1. David says

    Why the outrage? San Antonio, Texas has had a bike share program for two or three years without noticeable complaint, and we all know how intolerant of progressive change we are all here, now don’t we?

  2. Mike in nyc says

    As a New Yorker who has been riding around the City my whole life, I am happy that more people are biking.

    The hideious bike racks are a visual blight in my West Village hood.
    They are more an advertisement vehicle for Citi Bank than anything.

    The Suburbanization of NYC is complete. It’s painful how banal they look.

  3. Chrisme says

    It’s so funny to see these NYers flip out over these bikes! We’ve had them here in little ol’ downtown Chattanooga TN for a year now and people love them! I would have thought that NY would have had them by now!? But then again Chattanooga has the fastest internet in the Western Hemisphere ( Chatt’s knicknamed “the Gig City”) so I guess we are a little ahead of NY in at least a few respects. Now if we could only get married here…

  4. Jesse says

    Loved the contrast between the two groups. Awful rich people looking for things to whine about. Poor hoodrats looking for something to have fun with.

  5. brennigans says

    People were skeptical when it was rolled out in Minneapolis a few years ago, but it’s been ridiculously successful — and the stations here are only deployed for 7 months out of the year.

  6. brennigans says

    “The Suburbanization of NYC is complete. It’s painful how banal they look.”

    It’s painful how pretentious you sound. But really, WTF does a bike share program have to do with suburbs? Do you mean gentrification?

  7. Mike in nyc says

    No, brennagans, this may be difficult for someone from bland fly over land to comprehend; but the ugly dreadful design of the Citi Ad slash bike racks are terrible.

    You may have spent too much time inside Malls to even notice such things.

    Biking is great.

    Bad Soviet Era design filling up New York City streets is not.

  8. Jesse says

    LOL @ Mike. If you have to tear down other parts of the country to support your argument, you probably don’t have much an argument at all. Or was the purpose of your comment to show us how much of a tool you can be?

  9. David Hearne says

    NYC doesn’t have much of a middle class.

    Posted by: anon

    Sure it does: they just have a lower standard of living.

  10. Jem (truly outrageous) says

    I live in NYC. At first I wondered if anyone would actually use the bikes, but to my surprise, many people are!

  11. reality says

    Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC is honestly one of the best things that has happened to transportation since our subway system first opened in the 70’s … It’s an amazing resource and I use it all the time. Why wait on a bus/train or pay for a cab when you can just check out a bike, ride it home, and check it into the station by your house? Fresh air and exercise. Jon Stewart is way off on this one.

  12. says

    dear Towleroad, did you even bother to watch the segment? He’s not mocking the bike share program, only the idiots who oppose it.
    We’ve had the same bike share program here in Boston for 3 years now, and it’s been a huge success.

  13. shawnthesheep says

    I used a bikeshare during a visit to Brisbane, Australia last year and couldn’t believe how easy and convenient it was. For those that think the NYC racks and bikes are ugly, try looking at the Brisbane one. Their primary sponsor is Lipton, so everything is bright bright yellow.

    NYC is not as special as some of its residents seem to think.

  14. Jonny says

    We’ve had Hubway in Boston since 2011. DC and Montreal had bike share even before that. It’s been overwhelmingly popular. Those NYC curmudgeons will get over their cyclist ennui and deal with the eventual success.