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Towleroad Talking Points: Bert And Ernie Celebrate Equality


A look back at today's top stories


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California made a huge announcement this evening by dissolving the stay on the Prop 8 ruling. Gay couples can get married in California immediately and Prop 8 plaintiffs Sandy Stier and Kris Perry and Jeff Zarillo and Paul Katami did! Prop 8 authors denounced the resumption of same-sex marriage as "lawlessness". Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street fame grace the cover of this week's New Yorker as they watch the Supreme Court verdict while sharing a very intimate moment. Meanwhile Bryan Fischer is screaming "child abuse" for some reason.

Still in a happy mood over the rulings? Check out this supercut of all the celebrations of equality. Lambda Legal gives us their perspective on what happened inside the Court and openly gay Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney couldn't hold back the tears while talking about the SCOTUS rulings. 



The Family Research Council has a new ad campaign out about praying for forgiveness or something like that and the poster looks like something else entirely is going on. Indiana Governor Mike Pence has apologized for deleting pro-gay comments off of his Facebook

In an example of true insanity, an openly gay Representative from Pennsylvania was apparently blocked from making comments in support of the Supreme Court's rulings because they were in "open rebellion against the word of God." So, we are just pretending that whole Church and State thing doesn't exist? Rand Paul thinks that gay marriage leads to polygamy and something called "non-human marriage". Also the Westboro Baptist Church is finally gonna do something about the filth that is One Direction




Charlie Hunnam gives us the best reason to date to rush out and see Pacific Rim. Cher stopped by Watch What Happens Live last night and guest Anderson Cooper told her that he used to think she was his sister. And Alec Baldwin has blown a gasket again and this time he called someone "a toxic queen"



It's the newest summer blockbuster, in which Brad Pitt tries to save the world from a horde of gays

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Lady Gaga Sings National Anthem, Gives Speech at NYC Pride Kickoff: VIDEO


Lady Gaga appeared tonight at the kickoff to NYC Pride. Here's a very bleached out clip of her speech and performance of "The Star Spangled Banner".


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Prop. 8 Plaintiffs Paul Katami And Jeff Zarillo Marry At LA City Hall: VIDEO, PHOTOS


Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo will be married today, joining their fellow Proposition 8 plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier in tying the knot. The ceremony will take place at L.A. City Hall at 6:15 PM PST and will be officiated by L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the L.A. Times is reporting on Facebook.

ABC 7 tweeted that they will be covering the event live. Check back HERE as we get closer to the scheduled time for the happy couple's nuptials to watch the wedding unfold. Rachel Maddow will also have live coverage.

UPDATE: They are now officially married! Katami and Zarillo just exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony. Mayor Villaraigosa said it best, "I don't know about you but I've got goosebumps." Congratulations to Paul and Jeff who fought so hard for this day. 

Watch the VIDEO and check out some pictures from AFER of Katami and Zarillo's big day AFTER THE JUMP...



Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy




(Photos via AFER)



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Prop 8 Authors Denounce 'Lawless' Resumption of Gay Marriage in California

PRop 8 authors are livid that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction on same-sex marriage today following rulings this week from the Supreme Court, the L.A. Times reports:

PugnoAndy Pugno, general counsel for ProtectMarriage, the official proponents of Proposition 8, said the decision by the federal appeals court in San Francisco came without waiting for the Supreme Court's decision to become final -- which takes 25 days from the day of the judgment -- and deprived his group of "our right to ask for reconsideration."

"This outrageous act tops off a chronic pattern of lawlessness, throughout this case, by judges and politicians hell-bent on thwarting the vote of the people to redefine marriage by any means, even outright corruption," Pugno said in a statement.

"The resumption of same-sex marriage this day has been obtained by illegitimate means. If our opponents rejoice in achieving their goal in a dishonorable fashion, they should be ashamed,"  he said.

Attorney General Kamala Harris performed the first marriage for Prop 8 plaintiffs Sandy Stier and Kris Perry just before 5 pm PT this afternoon. Presumably same-sex weddings have begun all over California.

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Prop 8 Plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier Marry in California


Proposition 8 plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier have their marriage license in hand following an order by the 9th Circuit to lift an injunction barring same-sex couples from marrying in California.

The couple is set to be married in an ceremony officiated by Attorney General Kamala Harris on the mayor's balcony at City Hall in San Francisco at approximately 4:45 PT...

UPDATE: And they are married!!!!



(image michael cole-schwartz hrc)

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Gay and Lesbian Couples Can Begin Marrying in California Immediately

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has dissolved a stay on Judge Walker's injunction in California and gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying immediately.

CaliforniaThe AP reports:

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a brief order Friday saying it's lifting the stay it imposed while a lawsuit challenging California's gay marriage ban worked its way through the courts.

That means same-sex marriages can resume in the state for the first time since 2008.

Via the Human Rights Campaign:

"After four and a half long and painful years, justice for committed gay and lesbian couples has finally been delivered. In California, a time of struggle and indignity are over, and love, justice and freedom begin anew. And now, no election, no judge - no one - can take this basic right away. At long last, marriage has finally returned to the most populous state in the nation.

"Kris Perry and Sandy Stier's twin sons were just starting high school when their moms' right to marry was taken away, now, as they prepare to start college, they will finally see their family recognized in the eyes of their state and their country. Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, now free to marry, can finally plan the family they've always wanted. Thousands upon thousands of lives are about to change for the better, for good. And young LGBT people across the Golden State will can today look forward to a future where they are truly and fully equal.

"Today is a day of profound celebration, but tomorrow - and every day from here on out - we will fight until joy, dignity, and full equality in all its forms reach each and every corner of this vast country."

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