1. K in VA says

    How much you wanna bet whoever did this thought he (probably “he,” but coulda been “she”) was going his (her) god’s work?

  2. Jake says

    France’s image really has been bloodied by the marriage equality debate. Ugly nation.

  3. brekilian says

    Being gay or lesbian in France is very hard these days. Violence and homophobia has dramaticaly increased in France. We feel as if we were preys. Please give us every support you can give, talking about this with your friends and family outside France is already a support. As a french gay man, I came to the conclusion that, if the law is refused, then we, french gays and lesbians, should ask for the right to political asylum.

  4. danswon says

    I’m really shocked by the French opposition to marriage equality and how crazy and violent they are. I don’t remember this kind of thing happening in the other EU countries that have marriage equality. We should remember though that the French have a very colourful history of protesting what they don’t like, from the French Revolution right up until today.
    Those frogs just seem to love rioting and smashing stuff up.

  5. Jeff says

    The level of resistance is puzzling and troubling indeed. Nothing like this was witnessed in Spain or Portugal, other European nations, South American countries, or in Canada. And the Mayor of Paris is or was gay (not sure if he is still there or not). This is something like you expect to see in Russia, not civilized and sophisticated France.

  6. says

    Chrustians are murderous thugs. It’s really just that simple. They have lost and they know it. But a wounded animal is very dangerous.

    My life as a gay man has alsways been stoked by French culture: Rimbaud, Lautreamont, Proust, Genet, Bernard-Marie Koltes (the ist goes on and on.)

    Watch your back but don’t stop moving forward. And I’m talking aout the U.S. as much as France or anywhere else.

  7. bandanajack says

    much of this action has been fomented by american anti gay agencies. they have found fertile ground in which to sow the discord they have been hawking with less success nowadays in the US. brian brown and other representatives from american hate groups have been spotted in france spouting their usual lies and calumnies…and bragging about it. they have already made africa a killing ground for gays.

  8. zeddy says

    When I was living in France I noticed a lot of swastikas and so on. I imagine that these are the same people. Seem kids aren’t taught that the Nazis tried to take over France during WWII.

  9. UDontKnow says

    SHould have just pumped 2 slugs into the attackers chest. What’s the gun law in France?

  10. Brian says


    You must have lived in an awful part of france; it is highly illegal to display anything nazi-related in France, so it’s very surprising that you saw a lot of swastikas there. As for teaching children that the nazis tried to take over france, of course they are taught that. (the nazis not only tried, but succeeded by the way). Every French person is extremely aware of German aggression against France in the last two centuries. It is the fundamental relationship that shapes French foreign policy.

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    While it is sad to see attacks like this, it is good to see police organizations treating them as real crimes, arresting suspects and and actually investigating. I’m sure there are some places where violations against the gay community would be slighted and overlooked, but they are vanishing and the legitimacy of our community, our interests, and our activities is increasingly taken for granted.

  12. Francis #1 says

    Chuck, you’re very right, good to see police response very strong in France regarding this severe uptick in crimes against the gay community in the country. Unfortunate that we’re talking about LGBT people literally being targeted like cattle in a country like France, though. Marriage equality support in the country has dropped from the mid-60s to the low-50s these last few months as well. And it’s right-wing Catholics that are to blame.

    brekilian, I’m very sorry for what’s happening in France, we’re all shocked and disgusted. These bigots are loud and violent but they cannot stop progress and progress is coming in France, whether they like it or not.

  13. Rick says

    Ah, “sophisticated”, “enlightened” Europe….which like the equally “sophisticated” “enlightened” East and West coasts of the US and equally “sophisticated” and “enlightened” Canada love to look down their noses at the American South and the American Heartland and dismiss them for their bigotry and narrow-mindedness.


    The only thing that would make this even more telling would be if it turned out that many or most of those engaged in this violence are non-white immigrants, whom the “sophisticated” and “enlightened” elites and the gay Far Left cannot possibly criticize because they have dark skin.

  14. woodroad34d says

    This is France’s version of the night Nazi’s smashed the windows of jewish shop owners; but this time it should be called Cristalnacht.

  15. Rick says

    “Chrustians are murderous thugs. It’s really just that simple. They have lost and they know it. But a wounded animal is very dangerous”

    No, little New York Jew-boy, “Christians” in all likelihood had little or nothing to do with any of this, as Christianity is for all intents and purposes totally dead in France, the most secular country on earth (the one exception being its Islamic minority).

    Predictable attempt at politically correct scapegoating that has no basis in reality.

  16. says

    This is very troubling. As others have said, it is very surprising that this level of violence is occuring in a Western European country. What makes France difference from Canada, Spain, etc.?

  17. brekilian says

    Firstable I’d like to thank all of you for your support. France is not the land it pretends to be. The country of Gide, Rimbaud, the country that claims to be the country of human rights tends to vanish. I can hear homophobic ideas every time I watch news on TV. Everytime I take the bus too. Each day violent homophobic attack are committed. This movement conducted by an ex actress called Frigide Barjot ( a nickname you could translate by Crazy Frigid) bring biggots, creationists, nationalists, and neo-Nazis together. What makes it serious is the fact that the UMP party (the ex-presidential party of Nicolas Sarkozy) give a great support to these homophobic groups. UMP denies the fact that homopobia increases since the law has been announced. Some deputees and senators have been threatened with death, some of them have decided to walve their ideas and their votes. Indeed muslims and jews are agree with christians, but since the major part of the gay mariage opponent are racists too, muslims and jews don’t want to demonstrate at the side of these xenophobic people. The final vote for gay marriage will take place on tuesday 24 April. I will keep my fingers crossed so I could celebrate with all of you a victory for gays and lesbians… Thank you for your support, it is good to know french LGBT have friends all over the wold and particularty in the USA.

