Jets Release Tim Tebow

The New York Jets have released Tim Tebow, the NYT reports:

Tim_tebowOn Monday morning, the Jets cut Tebow with no pomp, a victim of circumstance. They acknowledged an experiment gone awry with a news release that said, simply, “Jets waive QB Tim Tebow.” There was no mention in that release of Tebow’s statistics with the Jets, perhaps in part because there were none worth mentioning.

He was more afterthought than asset, more distraction than revelation, a decoy who played a greater role on special teams than behind center.

Business Insider adds:

"It's unclear where Tebow goes from here."

Calling Dr. Robert Jeffress at First Baptist in Dallas


  1. Rallyx says

    Aside from him being majorly closeted or just super religious, isn’t he not that good of a qb anyway? I mean, i dont follow football, but i heard so many bad things from him…

  2. Jack M says

    Is anyone surprised? They built him up way too high, he would have had to be a superstar player for him to live up to the hype. They chewed him up and spit him out. It will be interesting to see what he does next. Start his own church, maybe?

  3. Gigi says

    I saw some HUGE posters of a scantily clad Tim Tebow the other day at the mall. He’s the new underwear model for Jockey. God had other plans for Timmy.

  4. Continuum says

    The right wing telan-vangelicals built up Tebow as a propaganda tool for their sheeple. He never ever was ready for the big time. Denver knew but kept him for the publicity. The Jets quickly found out. Tebow knows it himself.

    Tebow will now go off on the Bible thumpers circuit and earn his living spouting Bible sayings and flashing his Heisman.

  5. says

    Tebow was completely overrated – mediocre at best. No amount of prayer was going to help.

    He was better at playing the media than he was playing football. Timmy knew he appealed to both the Bible Thumpers and the Butt Thumpers, and milked it for all it was worth.

  6. Brendan says

    I might just wear my New York Jets shirt today in celebration. It had been banished to the back to the shelf in the closet the day it was announced that that blowhard joined the team.

  7. Paul says

    Wow. Am I missing something? To my knowledge he’s never come out and publicly said anything against the gay community, has he? Pardon me if I’m wrong but even so, it shouldn’t justify such vitriolic comments. Being accepted back into the folds of society doesn’t mean that you’re going to get acceptance from everyone but it does mean adhering to society’s rules of courtesy and respectability.
    Maybe, it’s time to start treating people the way we’d all want to be treated and drop the bitchy queen act.

  8. ratbastard says

    This thread is so phuking petty. You’d think the guy was some evil psychopathic serial killer of gay men or something. He’s always struck me as pretty innocuous, a guy who lucked out. But he plays into the far left ‘progressive’ narrative pretty nicely. Heterosexual [as far as we know] Christian southern white guy = scum, an oppressor, ancestors probably owned slaves or something. ‘Progressive’ talking point: All white guys are oppressors and racist, sexist, homophobic scum. The ones who dare to actually display masculine tendencies [yes, I’ve seen and heard Tebow speak!] are the worst of all. The more metrosexual and fem ones can hang around as long as they know their place. Play this up as much as possible.

    I laugh when hearing some leftwing so-called ‘progressives’ whining about hate. There sure is a lot of hate, on all sides.

  9. ratbastard says

    He reminds me of my late father who would paint bible verses under his eyes before he’d quarter my backside. Of course you liberals would think that was cruel. I thought it was awesome.

  10. MateoM says

    Rat, the fact that you’d blast anyone on this site for being a pr*ck is ironic, considering you’re one of the best-known trolls on this site.

    Take your fake outrage, and all of your other opinions, elsewhere. Nobody cares about what you have to say.

  11. ratbastard says


    I don’t think you understand what the word troll means. I do not ‘troll’ this site. I sometimes have opinions that some on here disagree with. This does not constitute being a troll.

    Mr. Miller, AKA Little Kiwi, is a miserable, nasty troll. He’s the real deal.

    And who the F are you to say ‘nobody’ cares what I think? Who died and made you queen?

  12. anon says

    My theory is that the Jets don’t care about winning so much as being profitable, so they keep their payroll as low as possible; and their hopeless fans just suffer in vain.

  13. WhatWhat says

    Never thought I’d say this, but I’m with ratbastard on this one. What exactly did this guy ever do harmful to the gay community to deserve so much flak? The only thing he ever did questionable was film an anti-abortion ad with that very shady Xtian org. The man has never actually said or done anything related to gays or gay rights, positive or negative.

    I’ve never understood this site’s obsession with him or all the vitriol he gets. The guy is harmless and pretty much a nobody, even in his own profession. We need to direct our energies toward the people who are really holding us back.

