Uruguay Approves Marriage Equality in 71-21 Vote


Uruguay gave final approval to marriage equality tonight after its House voted 71-21 to pass the bill. President José Mujica says he intends to sign it.

Uruguay joins The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, and Denmark as the 12th nation to offer its citizens nationwide marriage equality.

Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. offer it in parts of the country.


  1. says

    what a day!

    Gay couples can now marry in Uruguay and 34 Republicans voted to keep gay sex between consenting adults a crime , punishable with a prison sentence of up to a decade.

    yes. compare. comPAAAAARE.

  2. Mr. E says

    Wonderful news! Another one added to the list! 😀 Also, that number seems wrong to me b/c Uruguay’s House of Rep. only has 99 members total. Maybe it was 92-7?

  3. Francis #1 says

    Congrats to Uruguay, and thank you to all who did their part to see this pass! Awesome to see how marriage equality passed here quite easily, at least from afar seemingly much more so compared to the dramas in France and in the US. Like Kiwi said, over 1/3 of Montana’s House of Representatives voted to make homosexuality illegal in the state. It’s definitely a sharp contrast.

  4. Icebloo says

    Great news but how embarrassing to the USA that we are still fumbling with this issue and allowing religions to keep our legal rights away from us ! SHAME ON THE USA ! SHAME ON RELIGIONS !

  5. George F says

    Such wonderful news! Now Republicans can stop suggesting that Latinos are a monolitic block of people stuck in “traditional” hetero-family values like them…
    As a Latino this news makes me a lil bit teary.

  6. George F says

    David : of course we are all different! heck: even in my own Colombia there are several different regions that at some point feel like different countries..
    YET… despite all the differences…speaking the same language and sharing a continent sometimes give us a sense of connection to all of us Latinos… From the ones who live in the US to the ones who live in Ushuaia…

  7. SayTheTruth says

    And in the other side of Atlantic, African countries like Nigeria and Uganda are trying to further penalize the already penalized gay sex. Such a contrast. I wonder which will fare better in the future. Not.

  8. George F says

    Yes David…We latinos can go from brown-skinned to lilly white-with all the shades in between included…But most of us speak Spanish and share a pathos in our way to live life… that is why many people all over Latin America will rejoice with this news…

  9. Matt N says

    “U.S. offers it in parts of the country”

    That’s generous, considering the federal government recognizes NONE of said marriages. I would say the U.S. offers partial marriages in some parts of the country.

  10. Billy says

    Hi – so the President of Uruguay has not yet signed this into law? Any idea of when he might do that, or if there is any doubt that he will? It has been two weeks since the law was passed.

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