1. andrew says

    Oh god Jon is good. And that compliment comes from this agnostic/atheist. I can’t make up my mind. Its the Shroud of Turin thing. Pope Francis thinks its real. What if its not a fake? LOL LOL LOL The next thing you know people will be saying that the little piece of bread the priest says: “Hoc est enim corps meum” over is not the creator of the billion gallaxy universe. What is a poor human to believe?

  2. lany says

    Wait a minute… That guy going on about how a banana isn’t the same thing as an apple was certified to operate on people? In their brains? At Johns Hopkins?

    I feel faint.

  3. Geoff says

    Yep. He HAD one brain cell, but it was left out in the rain…got all pruny….and they tried to dry it with a blow-dryer, but (whoops!) it blew out the window! That was 30 years ago. Never found it. They don’t make that kind anymore. Sigh.

  4. Bart says

    Let’s hope that the Republican keep this rebranding program on track. The job they are doing being themselves is stellar.

    I love watching the self-strangulation of the Republican party, a party so schizo it has no idea what it stands for anymore. The Democrats are simply standing on the roadside watching the pile-up and casualties.

  5. AngelaChanning says

    It is finally nice that my hometown of Baltimore is being embarrassed for something else besides gun fire, STDs, and gift card stealing mayors. LOLs.

  6. bravo says

    Oh my god – that banana, apple, orange, and peach quote is priceless!

    Is he really going to be the commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins Medical School?

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