1. Matt says

    Are you sure they aren’t father and son!!! When there is this much of an age difference (it doesn’t matter if it is straight/gay or which one is older) it always looks kind of pervy!

  2. Francis #1 says

    I’m going to stay away from this thread. It’s clear where this one is headed.

  3. Tim says

    No, we aren’t father and son. We are husband and husband. While there is a large age difference, you don’t get to pick and choose who you fall in love with. Or which country they are from, which was more the point of the video.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Why was Jaime banned from entering the US? I don’t get it.

    And, Tim, where are you going in Central America?

  5. melvin says

    I am not surprised that the age difference might make some uncomfortable. But if they told the truth on the application, the marriage is legal in Canada – and would no doubt be legal in the American south if they were a straight couple (insert brother/sister joke here). All you can do is draw an arbitrary line somewhere.

  6. Tim says

    Jamie was prevented from entering the US when he naively mentioned he was coming to see his boyfriend. The ICE official immediately flagged his passport and detained him, sending him back on the next flight after a night in detention. It didn’t matter that he’d been here without incident 4 times previously and always left before his visa ran out.
    And we are planning a move to Belize for a couple years before we can hopefully return to the US together.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Wow, Tim, that is horrible. How can that possibly be legal? He was prevented from entering the country because he has an American boyfriend? That sounds like Iran, or maybe now, Russia, not the U.S. That just blows my mind.

    When you move to Belize, you’ll be my neighbor. I live in Yucatán state of Mexico.

  8. says

    Frank – nothing personal, but your parents has a massive gross age difference as well.

    Someone used to say the cut off line for an age difference to be not considered as gross is 20 years. Apparently a difference of 19.9 years is not gross but if your birthday is early in the year than the younger partner, that would bring it to 20.1 years gap and it becomes gross.

  9. Apparatus says

    Tim = Daddy
    Jamie = Son
    That whole video = Creepy

    Even if Jamie was 18 he looked way younger which makes it even more creepy!

  10. bructer says

    This is a terrible aspect and shameful aspect of the USA. All the best of luck, hopefully Belize will be a wonderful adventure. You are a beautiful couple.

  11. Brian in Texas says

    Hey Tim,

    Don’t be discouraged by any of the negative comments. They are just jealous and bitter that you and Jamie have found love and are happy and they haven’t and probably never will.

    Good luck to you two. I think DOMA will be history pretty soon.

  12. Biggiggles says

    The UK recognizes Canadian same-sex marriages. If the US national wanted, he could live with the Scot in Scotland. Not sure why they feel like they need to move to Central America…

  13. Jerry says

    Heterosexual couples with similar differences in age are not usually frowned on, unless one of the spouses (the older of the two) is extremely wealthy. Once the reality is acknowledged, adults are allowed to get on with their lives. Stop judging and understand the larger, more important issue here: state-sanctioned interference with this couples’ pursuit of happiness.

  14. Tim says

    Brian in Texas – I used to let it get to me but not any more. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have found my soul mate. Here’s hoping DOMA is gone VERY soon! :)

    Biggiggles – it does but unfortunately the exchange rate is a killer for me to move there, and is even worse for when we plan to move back. We get much more for our money in Belize and it is pegged to the US Dollar so will never lose its value.

    bructer – thanks! 😀

  15. Jason says

    And whom do we have to thank for DOMA? Bill Clinton, that’s who. Thanks for DOMA, Bill and Hill.

  16. Beben says

    I am ashamed of all the negative comments on this post. Since when age difference matters in gay relationships? Dan Savage and Terry Miller have an age difference; Christopher Isherwood was already a middle age man when he met the love of his life.
    I never comment on this things, but to get bashed by our own only for a little insignificance, is like being bashed for any other reason. Sexual orientation or otherwise, making another person feel the wait of one’s prejudice is indecent, in bad taste. How do you feel when Tony Perkins opens his mouth? Or that Gallagher woman? How do you feel when someone uses the word faggot on you?
    Good luck to the couple. It is quite unfortunate things like this happen. I’m told Belize is something of a paradise… Be happy.