  18. ratbastard says

    There is a very far right fascist movement[s] alive and well in the UK and across Europe, western and eastern, north, central, and south. Europe may seem hyper-PC because it’s various governments and the EU pass all the ‘correct’ PC laws and regulations, including unfortunately limiting free speech. It’s the ‘hate’ speech laws that simply push the far right fascist deeper underground, where they become even more radicalized. And they are popular, especially among youth.

  19. says

    it’s not that different from the explosion of racism after Obama’s 2008 Presidential election. when the world makes a massive leap, the heel-draggers in society freak the Eff out.

  20. John D says

    I disagree with David Ehrenstein’s comment that “Christians are murderous thugs.” Some are, most aren’t. However, Rick’s characterization of David as a “little New York Jew-boy” is wholly offensive.

    By the way, my understanding from reading the reports from France is that those doing the violence are Catholics who are ethnically French. Not the immigrant population. Check the photos: those anti-marriage crowds are overwhelmingly white.

  21. simon says

    Archbishop Vingt Trois of France has called for action and cautioned this whole thing will lead to violence. They have already been warned.

  22. simon says

    The leader of the protest Frigide Barjot is a female French comic, supposedly ethnic French.
    She said if Hollande wants blood, he will have it. Nothing subtle about it.

  23. Rick says

    “‘This movement conducted by an ex actress called Frigide Barjot'”

    “The leader of the protest Frigide Barjot is a female French comic, supposedly ethnic French”

    Yes, let us not fail to note that the ring leader is a WOMAN.

    As I have noted many times, when it becomes apparent that male homosexuality may actually become acceptable in society and even condoned, women will begin to see the threat that sexual liberation of men poses to their (women’s) source of power, namely their ability to keep men emotionally, sexually, and socially dependent on them.

    So add this woman to the ever-expanding list…..

  24. says

    unlike Rick, who is emotionally and sexually-dependent on his computer ūüėÄ

    “i hate women and effeminates!” – Rick

    yes, but you’re going to die alone in your closet. so ROCK ON, ladies! whatever keeps the RICKs of the world afraid and indoors is a-ok with me ūüėÄ

  25. brekilian says

    It is 1:35am and I am watching the parliamentary debates,live on TV. The debates have been suspended because some deputees of the UMP party (the party against gay and lesbian marriage is France’s conservative party) have attacked (punches) one of the National Assembly’s bailiff who was assisting the minister supportive of gay and lesbian marriage (that’s his job but on hearing the bullshits one of the UMP deputee was saying, the bailiff suddenly…..sighed). It was an excuse for them to start a physical attack. This is shoking. In the same time another homophobic attack took place (now I am watching the news) in the city of Bordeaux, in a gay bar… These events are so shoking…It is hard to find some sleep…
    Now it’s 02:35 am : France is still a democracy for now, the Minister Christiane Taubira (my personnal hero !) and the president of the National Assembly are committed to resuming debates……

  26. David Hearne says

    I would imagine that Rick thinks of Kiwi the same way he reacts to the news saying Toronto will have lake effect snow. Who flucking cares?

  27. Jim says

    It’s just incredible that this is happening in France, home of the Enlightenment. French gays and lesbians must be both startled and sobered to realize how much anti-gay hate seethes beneath the surface of French society–and how easily it is stirred into violence. I’ll never see France the same again.

  28. Lexi says

    I don’t know why you’re all surprised. France has always been a country that places willful value on its traditions and resists radical change. They don’t appreciate cultural shifts. This is the same country that hostility resents visitors who dare speak their native tongue. Where in the world did you get the impression that they are, or would be, gay marriage-friendly?

  29. Brian says


    We probably got that impression from the fact that every single poll shows the French support gay marriage, that Hollande campaigned on gay marriage and won convincingly, and that the legislature is finishing up approving gay marriage.

    Any other questions?

  30. simon says

    Of course it is not surprising the opposition tries to stir up some sheet after losing at the ballot box. It could have been other issues other than gay marriage. It just happened that it was the first item on the Socialist’s agenda. Their supporters (same as those of the Church) are among the most uneducated and ignorant of the Republic and are exactly the same people who hide behind those big words like civilization and tradition.

  31. submitter says

    christians brothers may be soft hearted. thus let the muslims brothers do the assaults on gay/lesbians.

  32. submitter says

    christians brothers may be soft hearted. thus let the muslims brothers do the assaults on gay/lesbians.

  33. submitter says

    christians brothers may be soft hearted. thus let the muslims brothers do the assaults on gay/lesbians.

  34. brekilian says

    @Francis #1

    You were right Francis, progress finally came to France. Thank you for your support. I am so happy !!!

  35. MGP says

    At the end of the article it mentions that 24 counter-protesters were arrested. Does anyone know what they did to merit detainment?