Massive NYC Rally and March in Response to Gay Hate Crime Murder Takes Over Greenwich Village: PHOTOS, VIDEO

"First marchers arrive at scene of #MarkCarson murder." – David Badash Twitter.

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"Marcher comforts woman overwhelmed by grief at #MarkCarson march." – Twitter Scott Wooledge.

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  1. northalabama says

    the circumstances are so tragic – i’m thankful the turnout was a success. maybe the media will finally take notice, and this issue will again receive the much needed national attention it deserves.

    so sad someone has to die and hundreds have to protest in an attempt to re-start the country’s dialog about violent attacks against gay men. not much has changed in the 15 years since matthew shepard’s death.

  2. Adam says

    Yet another protest hijacked by the female lobby. Go away, girls. These hate crimes were directed against MALE homosexuals, not female. You don’t have a stake in this fight, sis.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the pro-female political correctness of liberalism was partly responsible for the hate crimes against these men.

  3. PAUL B. says

    Yeah for all of you out there in NY. I’m watching you and loving you from the foothills of Ca.
    Adam…you’re tired…go to sleep for a very long time.

  4. jaragon says

    I grew up on those Village streets- and always felt that it was a safe place to be gay. Sadly times have changed.

  5. Thomas Zdon says

    We are here – nice turnout – cramming us into a tiny street not nice.

  6. PAUL B. says

    @Thomas…wish I could be crammed in there with you…in spirit from Ca. will do for now.

  7. MoJo says

    I Didn’t know the man, or Anything about his Life, but it’s Good too see Such a turn-out, in This country, for a person who Wasn’t a “Member of the Military”…

  8. MateoM says

    Adam, give it a rest. We get it: you’re Rick/Jason, and as such you only have like three rants that you just copy and paste in every thread you post on. You’re a terrible troll. And not terrible as in gross, terrible as you suck at this.

  9. Ben says

    These types of events are pretty much useless But the participants display a piety that can’t be topped. I hope the street cams were working; more faces for the database.

  10. Adam says

    Despite the victim being black, note the lack of black people at this march. If this attack had been classified as a race crime, there would be thousands of blacks there.

    Also, the tone of this march is completely ineffective. Where is the anger, the passion? The Stonewall generation would have laughed at the limp wrists out there today.

  11. GB says

    It’s because if anyone passed this African American gentleman on the street while living, they wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  12. Adam says

    Also, here’s a message to Christine Quinn: buzz off, sis.

    These are anti-male crimes being driven by the pro-female PC attitudes of liberals. The alleged killer of Marc is a Hispanic Democrat.

  13. Gregoire says

    Adam, I wish life had taken your anti-woman creed to its natural conclusion and you were never born from a womb.

  14. says

    The diverse crowd of human beings at this rally is doing something.

    You, Adam=Jason are not. Be an adult and stop your pathetic trolling.

  15. says

    Indeed, David. Edie will have a lasting impact on the world, and she has shown what dignity and courage look like for decades and again today.

  16. geb says

    They “think” they are “doing something.” I’m tired of masses of gays marching. If you really cared, you would go to this man’s funeral. You’re just trying to protect your sweet butts from violence. And are you an individual, or another sheep? Got to draw the line at some point That ’70’s song “We Are Family” fit the gay scene then. Not today. It’s everyone for themselves.

  17. Mary says

    Someone needs to help Rick-Jason-Ratbastard-Adam with his hostility to women. Some kind bisexual woman would be the ideal candidate – she’d have gay impulses and so share this much with him, yet she’d also desire women so he wouldn’t feel she’d be after a boyfriend or husband. She could find out what women or series of women hurt him so badly and what it was they did. She could show him that not all women are shrewish, whiny, materialistic, etc… He desperately needs a strong but non-sexual relationship with at least one female friend if he has a chance of getting over his misogyny.

    I’d volunteer for the task myself if I knew “Rick” (and his many aliases) in the real world, as opposed to the PC-internet world.

  18. Adam says

    If you gay guys wish to worship at the altar of pro-female PC, go right ahead. It will destroy the movement. You’ve turned into pro-female wimps who refuse to criticize women on anything.

    Look at the parade today – it’s been hijacked by the ‘stop violence against women’ lobby. Disgraceful.

  19. PAUL B. says

    Mary…you’re too kind dear. What he needs is a mercy hump and you’re not up for that…
    I hope !!

  20. PAUL B. says

    He hates women…but knows his way around their psyche like a pro. Now, if A=B & B=C…
    oh, you know the rest.

  21. Francis #1 says

    Hate crimes against us rarely get much if any mainstream media attention. This death actually has gotten some attention—articles on the web, but not really anything but a passing mention at most on TV. It’s another symptom of a society that continues to attempt to silence us and closet us, not recognize our existence.

