1. HadenoughBS says

    According to the referenced Kickstarter site for this film, actor/producer James Duke Mason and his executive producer-father Morgan surpassed their $25K fund-raising goal by 9% back on August 30, 2012. Therefore, it appears this film is a “go”. Congrats!

  2. Caliban says

    The trailer…. doesn’t look good. The production values seem kind of amateurish.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mason seems like a great young man and I hope he succeeds but maybe a self-produced movie wasn’t the best way to go.

  3. vita-t says

    J. Duke Mason can do no wrong. He has been a gay activist since high school, his Mom is a gay icon and he is a super sweet and super SMART guy. Props to whatever he does.

  4. jim says

    Looking forward to this, seems like a compelling story with passable acting, good production, tightly put together. A huge step above the typical psuedo-hip-twenty-somethings-sitting-around-whining-about-their-clueless-lives indie drek I’ve seen lately.

  5. dms says

    1. Production values. It is made for under 50 grand. That’s craft services for a week on a studio film. So what do yo expect? CG aliens?

    2. BC can still sing. Witness last years triumph sellout at the Hollywood Bowl with the go’s and new solo single, “sun.”

    3. The movie is not “self-produced”. Morgan Mason, his father, produced movies like the indie hit, Sex Lies and Videotape and was an agent for many years-not exactly a neophyte.

    Everyone is free to make comments and have opinions, but I do wish people were more informed when they did. Hate the trailer, fine, it’s all subjective, but know your facts!

  6. jim says

    @brad: agree on bearded hunk. I’d go see this. Finally a gay film that’s not a bunch of shirtless dudes at the gym or hanging out with fat girls in high school.

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