1. Burt says

    I’m sure that 999,999 of the million moms have never seen their husbands’ private parts, either..

  2. C.J. says

    I am not a prude AT ALL but even I was a little shocked at this one. I was watching TV while getting ready to go out EARLY evening on Saturday and this commerical played. Now mind you, it was on cable, but it was on E!(I think) and I would imagine kids watch that channel.

    Personally, I thought it was a hilarious commercial, but I can easily see how people could be offended

  3. AJ says

    Let the pearl clutching commence. I am half convinced this group is an undercover ad agency. Anytime they clutch their pearls over something, whatever it is has a huge boost in sales.


    Wow, you’d have to be an utter moron to find anything shocking or offensive about this ad.

  5. screaming queen says

    I wonder what it’s like to live a life completely devoid of fun and humor. Apparently you become chronically butthurt.

  6. Gerry says

    Well, I’m not sure what to say…I guess the Summer’s Eve commercials need to go also… I mean… Fresh down there????

    @AJ… I think you might be onto something… if not, they are buffoons…

  7. Fenrox says

    God forbid any child learns anything before they immediately change into dirty whores. Innocence is slavery, it only benefits the puppetmaster, innocence is a totally made up concept that obscures all the heinous things done for it.

  8. Fenrox says

    God forbid any child learns anything before they immediately change into dirty whores. Innocence is slavery, it only benefits the puppetmaster, innocence is a totally made up concept that obscures all the heinous things done for it.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    I totally get it. One Million Shrews have never seen a man’s nether regions, since procreation is done with a t-shirt on in the dark.

  10. Tatts says

    Wait a minute! Are you telling me that there are a million(!) married women with children who dislike this? A million?

    Sad. Unless it’s really not true. Hmmm.

  11. jamal49 says

    Oh, for crissake OMM, lighten up!

    Soon as I read “shaving in his private area” I nearly choked from laughter.

    Does anyone take this OMM henfest seriously?

  12. Clayton says

    Um…so is there anything in the Bible that forbids manscaping? Are there any laws against it? Do shaved pubes = flagrant immorality?

    I’m reminded of the old rule nuns used to give to Catholic schoolgirls: they should never let a man take them to a restaurant with white linen tablecloths, lest the tablecloths make the man think of sheets and put him in “an occasion of sin” for having impure thoughts. Apparently thinking of pubes puts a child in “an occasion of sin.”

    Maybe the name of the organization should be One Million Pre-Vatican II Nuns

  13. Clayton says

    I went to the One Million Mom’s site and used the template they intended for protest letters to send a message to Norelco telling them how much I liked the ad.

    Thanks OMM, for making it so easy for me to support Norelco.

  14. terry says

    I’m sure that 7 yr old kids are going to immediately pull down their little boxers only to be confused about what all the fuss is about and wonder where the hair is coming from, then those million moms may have to admit to tell their kids that they have genitals and grown ups have body hair. Fast lane to Hell if you ask me.

  15. Paul R says

    This is so obvious. They’re not upset about the manscaping or “private area” as they are about the gay subtext. It’s a guy saying sexual things to a guy, even if it’s himself. That’s too much for them.

    Who cares what they say, no one listens. Good for Norelco for realizing that and ignoring them.

  16. Mary says

    This ad really has nothing to do with sexual orientation issues, it is more a question of sexual explicitness in general. I think the commercial is hilariously funny. Yet I agree with the “Moms” that it is not appropriate for TV. Ir realize that people can disagree on this topic. However, it seems as if some people on Towleroad and elsewhere are ready to like the commerical solely because the Moms dislike it. That doesn’t make much sense – and it just widens the culture wars further.

    There are many good people in America (on the right AND left) who aren’t happy about the increasing coarseness and vulgarity in American culture. A good percentage of these people are pro-equality, or CAPABLE of becoming pro-equality very soon. Why alientate them?

    I agree with the Moms on this issue, but I totally disagree with them when they object to commericals and ads that show gay/lesbian families as healthy and beautiful.

  17. says

    With all this “fainting and shock” from “offensive commercials” that the One Million Moms go through on a regular basis, you’d think they die off from brain injuries caused by lack of oxygen or hitting their heads when they faint.

  18. says

    they probably, had they been around in the 1990s, would have been losing their minds over those Herbal Essences commercials where the woman had the orgasmic reactions to shampooing their hair.

    One Million Moms = a couple hundred women who’ve never had an orgasm.

