Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1364

MATT KEMP: L.A. Dodger gives ball, hat, jersey, and cleats to a fan.

STAR TREK: The honest trailer.

THE INTERNET: What it's doing to our brains.

CHESTY: Anderson Cooper meets a Marine and his mascot.

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  1. Fenrox says

    That wasn’t a trailer in the least, It was a review…

    Also, it’s hypocritical to ignore all of the quirk of the original Star Trek and then not allow the new movie to do the same.

    It grinds my gears that nerds think they own the stories they like. JJ brought Star Trek to a whole new group of fans, he revitalized the franchise, NOW they could resurrect the show.

  2. Fenrox says

    WTF!!?!?! That animated video is just an add for nicholas carr! That man is a complete moron! Look up Clay Shirky and you will see a man utterly destroy nick’s argument.

    I mean come on! Carr’s big book way about 80% padding and 2 chapters on his topic, which he leave totally open because he is an idiot. He is ALWAYS trying this troll tactic of saying that any new technology is a distraction from some sort of unnameable golden human ideal.

    Putting science behind cute cartoons is misleading and insidious. Anyone who agrees with that video is getting the most sensational side of the losing argument. As gay people don’t we see that all the damn time?

  3. Markt says

    Chesty XIV liked Anderson better than the marine. Anderson has bigger feet. Hmmm.

  4. Red says

    Chesty is so sweet and cute kissing and licking AC’s face. I have the feeling Anderson gets that kind of reaction a lot.