1. Critifur says

    What do I think? I think it is ridiculous that there is such a thing, and that the president has time to feed into the entertainment industry instead of fixing education, saving the environment, blah blah blah.

  2. andrew says

    It was fun to watch. I think it is a good thing for politicians of both parties to get together with journalists and enjoy each others company and appreciate each others basic humanity.

  3. rick scatorum says

    Having Tracy Morgan in the spielberg skit shows Obama doesn’t really get it. Don’t think he’d be part of all the fun if he’d joked about shooting his child because she were a girl

  4. Alex Parrish says

    I think what used to be an opportunity to celebrate journalism has turned into a media dog-and-pony show and the POTUS shouldn’t be taking part in it. There’s already enough self-congratulatory bad reality TV — we don’t need this. But, apparently I am in the minority. Well, I guess at least it is indicative of the state of journalism these days. I guess we should be glad there are still journalists — if you can call them that.

  5. jw says

    another example of what is wrong with this country –
    elite corporate media –
    back slapping with political elite
    yuck, yuck, yuck
    real journalists are not part of this mess
    watch amy goodman at democracy now – to see what a real journalist looks like

  6. ratbastard says

    Pretty harmless stuff. That said, I can appreciate jokes and humor just as much as anyone else, but humor is of course often used to deflect attention away from what are in fact serious, and legitimate, questions and issues.

    Is the so-called mainstream media [big corporate media] in bed with many of the institutions they report on and re called to investigate on? Absolutely. Our main media outlets in the U.S. are actually controlled by a very small number of corporations and individuals. Other ways they control the media is through corporate advertising dollars. Ever wonder why a conglomerate like Monsanto spends $ to advertise on TV? Who are they trying to reach with that advertising? What they and other big corporations are doing is engaging big media outlets by essentially bribing them with advertising dollars, and threatening to take away that big $ if said media start seriously reporting on the bad things conglomerates like Monsanto or big pharma do. Likewise, all the white house has to do with a media outlet or individual who annoys them is deny them access.

  7. PAUL B. says

    Great fun and a well-deserved distraction from all the drama in the world that everyone deals with. If you can’t find the time for a good laugh…you’ve missed the point entirely. Take you’re happy pill right away jw.

  8. RyanInWyo says

    Critifur: LOL. As if having a couple of hours of free time on a Saturday night would be all that it would take to “fix education and save the environment.” I’m sure the Republicans in the House and Senate were sitting around last night, just waiting for the president to drop by so they could compromise with him on a whole host of pressing issues. And then he missed the chance by going to a dinner that, for better or for worse, has been held annually for 93 years.

  9. PAUL B. says

    @Ryan…you’re so right. I’ve been to a few fun events in my day…and many times thought I should be saving the world instead. But, guess what…when the party was over and I went back to work…the world didn’t look as much in need of saving as I thought. A good joke…or several of them…is great therapy for everyone!

  10. jamal49 says

    Critifur, where were you when your man G.W. Bush made jokes about losing the WMD under the White House sofa?

    BTW, Pres. Obama HAS been trying to get things done but there’s this little thing called Republican obstinacy that has pretty much kept anything from ever getting done.

    Maybe people of good will can vote out the GOP reprobates in 2014 and then we can this country moving again.

    Also, lighten up.

  11. leprechaunvict says

    As usual peeps are bitching about things like this while Obama is Prez and kept silent during W’s terms in office. The WH Correspondents’ Dinner has been attended by Presidents going back to Calvin Coolidge. So I’m sure you’re all retroactively angry with St. Reagan for this as well.

  12. gomez says

    @leprechaunvict/obamabot : this isn’t partisan in the least. check out the horror of “mc rove” on youtube if you dare. and im too young for reagan’s days at this sycophantic yuk-fest

  13. bructer says

    Was a good laugh, unfortunately everything has become a party. Would not mind so much if any of them got something done. Then it would be time to throw a party.

  14. Critifur says

    @jamal49 et al. Not that I need to defend myself, but I am a very liberal Dem., Dubya is the worst, the very thought of him makes me throwup a little. I just think the government, whoever is in power, needs to get back to governing, and stop being entertainment, comedy, fodder, and incapable. I don’t want to laugh about the govenment on Jon Stewart or Bill Maher anymore.

  15. millerbeach says

    Wow, how sad to see such well-intended fun pass so many by…it seems as if quite a few posters completely missed the levity of this event, which is annual, which has been going on for decades. Honestly, it’s all in good, clean fun, with no harm, no foul…everything is game, which is what makes it funny…pointing at our own foibles. Even the President of the United States has them, as he is human after all. Lighten up already, take a deep breath and exhale.

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