1. Randy says

    But when Bill Maher launches into a disgustingly trans-phobic monologue, as he did a couple of weeks ago, no one except a couple of trans bloggers cared.

    Why is Maher, who doesn’t write his own material, thinks vaccines are bad and can’t read from a teleprompter, a sacred cow?

  2. says

    Fox is a monument to un-ageing ignorance.

    No doubt its audience of uneducated over eating couch hugging trash loves this kind of cheap slime that passes for entertainment or ‘news’.

    Rupert Murdoch must definitely must be a deep closet case because he has imbued this joke of a TV station with virulent homo haters and their bile.

    I saw that Russell Brand showed the standard of bottom feeders these TV people have become – what a pity he was not on Fox slapping down that oaf Hannity and that old phart, O’Reilly.

  3. jake says

    You are a tool for posting this, you lap at whatever you can sensationalize, I am pretty sure you will find just as much “TRANSPHOBIA” at a gay bar.

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