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Jason Collins' Twin Jarron Speaks Out About His Brother: VIDEO


Jason Collins' twin brother Jarron, a former NBA player, talks about how his brother came out to him and how athletes who disagree with homosexuality because of their faith should behave toward his brother.


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NOM's Brian Brown Remains in Utter Denial That His Side is Losing on Gay Marriage: VIDEO


NOM President Brian Brown gives an interview to USA Today about the U.S. march toward marriage equality, the states in which has recently passed and the states where it is pending.

He is also asked about Reince Priebus and statements he made that the party needs to be inclusive.

"Does inclusive mean that you get rid of your founding principles? Are party platforms supposed to mean anything? If the party does that, the party is DONE! The  party is DONE if the Republican party abandons traditional marriage! It will mean that it has turned its back again on not only its base but on the overwhelming majority of folks who identify as Republicans."

Watch (warning: autoplay), AFTER THE JUMP...

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The OXD Mirror: New Music For 5.3.13



The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based movement created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tadeu Magalhães, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world.

We are now on Spotify!  Subscribe to our 'As Featured on Towleroad' Playlist to listen to tracks posted from past weeks.


Sébastien Tellier & Caroline Polachek: 'In The Cew of Tea Time'

Aside from being one of my all-time favorite artists, Sébastien Tellier has a special place in my heart when it comes to his ability to combine powerful productions with beautiful visual experiences. His extremely work-unfriendly video for 2012's single 'Cochon Ville' was impactful and did a great job showcasing the sexual appeal of disco music. After touring the US in 2009 with Chairlift as the opening act, Tellier expressed his wish to collaborate with the Brooklyn band's lead singer Caroline Polachek. Four years later, they finally released 'In The Cew of Tea Time,' a slow-ish but grand electropop work that naturally accompanies another graphic and masterfully art directed video. Polachek's sweet whispered vocals are a great match for Tellier's unique pitch and I'm loving this track even more with every listen.


Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy: 'Look Around You'

Last week, Ru hinted that a new Róisín Murphy + Boris Dlugosch collaboration was in the works, but little did we know that only a few hours after his column was published here on Towleroad, the new song would be available for our listening pleasure. The track, 'Look Around You,' is everything we hoped for: stylish, sexy and lush house music with a strong pop appeal. As Ru stated, this is not the first collaboration between the Irish disco diva and German producer, and judging by the success of their tracks, it is unlikely this will be the last time the two work together.  Murphy is rumored to have further collaborations in the works with producers like Luca C & Brigante and Solumun.


Sh*t Robot: 'Feels Real'

DFA Records is on a roll lately with their recent releases. After featuring Man Tear's 'Outside Amore' on my last column and The Juan Maclean's 'You Are My Destiny' right before that, I was hesitant to include yet another release by DFA on this week's column. But I had to be fair – their newest release by Irish producer Sh*t Robot, titled 'Feels Real,' is a massive track that blends Bee Gees-like falsetto vocals, a Lil Louis-flavored energetic bass and gospel inspired keyboards. It might just be impossible to keep still to this one on the dancefloor.


Annie: 'Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts'

Norwegian popstar sensation Annie came on the scene in 2004 with her first album, the critically-acclaimed Anniemal. Her first single, 'The Greatest Hit' featured an iconic sample of Madonna’s 'Everybody,' which helped bring the singer to notoriety. Annie's sophomore album, Don't Stop, released in 2009, established Annie as an up-and-coming producer and singer, with tracks like 'Songs Remind Me of You,' co-produced with Richard X (who also produced tracks for Róisín Murphy, Goldfrapp, Kelis, Sam Sparro, Saint Etienne, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and other big names). Her newest venture, 'Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts,' is an ode to 90's rave culture, according to the artist. Although it might not be Annie's best moment so far, the track is cute and will hopefully make room for increasing her audience in the US.


Hot Natured feat. Anabel Englund: 'Reverse Skydiving'

Following the huge 2012 hit 'Benediction,' Hot Natured is keeping up with their signature mix of infectious deep house beats and pop vocals through the release of their new single 'Reverse Skydiving,' which features vocals by the beautiful L.A. based singer Anabel Englund. This is a slightly more approachable track than 'Benediction,' with a great potential for becoming an interesting radio hit. On another note, Hot Natured has recently remixed Phoenix's 'Entertainment,' and it's worth checking it out. It seems like we will be hearing a lot more from the British supergroup in the months to come.


This Sunday, May 5th: Paradisco with Tim Sweeney at THE OUT NYC

At Paradisco, we've had the chance to showcase many talented DJs whose names are familiar to a large portion of our audience, mostly through their residencies at revered parties in the NYC underground gay scene. Although our guest this Sunday may not be as quite known amongst the gays, he is beyond huge in the global house music scene and will take our beloved Sunday tea dance to an even higher level. We invited the man behind Beats In Space, the one and only Tim Sweeney, to take over the decks with his edgy, ground-breaking house music style. Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo outdoors on the rooftop of THE OUT NYC and we promise you'll be dancing the afternoon away. Further details on OXD's website.


For more information on OXD, check out our website and accompanying blog at, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: @OccupyTheDisco.

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Ryan Gosling Enjoying Some Sexual Innuendo with His Director: VIDEO


Ryan Gosling offers some killer expressions and tricep n this behind-the-scenes clip from his upcoming film Only God Forgives in which he's instructed by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn on how to use sexuality to build up his fight scenes.

We're also offered a welcome look at his boxing instruction.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'One Million Moms' Goes Nuts Over Manscaping Ad: VIDEO


One Million Moms has issued a call to action against a Norelco body grooming ad because it suggests a man is shaving his pubes.

They shriek:

The new Norelco commercial goes beyond a close facial shave to body grooming well below the chest and back. This commercial went WAY TOO FAR! During the commercial, it shows a man trimming hair in different areas of his body. Toward the end, it shows him standing with his boxer shorts down with hair falling to the floor as he uses the hair trimmer. It is implied that he is shaving in his private area. The dialogue in the ad is equally offensive. "I'd wink at me; I'd hug me," he says. Then he looks in the mirror, admires himself, and says, "I'd F*** me." The F-word is bleeped out. But then they display their website, This is clearly a play on the F-word.

The ad shouldn't run at any time. It is not only inappropriate for children; it is offensive to adults also. The company's response to people's concerns is in poor taste. They are basically saying that they don't care, and they are going to run the commercial anyway. That just doesn't cut it.

Watch the ad, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Five Gay Activists Arrested at Texas Capitol at Sit-In Against Four GOP Senators: VIDEO


Five gay activists from the group GetEQUAL Texas were arrested on Wednesday after refusing to leave the offices of four Republican senators who refuse to support Senate Bill 237, the Fair Employment Act, KEYE reports:

Michael Diviesti of GetEQUAL TX says, "What the bill does is says 'hey look, if you live in Texas you can't fire somebody simply because they happen to be gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender.' You have to have a real reason to fire someone or deny them employment."

We tried to speak with all of the four senators who the protesters say are not supporting the bill, none could speak to us on camera. Senate Bill 237 is currently stuck in committee, where it's been for the last month. It will stay there until it gets the votes needed to move to the next level.


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