  19. says

    One Million (or, more accurately, Ten) Moms are hysterical, in every sense of that word. All the trees that are being sacrificed to supply the sticks up their a$$es.

    On a side note, down with the excessive manscaping! Sexier before the Norelco got to him.

  20. Jere says

    While the members of this group are certainly entitled to take offense at whatever they wish, they are really doing themselves no favors in the wanting-to-be-taken-seriously department when the language in their press release contains phrases like “private area” that are better reserved for talking to toddlers. I’m reminded of overwhelmed new moms who forget how to hold a conversation with other adults because they literally spend their days in the company of kids and never see or get to talk to any.

  21. Caliban says

    Would some charity-minded individuals PLEASE take one for the team and scr*w these pearl-clutching old biddies?! I think it would improve their dispositions immensely.

  22. Rob says

    Oh – Oh My!! His Private Area??!! I’m all a fluster. I may swoon.”

    Poor delicate things, they need to stop watching television. I’m surprised they even know that men have hair in that place. The one that they probably refer to as “down there”

  23. David Hearne says

    I don’t know how long the “million moms” have been around. Of course, if they are anything like the “Million Man March” then there is probably more like 200,000 moms. In any event, I have never met one so I will have to assume that they live in the imagination of the Family Research Council. So really, who cares?

  24. mike/ says

    these One Million Moms (that probably only number 9 frustrated, ummm, people) get their knickers in a twist over such trivial things. have they said anything about kids getting killed by guns? you know, something important…

  25. Ryan says

    Oh no, our kids may learn that grown men have public hair! How will we explain no-no hair to the children? There’s nothing grotesque or perverted about a simple fact of nature. I could almost see their point if they just focused on the dialog of the commercial, but the idea that they’re bothered by something as mundane as body hair throws any credibility right out the window for me.

    If they want this banned, I don’t want to see one more commercial about periods, tampons, pads, yeast infections, douches, or erectile dysfunction pills.

  26. bructer says

    Are there not more important things going on the world, why waste time on something that is so innocuous. Also then get rid of the tampon, ED, and birth control commercials who has time for this nonsense

  27. Michael Barber says

    The 40,000 KKKarping KKKristian KKKunts can shove their offense where a Hollywood waxing goes.

  28. MikeKV says

    What are these people doing watching non-xtian TV, anyway? Don’t they know there are PLENTY bible channels they can be watching (both OTA, and free on satellite)?!

  29. Conrad says

    Quit bragging how everything OFFENDS you already, it’s the stupidest trend ever!

  30. Mary says

    “Would some charity-minded individuals PLEASE take one for the team and scr*w these pearl-clutching old biddies?! I think it would improve their dispositions immensely.”

    I don’t know if it would improve their dispositions, but at least they’d be screaming for a different reason.

    See? SOME conservatives have a sense of humor.

    That was a good one, Caliban!

  31. will says

    Why do we still use the phrase “pearl-clutching”? It’s so ghetto-gay 20th-century camp. I mean, I’m sure the majority of the “one million moms” cannot even afford a string of pearls.

  32. Jack M says

    First of all, it is NOT obvious what the guy is saying. The bleeped out part seems to indicate he is using a word or words that are more than one syllable.

    Second of all, these women have cobwebs in their vaginas.

  33. Joseph says

    I want to know who the actor is; I saw him previously in the Verizon “Snowman Competition” ad from the past December and I’m so much in love.

  34. PAUL B. says

    Please Mary…we hear about vaginal itching and “odor” until the cows come home (yes, cows)
    and are we getting blowback? Let’s talk some more about vibrators, cute & stimulating condoms, women’s “down there” issues. Get over yourself.

  35. says

    Yeah there is a clear double standard with these type of things. There are tons of commercials about feminine products for women that deal with their time of the month and whatnot but a man manscaping down there is some how offensive? It’s all about personal hygiene. Maybe the language was a bit much but I don’t think it’s something to get up in arms over.

  36. AdamTh says

    @ Clayton

    “Maybe the name of the organization should be One Million Pre-Vatican II Nuns”

    Or maybe One Million B******, One Million Crazy B****** ?

  37. AdamTh says

    Philips Norelco should say a “Thank You” to OMB .. oops I meant OMM.

    On the Norelco YouTube channel, most of their recent vids have been viewed 1,000 times or less. This vid has been viewed 112K+ times in about 2 weeks.

  38. Bryan says

    “A Million Moms”

    Translation from the Teabonics: 83 barely-literate Christofascist harridans who really ought to spend more time cleaning their trailers.

