1. Caliban says

    I’ve never really cared for Superman much and thought he was kind of a boring, too-perfect character, but Holy-Moley Henry Cavill! He definitely breaks the mold of bland Ken doll asexuality in previous incarnations.

  2. Howard says

    I love me some Superman! But I wonder how (or if) they explain why he is bearded in the early scenes, but clean shaven in the later scenes. Where did he find a razor strong enough to cut his hair, since his hair (like Superman himself) is indestructible?!

  3. AriesMatt says

    Got chills watching this trailer. Love that it is going to have the heavy, dark theme like Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I’m predicting this one will hit the billion dollar international mark. Cavill can do no wrong in my eyes. Woof!

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