1. Jeff says

    Nice! We got back from sunny Spain a couple of weeks ago. Had a great time! We saw quite a few same-sex couples being openly affectionate all over Madrid. And no one blinked an eye. It’s stunning the contrast between Spain and France in this regard.

  2. JoyZeeBoy says

    Ahhh, I haven’t been to Sitges in a long, long time. Might be time to book a return visit!

  3. Rad says

    Ahhhh…. very nice.

    Somehow, though, I suspect my “OldBuddhaBellyBoy” would not fare well at “BimBamBum”…

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Is it considered unsexy to smile in Barcelona? They all look Bimbambummed out.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Confused. Why would you strip your clothes off on a hot sunny day and toss them into a dryer?

  6. ratbastard says

    I guess with the ridiculously high unemployment, and collapsed economy, there’s plenty of time to go to the beach and do the laundry.

    @Dastius Krazitauc.

    Are you European? Most Europeans do not smile like many Americans do. I think there might be a law outlawing smiling or anything other than a blase male model attitude and body language

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’m an American living in Mexico, ratbastard. I find a smiling bear far more appealing than a stoic, ripped mannequin.

  8. UFFDA says

    This video was way too salacious for this time of day.
    I don’t like being shocked at 9 am. These guys make me want to…be irresponsible.

  9. EchtKultig says

    “Most Europeans do not smile like many Americans do.”
    I was surprised this was even more true in Spain that in some other countries. They seem very formal at times. Though when I spent a semester in the UK, the Spanish students were more friendly to me than the british ones for whatever reason, once they got to know me. The most laid back Europeans in my limited experience are definitely the Italians, and maybe some Bavarians. Perhaps the Brits too but only the ones who don’t think themselves posh or consider American openness to be a weakness.

  10. ratbastard says

    @ EchtKultig,

    True. I found Spanish people in general to be quit formal and reserved, rigid actually. And honestly, I don’t find them to be particularly friendly either. Of all the nationalities in western Europe, in my experience, I find them to be the most provincial. But Spain is a beautiful country and I am part Spanish,so….I would say in general I was initially surprised by how reserved and formal, rigid many southern Europeans are. I find northern Europeans to be less like this, more relaxed. Interesting.

    I also agree with you on Brits, especially the English, and especially those from the south around London. VERY, VERY reserved [cold?] people. Very unfriendly. Not all, of course, but in general. And especially around Americans, for some reason. And my mom was from London [!}, so I’m used to English cultural habits. The Scottish, northern English and Irish less so, but that coldness and [snottiness?] can still be found among a significant population of people. Almost everybody looks depressed and angry. Doesn’t really bother me because I’m from NYC and live in Boston, but still. Weather? Dunno.

    I find I get along quite well in general with French, Germans and to a lesser extent Italians.

  11. says

    All of those guys have faces that look like slapped asses. I agree with some of the comments, Spanish guys are very hot, too bad they didn’t get any.

  12. says

    Never been to Spain. Beautiful country from what I hear and equally unwelcoming. Especially towards people of color. Not particularly attracted to the mediterranean look so I guess I’m set in that regard. Could it be the 7 century moorish rule and subsequent mixing that caused it? One can only wonder. I figure I’d just do Cuba or Brazil if I crave anything remotely close to the spanish look. I loved Belgium, Germany and France when I visited and would return in a hot minute. East Europe, not so much, western Europe, hell yeah!

  13. Craig says

    I’ll be in Barcelona in 9 days and I can guarantee I’ll be wearing less on the beach than those dudes are. However, you can go fully nude on their beaches so there will be people wearing less than me. And hopefully I’ll be having fun, unlike these guys.

  14. says

    I was really bothered by the fact that the guys in the laundromat didn’t just share two washing machines. They didn’t even separate colours! They could’ve placed all the whites in one washer and the colours at the other! That would’ve saved them at least $3.50.

  15. Kiki says

    Riiiiiiiiight…because those guys are gonna be at the Beach doing just that. ….gay mean…*ugh*….