  39. walter says

    why dont these bored suburban housewives get a clue and a job and by all means change their name to something 17000 angry old white women

  40. Bob says

    I am glad to see the video, but I am sad to see the excuse for publishing it was that silly little group that does not really deserve much (or any) mention.
    the mormons, the catholic bishops & organizations, Rick Warren, etc, are doing real damage to us, but they don’t get covered much.
    I wish that were mentioned more often

  41. Bernie says

    alright 1000 women; since you hate this ad, I am loving it and even though I am not too keen on men shaving “below”, since you all hate it, I LOVE IT!……………

  42. t says

    One million moms has less than 56000 likes on facebook. How does 5600 equate to one million?

  43. kderpder says

    If you can’t handle stop watching tv.
    stick to dvds or netflix and leave alone the mature people who can handle a little sexuality.

    p.s. i have children and they only watch movies or dvds. tv isn’t for kids.

  44. says

    They certainly weren’t offended by the man who shaved his pubes before he help these women join this group. I guess they want a man on the side who doesn’t shave his pubes.

  45. jsb says

    OMM can have Norelco stop this commercial, when I don’t have to watch tampon or maxi pads for those “high flow day” advertisements.

  46. Bill says

    All commercials “suggest” something. No one saw anything, except what they wanted to. What did the million (6?) “Moms” see?I’m sure their children could have cared less. I’ll bet Mommy uses her Norelco, or will, now.

  47. bythesign says

    I want to get OMM to leave twitter. They already had to leave facebook because it was backfiring on them. Use #boot1milmoms and @1milmoms to help flush them out! Follow @bythesign to join the mission!

  48. Bill Michael says

    What are those that are called, “Morality Police” that run around Islamic countries and have the power to execute you for showing your ankles? Furthermore, sometimes, you gotta trim the hedges, it’s that simple.

  49. billmiller says

    Funny, but sad that so many men and kids shave! What is wrong with pubes? Naked peckers look wierd!

  50. Mary says

    “I want to get OMM to leave twitter.”

    Bythesign, wouldn’t this constitute cyberbullying if the “Moms” tried it on a gay person/organization on Twitter? If you drive these people off Twitter they’ll just play the martyr again. Since this commerical had nothing to do with gay rights, it really doensn’t pay to go after the Moms. Clearly, they aren’t having success with anything. All a campaign against them does is give them free (favorable) publicity. Why not celebrate the recent victory in Rhode Island instead?

  51. Mary says

    Bill Michael, the difference between the Moms and the “Morality Police” is that the Police have power. The Moms are just a private group that can’t force anyone to do anything. If a commercial like this were to be removed from the air it would be because enough people complained and the shows sponsors didn’t want to lose business. This would just be the free market in action, not censorship (which involves an action by the government.) You can express your point of view in support of the commerical to it’s sponsors without trying to silence others. You get more respect this way anyhow.

  52. David Hearne says

    Now that we have settle the moms thing, can we talk about guys shaving? Seriously, way to unmanly yourself shavers. You wax and shave until you are as smooth as a Greek statue and about as sexless as marble.

  53. MIkey says

    Why does anyone care what he does with his pubes. There is nothing dirty about shaving pubes. Are Americans so repressed that they can’t even take a joke–and it isn’t as if he’s showing his pubes. (If he was, I’d like it better). Can any child be damaged by the way the ad shows?

  54. darkmoonman says

    So 999,999 of the million moms surprised themselves by having orgasms over the thought of a man shaving his pubes? Grow up, ladies. Just grow up.

  55. Tom Cardellino says

    Let’s just make it provably clear. In their filings for federal non-profit status, just a few more than 46,000 “people” (not even provably “Moms”) comprise their membership. As Officer Barbrady might exclaim, only this one time correctly: “Move on. Nothing to see here!”

  56. RYAN says


  57. Mary says

    Yes, Ryan I agree completely. There is something wrong with sitting at the breakfast table with the radio on and hearing a voice say “Let’s talk about yeast infections.” And does any woman want to hear a commerical about “erectile dysfuntion” when another man in her family (father, brother, uncle) is in the same room? Commercials have been dealing with more and more “delicate” topics as time goes on. And the graphics have been getting too explicit. Recently the health and gift catalogs ((Carol Wright Gifts, etc..) have been adverstising vibrators shaped EXACTLY like penises. Sorry, but this is just too much in my book. If I wanted a catalog of x-rated “adult” items I’d have ordered one.

