1. Adam says

    When is an actual gay or bi guy going to have massive chart success at the same time as being out? Having women sing songs about us guys is a bit of an insult .

  2. Adam says

    Women are false idols. They do not understand the oppression of male homosexuality. In fact, women enable homophobia towards men because it suits their overall anti-male purpose.

    We need to stop worshipping false idols.

  3. Jaan says

    Lara Fabien is fabulous. So, back off boys. I’ve listened to ‘Sin Ti’ – from her Spanish album – for years and never tire of it. Thanks, Lara, for your support! x

  4. Adam says

    While I appreciate “straight” allies, I don’t bow to them. You sycophants can bow all you like but it won’t get you anywhere. You’ll be stuck in perpetual worship mode, living your lives through the freedom of others, forever wondering, forever hoping, forever languishing.

  5. will says

    This is like a grade school kids idea of equality. The singing is non-offensive and milquetoast. The kissing is bland and designed to be inclusive. Not a spark of originality. There down’t seem to be any emotions. This is strictly by-the-book equality.

  6. Rich says

    Adam – you make an interesting observation as women don’t understand the oppression male homosexuality. They can’t ever. However, I think it’s dangerous to generalize that women have an overall anti-male agenda. That’s simliar to generalizing that all gay males look and act the same way or reflect characters on TV like Jack from Will & Grace or Kurt from Glee. The world tends to generalize, way too often, but that doesn’t mean that you also have to enable that behaviour by doing it yourself.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong worshiping these “false” idols. These “false” idols are taking a political stand at your and/or an “oppressed” community’s “happiness”. After all, they’re not under any obligation to do so as they have a singing/entertainment career and can easily just do that. As a previous commenter accurately summed up: isn’t support, from wherever it comes, great?

  7. Mark says

    What a ridiculous comment. Hate women much? Women have been just as oppressed as men throughout history. And women can also be homosexual. Geez, you are an embarrassment.

  8. Mark says

    What a ridiculous comment. Hate women much? Women have been just as oppressed as men throughout history. And women can also be homosexual. Geez, you are an embarrassment.

  9. Jack Ford says

    @jctsf – you’re right it’s la différence not le

    @Andy – La différence was released in 1999 from her album Pure

    @Adam – I effing LOVE Lara because she is an incredible talent and a genuinely kind supporter of our community. I don’t worship her but even if I did, I couldn’t give 2 sh*ts what you think because you are a self-loathing misogynistic troll.

  10. Eduardo B. says

    Just want to start by saying I’ve been reading towleroad for years (yay), and yes, I’ve been a lurker this whole time. >_> But I had to come out from my hiding spot for this discussion.

    @Adam — 1) I’m sorry that you have such a hostile attitude towards someone (Ms. Fabian) who is a supporter of the gay community. I take your point that one person in a particular life situation can never truly appreciate the hardships felt by someone else in a totally different life situation, but that’s why there’s a thing called empathy that humans utilize to try and understand one another. So if Ms. Fabian is compelled to create art that depicts the love between two gay people as being on equal footing as the love between two straight people, I’m more than happy to support her and be thankful. If you think being hateful and defamatory towards straight allies is more productive than encouragement I know a Nigerian prince who wants to give you a million dollars.

    2) I also take your other point that gay musicians who are phenomenally successful are too often in the closet and thus never create love songs that reflect their interior lives as gay men/women. That’s a damn shame. But you know what’s not gonna fix that problem? Attacking the performers who have the bravery to put the content into their art to begin with, regardless of their level of success, or what genitalia they have.

  11. CKNJ says

    Adam has some SERIOUS psychological issues, it seems…. Lara Fabian on the other hand is a balanced talented and extremely gay-friendly artist who deserves recognition and gratitude for being an ardent supporter of gay rights and gay issues.

  12. Douglas says

    ADAM, you need to rethink the idea that women are working against us.

    Fear of the Feminine is the root of both Homophobia and misogyny depending on who that fear is directed at. It is insulting and dehumanizing because it is based in the belief that being feminine is bad and worth less than being masculine. Men use it to motivate in sports (throw like a girl), and to insult (you’re a fag) only because it reinforces how manly THEY think they are.

    Women are our allies.

  13. says

    Not only women can be our allies, but also heterosexual men who recognised that their masculinity is not in danger because of the existence of gays.
    It is not always good to warship someone, but always adore persons who fight against hate.
    And were would you be, Adam, if one woman did not carry you c. 9 months in her womb?

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