1. PE says

    It is nice that they have a Japanese delegation group to witness marriage equality process of Rhode Island.

  2. Mark Bousquet says

    It’s wonderful to see an out gay man as the Speaker of the House.

  3. PE says

    Cheers and applauds after every pro-gay reps spoke.

    NOBODY applauded after anti-gay representatives spoke.

  4. Canadian Observer says

    Maybe it comes from being raised Catholic (note: I got over it) but there are times I want to “re-educate” opponents of marriage equality by grabbing them by the throat and choking them… this urge comes to fore every time they confuse the “sacrament” of matrimony with the civil condition of marriage. The state has no right to force believers to redefine what is traditionally a christian sacrament – no problem. The state has every right and an absolute responsibility to ensure that all citizens are treated equally under civil law. If the opponents want to debate canon law, they should become clerics. But these people are supposed to be legislators, writing laws, and should be acutely aware of the distinction between canon and civil law – words matter, stop confusing the “sacrament” of matrimony with the civil definition of marriage.