  17. George F says

    They are both consenting adults. They should be able to get married if that is what they want. Period.

  18. Bill says

    I didn’t even notice the age difference, probably because seeing how shabbily two people who were obviously in love were treated by the U.S. government should be a national embarrassment.

    If anything, this couple should be invited to a Congressional hearing and offered an apology – it is congress, after all, that has to repeal DOMA and that passed it in the first place, with DOMA being written and introduced by Republicans who hoped to create a campaign issue to help Bob Dole in his futile attempt to beat Bill Clinton. And the U.S. government should pay their travel expenses.

  19. Reality says

    stop talking about the age difference and start talking about the immigration inequalities.

  20. shawnthesheep says

    There is nothing creepy about two adults in love. It’s really sad that people make such comments without realizing it’s the same childish “ewww, gross” reaction that many straight people have towards gay couples.

  21. Tom Cardellino says

    So often do I read ageist ignorance on this website that I wonder if Andy Towle should start another website that addresses an entire subset of ugly ageist gay discrimination “with homosexual tendencies!” What is with you young persons that you have “zero” knowledge about the ages old tradition among the Greeks and the Romans, as well as many subsequent cultures, that age differences were completely inconsequential to 1,000’s of years of gay sex, as well as being throughout history until this present day a “norm” of older straight men marrying much younger women? Are the majority of Towleroad commenters from the boondocks of Christian Kansas? In this 21st century, why would any young person cry “yuck” like a child not realizing the benefits of eating broccoli whenever an age differential arises between two people who truly have worked hard to be together because they LOVE one another? Childish and provincial to the Nth degree. Grow the F*#k up and enter the adult world before your prejudices spoil even your own lives!

  22. Francis #1 says

    A lot better responses than I was expected….good!

    Love is love and Tim and Jamie are in love. And their love is being disrespected and essentially seen as invalid by our US government. And that’s simply inexcusable.

    Tim and Jamie are adults, they love one another. They deserve all that any other legal couple has. Their love should be celebrated.

  23. UFFDA says

    DOMA must go and these guys are just more reason why. The negative comments about age difference are nothing but irrelevant bullsh**, no one elses business at all. Rock on fellas.

  24. Kris says

    TO TIM & JAMIE Please overlook the rude comments about age difference. I too have a younger husband. Belize is not gay friendly. Be careful, you could be in deep trouble. Why not try Ecuador. There is many other gay couples, the money is the US dollar. Salinas is by the Ocean, very reasonable to live. I would love to share lots of information with you about the area.

  25. Brian says

    The trolls on this site making negative comments about this couple are a bunch of sad, bitter queens who are probably jealous of these two people who clearly love each other.

    To Tim and Jamie: It saddens me so much that you’ve had to go through this. I hope that one day you can live as husband and husband wherever you choose. I just married my husband in January and I can’t imagine enduring what you both have had to go through. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


  26. David Hearne says

    They met in online gaming? I met my babydaddy when he offered me candy to get in his plain white van. Don’t judge?

  27. Doug Hairgrove says

    I didn’t notice the age difference…I was focused on the injustice these two (and others in a similar situation) experience on a daily basis and on how embarrassing this is as a citizen of the US.
    As for the negative comments…shame on you!

  28. scotsyank says

    Lovely film.
    I’m curious, though, as to why they didn’t choose to live in Scotland, where the Civil Partnership Act provides immigration rights for same sex couples? If you’re leaving America anyway, Scotland is a great place to live. I came here from Connecticut 20 years ago, and have been happy ever since.

  29. Tim says

    Our financial situation and the exchange rate preclude us from moving to the UK (or the EU) at this time.

  30. scotsyank says

    That’s a shame. Edinburgh, in particular, is great!
    If you change your mind, FB friend me, and we’ll show you around. I’m Richard Harries.