  14. SC David says

    There are always more NFL teams needing quarterbacks than there are good quarterbacks. If Mr. Tebow wants to play somewhere, and has realistic salary expectations, he can find a job with a desperate team willing to try something, anything, because their current quarterback sucks. His performance might be quite different with a team that has a different coach and different offensive style. Alternatively, he could play in the Canadian league or in Arena football where the level of competition is lower and the game rules are tweaked to make it easier for the offense.

    Incidentally, two of the current QBs on the bubble performance-wise next year are Mark Sanchez of the Jets and Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, who are both easy on the eyes but consistent only in the level of frustration they provide to fans. Despite these examples, being hot does not mean you’re doomed to mediocrity as a QB (see Brady, Tom).

  15. J.J says

    But but…but…he practically tattooed every bible verse on his face….and made a spectacle of shoving religion down our throats during every game. And we all know God is a fact of life and God answers any prayer….so uhhhh…what happened here? OH WAIT, it’s “God’s plan”

  16. says

    Tebow was a spokesperson and did ads for Focus on the Family.

    that’s what.

    either your sackless trolls didn’t know that fact, or you chose to ignore it. either way, now you know.

    so, that’s why.

  17. WhatWhat says

    He did one ANTI-ABORTION ad for FOTF. Let’s not be over dramatic here Little Kiwi. And if you saw my post, you’d see that I mentioned that.

    Again, this guy has never done anything that has negatively effected the gay community. There are far more harmful people out there we need to be concentrating on.

  18. says

    Teblow wasn’t half as good as the Great Hype Machine made him out to be. The only reason he got so much publicity is that he pandered to the Chik-Fil-A groupies and looked good with his shirt off.

    They are players much better (and better looking) than him that actually deserved all the hoopla Timmy got.

  19. Rick says

    @WhatWhat I think the reason for the vitriol is that it is widely assumed that Tim is actually gay and is doing the classic “pray the gay away” move by aligning himself with Evangelicals and their anti-gay agenda.

    And that is going to rub just about everybody the wrong way.

    My own take is that Tim is really just figuring himself out. He grew up the son of Fundamentalist missionaries, so his attachment to Christianity is hardly surprising and may be genuine. But he also recently refused to take part in an event at the First Baptist Church in Dallas because the pastor there made some outlandish statements.

    Maybe he is just trying to reconcile his faith and his sexuality, like a lot of people have to do when they are young.

    As for football, nobody ever thought Tebow was NFL quarterback material, despite his success at the college level–he just does not have classic NFL quarterbacking skills, including the kind of throwing notion one needs.

    Several teams were prepared to offer the Jets a trade if Tebow were willing to play tight end instead of insisting on playing quarterback, but apparently he was not interested… his ego may be getting in the way of rational decisions about his career.

  20. jjose712 says

    Well, i’m not american, so my knowledge of this guy is pretty limited.
    I know that people who constantly mention god in every sentence can be very annoyed, but for what i read about him, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of ultrareligious bigot, and i didn’t find any anti gay remark from him

    FernLaPlante, frankly, David Archuleta is a mormon, but he doesn’t came across as a superreligious guy. He didn’t trow his religion on idol like other people (Mandisa or Colton Dixon), and he seems a very nice guy.

  21. EchtKultig says

    There’s never been a professional football player in recent memory whose life circumstances more loudly screamed “closet case”. (and demeanor, look at his body language and speech in certain interviews) I don’t see gay men here calling anyone else in the NFL a closet case, so it’s not just willy-nilly make believe.
    And embracing right-wing fundamentalism so publicly, and ridiculously trying to bring public displays of religion into a secular game, are probably a part of his psychological defense mechanism if he is closeted; and as such these shenanigans are fair game to be lampooned. Again, the standard of comparison should be are any other NFL players having to paint Bible verses on their freakin eyelashes?

  22. Kaderade says

    Eh he’s gettin alot of hate. He’s always seemed pretty harmless to me. A bit naive and sheltered, definitely. Not surprised he got dropped. He just hasn’t performed well in the NFL. He and Urban Meyer just happened to have been a dream team for the Gators (:<:<:< [i’m originally from FL. HUGE Gator fan]). After they went their separate ways neither knew how to compensate. It’s sad really. So all the hate seems a bit over the top. This heterophobia is getting as ridiculous as reverse-racism.

  23. StephenT says

    The religious right loves this guy even though he has no business being an NFL QB.Any team that signs him is desperate, or like Woody Johnson, thinks he will sell some tickets. He is nothing more than a sideshow.

  24. Disgusted says

    His praying got Him rich,,what has your lifes and the way u live done for you jerks,,hahaha evil is as evil does enjoy ur spouting off and see where that gets you idiots.

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