    Thank you to all who went to this event. It may be symbolic but what it does do is strengthen our resolve as a community, throughout the country. It shows that even as they (whether it be anti-gay crazed bigots, to religious right-wingers, to politicians) try to knock us down time and time again, we will stand tall. It also highlights that we aren’t going to let our brothers and sisters be bashed and have nothing come from it. Those days are over.

  22. Mary says

    Adam, I doubt that most bisexual woman are really straight women pretending to be bi in order to please their boyfriends by having bisexual threesomes or performing lesbian acts in front of him. But I find it interesting that you think even self-proclaimed bisexual women really determine their sexuality by what pleases men – as if they couldn’t possibly just love women as much as men. My guess is that what’s mroe common is bisexual women pretending to be straight due to fear of homophobia or losing their “respectability” in society.

    However, I still hope that one day you stop hating women. Just wondering – do you hate me because I’m a woman? Or do I get a pass for being on Towleroad?

    Paul B, since you’ve always opposed my presence on this site, I appreciate your moral support here.

  23. patrick says

    attacks like these have been on the rise in the Netherlands and Belgium yet the Dutch and Belgian people react nothing like this. I am very very much impressed with new yorkers I wish my countrymen would react the same!

  24. Adam says


    Women are sellers by nature. As such, they sell. Because women have to extract sperm from a man in order to get pregnant, she will do whatever is necessary, including fake her interest in sex, in order to extract it. Faking enables the sale.

    This also means faking her sexuality in an overall sense.

    As for the march, why were women permitted to lead it. I would have pushed them off.

  25. PAUL B. says

    OMG…what a nutjob he is.
    Mary…resist the temptation to rub his nose in it. Try!

  26. Adam says


    Holland and Belgium have been taken over by the apathy of the liberal mindset. New York also has a degree of liberal apathy. Liberalism always leads to apathy because it is the ultimate selfish credo.

  27. geb says

    The victim could always be “someone’s son.” You see that at every event. The woman thread has really gone off the deep end. I pity today’s gays. Welcome to inclusive hell.

  28. PleasePleasePlease says

    Way to come together NYC! Now please, PLEASE come together and learn how to defend yourselves against the crazies who would do you serious bodily harm! Being strong, able-minded, and able-bodied in a pinch is not only potentially life saving, it’s…well I’m just gonna throw this out there..confidence does make one…Hotter.

  29. UFFDA says

    Adam’s reductio ad absurdum (did I say that right?) that women will do what it takes to get a man’s stuff, his sperm, that male seed is a kind of nectar to gather for the purpose of motherhood, is interesting. One can certainly look at it that way. But it is so much more complex than that, with so many variables that go far into the emotional makeup of the people involved – the men for instance who can have the most profound need for children and yearning for , parenthood, and the men, the young fathers, who ardently don the mantle of warrior protector of the family.

    I don’t believe you have a balanced view sir but your role as provocateur is complete.

  30. millerbeach says

    Wow…how great to see everyone united for such a great cause. Thank you, New York, for showing the world how it should be done.

  31. ratbastard says

    Adam, whoever ‘Adam’ is [this site is so full of trolls, you never really know who you’re dealing with] is %100 correct. There were few black people in that crowd. Mostly the usual folks who show up for these events. I’m not hating on them, just an observation.

    It’s depressing to say this, but Mr. Carson’s murder is bringing about the usual cliched responses that will do……nothing… help prevent more people like Marc Carson from being a victim of a violent crime. We should be addressing why there’s been such an epidemic of violent urban street crime for the past half century in America, why our justice system is apparently broken because psychos like Morales should not have been out roaming the streets, and there are many more like him. Why are so many dangerous and otherwise seriously mentally ill people roaming the streets, why is there not more effective treatment for substance abuse, how do psychos like Morales fall through the cracks of our criminal and mental health system.

    I realize nothing that I just posted above is part of the gay ‘advocate’ agenda and narrative. The shills and true believers will continue their pointless discussion, repeating their mantras ad nauseum.

  32. says

    Praying for healing from the evil myth of heterosexual-supremacy that fuels this violence against us born perfectly non-heterosexual.

  33. JD says

    Who in fact are “LGBT leaders”? A bunch of self-appointed, self-promoting party planners and star fukcers, who design a catchy letterhead and start raising money to first pay their six-figure salaries plus benefits that come with the mostly no-show jobs they give themselves. The rally for Mark Carson on 8th St. last night was beautiful, except for the speakers. Not one said what needs to be said: that a police force dedicated to terrorizing peaceful young men of color cannot be expected to protect a peaceful young man of color. All the nonprofits in town, including LBGT nonprofits, have their collective lips sewn so tightly to the Emperor Bloomburg’s wrinkly little billion dollar sphinctor that nobody dare mention the elephant in the room. Disgrace.

  34. says

    JD – I strongly encourage you to take that message and put it on youtube. Seriously. Often, the only “weapon” we have is public outrage, and public outrage needs a visible face to give it power.