    And darkmoonman, you’re right. Many women on the cultural right do at times find themselves arroused by the very things they’re objecting to in media. But don’t think they fail to see the irony and humor in their situation. Believe me, they see it! Remember when Howard Stern had the book “Private Parts and had that picture where he was holding a towel or blamket over his penis? I really thought it was inappropriate and considered calling up the publisher to say so. Then I realized that the photo was turning me on. I gave up on the idea of calling for fear that the person I’d be speaking to would understand why I was so bothered!

  58. Caliban says

    @Mary, I visited my mom the other day and she was pointing out (and reading aloud) the vibrator ads in the Carol Wright catalog she got in the mail. Most were described as massagers. She asked “Now who do they think they’re fooling?”

    Sex toys for middle America. They probably sell quite well or at least better than the oven mitts!

    To me the only thing that’s bothersome about this ad is that it’s reminiscent of “Buffalo Bill” in Silence Of The Lambs. At one point he’s looking the mirror and says “Would you f*ck me? I’d f*ck me” while wearing human (female) skin. NOT a positive cultural reference!

    As for the Few Thousand Moms, they live to be offended. Maybe they should order some things from the Carol Wright catalog and get a new hobby!

  59. Mary says

    Caliban, what makes you so sure they haven’t ALREADY ordered some things from the catalog (I assumed you were referring to the vibrators themselves. Each Carol Wright ctalog now has about 4 or 5 types in it., as well as sex technique DVDs.) People in the Christian Right are not against sex itself (despite how it may seem.) I don’t think any of us on the right object to vibrators per so, but to the graphic display of them in mainstream catalogs.

  60. John says

    Savvy advertising. The controversy will only increase the reach of the commercial. And somehow I don’t think 1 million guys will be put off by the nattering of 1 million moms. Good on them. Gillette, take notice.

  61. Kolt says

    This commercial is nothing by comparison to the advertising that goes on in other first world countries. Most places they have a sense of humor, and they expect to have to personally teach their children to disagree with what they don’t want them following. This country, with its awesome lacking in personally responsible parenting ideas, has a lot to learn. Maybe if we ended censorship, they would have to learn a little faster? I say, “Nice work, Norelco marketing staff.”

  62. Mary says

    One million moms and at least one grandmom. Enough already. Keep your sexual preferences to yourself. I do not want to know the details about everybody’s private lives not even heteros. This stuff is personal and people need to be discreet. That shaving ad is just plain dumb.

  63. Fred says

    This is the most disgusting commercial. Believe it or not, I just changed my electeric shaver to a different brand, just because of this stupid commercial.

  64. One of the Million says

    I am one of the One Million Moms who wrote to Norelco. I am not a prude, I enjoy sex with my husband with the lights on– no t-shirts needed. I talk to my kids frankly about sex and answer their questions honestly. I’m not clutching my pearls over this ad, I just think it is inappropriate. I don’t care what any man or woman does in the privacy of his or her own bathroom– I just don’t want to see it on TV or have my kids see it. Nor do I think it’s appropriate to clearly use profanity in an ad, even if it’s bleeped out. It’s a matter of taste, and I think the ad is in bad taste. You may not agree, but why is it necessary to throw stones at people who don’t have the same values as you do? We’re not saying that no one should shave their private parts, or that sex is dirty, we just think the ad is inappropriate and we’re letting the company know what we think. Why is it okay to send emails to Chick Fil-A to disagree with the CEO’s stance on homosexuality but not okay to email Norelco about an ad that is offensive? This is America– we don’t have to agree but we all have the right to express our views. Let’s just agree to disagree and press on. No need for name calling and typecasting.

  65. John n says

    Very funny commercial. And I’m buying one just to piss off the 15 church ladies of OMM off. Oh crap! Did I say piss? They are going to be very angry with me.

  66. dona says

    I think what is most offensive about this ad is that this is the same line used by the people skinner in The Silence Of The Lamb’s. For me that’s a stupid move by the ad company.

  67. Jim says

    You mean to tell me that none of those “moms” trim “down there”….
    If that is the case, they should change their group name to One Million Bushy Moms.

  68. jack says

    not as offensive as one million mums. I hope social services have been informed about their children that deserve better than those rabid right wing fundamentalists.

  69. Sterling H says

    One million moms should go the way of the dinosaurs and go away. I see nothing wrong with the ad.

  70. Sterling H says

    Ps men shaving every inch of there bodies is bonus to Society not an emasculated muse.