1. Zeta says

    Gay men acting like females about the marriage proposals, it’s so cute LMAO. So when did reality shows change their stance on the marketability of porn actors and former porn actors on their shows?

  2. Kevin says

    Is no one talking about the derogatory comments made by the crew about a passenger that they believed to be trans? Crew members used the terms “she-man” and “tranny” when referring to the passenger.

  3. SpecialEFX says

    Cuz nothing says true love like a porn star/hooker and a wanna-be porn star/hooker tying the knot like heterosexuals trying to prove they’re just like them.

  4. Gigi says

    I had to check to make sure but no, I’m not on the comments section @ Queerty.

    @MARTY — He has “little self esteem or self respect” because he’s dating someone who works in adult film industry. Huh. I’d be more inclined to say that about someone who dated a conservative lobbyist or a member of GOProud.

    @SPECIALEFX — I wasn’t aware that gays who want to marry their same-sex partners only do so because they want to prove that they’re “just like” people like the 3x married, serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, or the 4x married and deranged Rush Limbaugh.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. JY says

    Well, on the one hand I’m happy that a couple seems to be happy, on the other, I really think it’s a bummer that this moment that so many people worked so hard to be able to have legally is being staged on a Bravo show, on a webcam no less. It kinda cheapens everything we’ve fought for.

  6. SpecialEFX says

    @GIGI It was just my opinion. and I’m entitled to have one just as you are. I believe marriage, gay or straight, is about as ridiculous as organized religion. Commitment is one thing but as soon as you bring the law into it it’s going to get really messy for a lot of people down the road just as it has for straight people. Here’s a NY Times article that clearly points out some of the problems gay men and women who marry and then find themselves needing to dislove that marriage are facing.

  7. Mike says

    @Marty – Ummm, perhaps you’d better google “David Townsend Porn”. Both guys are porn actors. David, who is on the show, use to do videos with Active Duty and Brent Corrigan.

  8. Caliban says

    Usually when “porn stars” are mentioned I’ve never heard of them, but I’ve actually seen some of Trevor Knight’s…. stuff. He’s got a great, kind of gravelly and very sexy voice. Particularly for porn he is a decent actor.

    When you think about it, aren’t people who do porn and those who do reality TV kind of similar? Obviously there’s some narcissism involved in both and some handle the exposure better than others. From my POV, isn’t it a little hypocritical to get all judgmental about the people who MAKE porn if you WATCH porn? Yours is the demand that’s being supplied, that creates the market.

  9. says

    I have a couple of clips with Trevor Knight in them. He’s very very well-endowed. Dave Bradberry is cute, and will doubtless look comely in a nature calendar, but it is Trevor who gets me through the night.

  10. kookie says

    i live in West Hollywood…they’ve been together for quite awhile now. They’ve always looked like they just enjoy being around each other. Lots of smiles…with that being said, they aren’t really a big part of the WeHo scene. They aren’t really out alot. That counts for a lot in this town.

  11. Patric says

    Nailed it, Gigi, especially in your response to Marty’s ridiculous presumption that he should be entitled to decide not only for himself, but for the entire world, what makes a relationship healthy and worthwhile and fulfilling.

  12. Dback says

    I think they’re an adorable couple–they look at each other with something that’s very hard to fake. Best wishes for a long and happy life together. (And yes, if Trevor Knight’s film work is any indication, the sex will be fantastic.)

  13. Caliban says

    Hmmm, it kind of displays some of my own internal biases, but I’d kind of pegged Trevor Knight as a “gay for pay*” type mostly due to his masculine voice and affect. Even when they’re playing cop/soldier/athlete masculine archetypes gay porn actors tend to “look like Tarzan, sound like Jane.” Not that it bothers me that much, but it can kind of ruin the fantasy.

    *That whole “gay for pay” thing is its own messy little topic.

  14. says

    Trevor’s films are nothing compared to David’s videos. Click my name below and you’ll see. David is an incredibly hot and versatile man. Trevor has a bad reputation in the porn world, he’s kind of a jerk.

  15. Zeta says

    @Mike, you don’t play around, do you? Dude has a mouth down his cock and a tongue up his ass at the same time. If only they didn’t have those tattoos…

    @Caliban, the world may have ended. I agree with you regarding ‘looks like Tarzan, sounds like Jane’ — and not in the Mike Tyson way. Mike Tyson (and David Beckham) are just high voiced and they’re both extremely masculine. It’s more than whether a voice is high or low, it’s whether a man is actively imitating a woman. For instance, I saw a beautiful masculine young man, sculpted body, chiseled face, if only he’d kept his mouth shut. But alas, he spoke, and what came out was stereotypically girlish and prissy. It’s possible to be soft-spoken without sounding like you’d faint if you broke your nail.

  16. Caliban says

    Well, ZETA, let me restart the world for you. I was NOT saying I have a problem with people in general who have those vocal characteristics, only when they’re cast as the rough-and-tough drill sergeant or whatever. If the voice doesn’t fit it’s a bit jarring. From what I understand Raymond Burr for instance was quite camp in real life though you’d never have guessed it from his Perry Mason role. That’s acting. No you can go back to disagreeing with me.

  17. Gigi says

    @SPECIALEFX — Now you’re side-stepping. While the NYT article that you linked to is interesting, it has nothing to do with your original comment.

    Re: “Commitment is one thing but as soon as you bring the law into it it’s going to get really messy for a lot of people down the road…” LIFE IS MESSY! If you’re not into marriage, don’t get married. And…have a great day!

  18. Joe says

    This is great. I’m a fan of Trevor Knight and I’m glad he’s not gay for pay. They look like a great couple. Also: jealous!

    Why the hell are people bitching about this? Porn stars don’t deserve love, happiness and marriage? Ridiculous.

  19. Brandon H says

    I hope Trevor really is retired from porn. If he is still doing sex for money it could really complicate the relationship. Non-monogamy is fine, but once money enters the equation things get super complicated. And the porn industry has a habit of chewing people up and spitting them out.

  20. Bellah says

    yeah and trans isnt necessarily cool either. She was a woman. to speculate about a woman and how her body looks is sexist and to associate her as a man only demonstrates their ignorance and homophobia

  21. daws says

    Have to say, I’m a fan of both of their porn work. I wonder if there is much of a stigma in the gay industry. I watched a documentary how women in straight porn really struggle after they get out, but it seems like it wouldn’t be that harsh for gay men.

    Anywho, Dave seems like a good guy based off the show. Congrats to him and Trevor :)

  22. Mark says

    The boyfriend is a porn actor; I can see that lasting forever…He has sex with numerous people all the time, I for one would not want to be intimate with him after a long day at work…

  23. Dawson says

    I wondered what happened to David after Active Duty. He and D.J. were great together. I wish them all the happiness. Can’t we just be happy for people without casting judgement? David seems like a real cool cat. Many happy years to the two of them.

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