andy categorically doesn’t owe us.
    In short, there are straight pimps(which are plenty) and there are gay pimps! Didn’t we want equality?!

  20. Matt Ford says

    Andy Cohen is an extraordinary businessman on the entertainment side. He appears comfortable in his own shoes so more power to him. The “Housewives” are not my thing but evidently, they are entertaining to many. I have never been offended by anything he has said…and certainly would not kick him out of bed! He is a nice looking man.

  21. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Why is it the bitter gays always want to attack our own as soon as they become famous? It’s not like we have a plethora of gay men on national TV and in the media. Andy is fun, honest, down to Earth and acts just like one of the guys.

    Funny, all the panties in a bunch over this, but when Kimmel asked his audience to judge perfect strangers and “guess the fag” based solely on stereotypes, all the comments here supported that as nothing but fun times.

    Typical cake and eat it too Towleroad hypocrites.

  22. coexxi says

    Andy Cohen is quite charming in that clip. I truly don’t understand why some gays feel threatend by feminine gays. (I don’t think Cohen is esp. fem). To want acceptance and not bo be able to accept… strange.

  23. Gom says


    Andy Cohen, like most gay men in their 40’s (…and 50’s and 60’s), prefer young guys that are 18-24 years old. Unless you are in that age range, you will not be able to “get UP in that”.

  24. Houndentenor says

    I thought that was hilarious. Why do so many gay men have their boxer briefs in a twist all the time? Can you even imagine this conversation on Carson? This is progress. A gay man is now one of the boys. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Work on your own internalized homophobia if you think Andy Cohen makes us all look bad.

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