1. mike/ says

    i feel duped. what started out as discovering an up & coming talent now feels like a very well orchestrated media blitz/plan.

    yes, i like the song & video very much, but there are too many signs this was all staged and planned. i even contacted friends in the business to alert them to his talent. their response was, ‘It’s all planned.’ another reason why i feel duped.

    any way you can, i guess…..

  2. Mikey says

    You feel duped how, precisely? Did you think he didn’t exist before the video? Breaking into the business often takes a while.

    He’s talented and beautiful. Simple as that.

  3. GregV says

    I’ve watched “All-American Boy” several times on YouTube. It’s amazing what Steve Grand has put together with a bunch of talented friends and no major label backing him yet.
    His website ( ) has the song for sale on a name-your-own-price basis ( with no minimum for radio edit version and minimum $1 for album version). But if you have an I-phone you have to download to a computer first because of some Apple rule (it’s not on I-tunes).

    It is an exaggeration to call him the first openly-gay country singer. How about kd lang and Drake Jensen? Okay then first openly gay AMERICAN country singer. Then what about Chely Wright? Okay, the first American MALE gay country singer. Well then, what about the Lavender Country and Lavender Cowboy albums from the 1930s and 1970s. Okay, first American male country singer who hasn’t yet been banned from radio and shunned by the industry.

    In any case, it’s too early to say where this video’s exposure will take him but I hope Steve Grand will be the biggest gay country singer that we’ve seen yet, and one who actually doesn’t sing in reversed pronouns.
    I actually woke up this morning and clicked around the morning news shows to see if anyone had booked him as a guest yet.

  4. DG says

    Of course it’s planned.
    Anyone who attempts something like this without planning is an idiot.
    It’s called show BUSINESS.

  5. jamal49 says

    For the record, I think K.D. Lang was the first openly gay country singer.

    Any, nice video and I hope Steve Grand has much success.

  6. Paul says

    He should be getting a lot of ass. His singing talent is mediocre, but his looks are above average.

  7. says

    Let’s see, he goes by the name “Steve Grand,” “Steve Starchild,” “Steve Chatham” and “Finn Diesel.” Does he go by any other names? A birth name and a stage name is OK, but when someone starts using more and more names, it means anyone dealing with him should proceed with caution.

    Trust me, someone who changes names that often is either hiding something or running from something.

  8. Mercedes says

    is there a reason the word ‘modeling’ is inside apostrophes? It makes it sound like they were not legitimate modeling gigs and more like porn stints.

  9. AriesMatt says

    There is a really good interview/article on The Backlot (After Elton) and he discusses his previous names and his current one, which happens to be he REAL name. So, any issues with his previous incarnations are eloquently explained away. Recommend reading.

    Regarding his voice, he may hit a few notes off key, but his voice quality and tone are the real deal. Plus, he has a charming and relaxed stage presence, which should bode well for him as his audience and venues grow (his youtube video is almost at 500K as I write this).

    Wish him the best. He deserves it.

  10. GregV says

    Regarding his name chages: He’s explained that on his blog. Yes, he was hiding from his reality behind stage names and not-too-gay songs but says from now on he’s out, he’s gay and he’s the real deal.

    I see he did get mentioned last week on KTLA news. It’s funny how the newscasters debate whether he’s the first gay country singer, and struggle to remember Chely Wright.
    No, there was some woman who had some hits, and she came out as gay too, they decide. “Charlie Wright” or “Shelly” with a funny spelling or something like that, the male anchor says.

  11. Seattle Mike says

    I love the live version, even more so considering he hadn’t slept for days, although I couldn’t tell. He’s a great combination of talent and looks. Other people with a lot less of both have had huge careers. Best of luck to him. (And I sure hope this was part of a planned strategy. Shows that he’s got a good head for business as well.)

  12. Ken says

    Someone that talented, charming and good looking is going to burst out in multiple ways. Good for him. I’m a fan now.

  13. Steve says

    I don’t care about the name(s) or the business strategy. I like the song, I like the video, and I play it a lot. Can’t wait for the album.

  14. bcarter3 says

    Why did you put “modeling” in quotes? That’s like someone saying “Andy Towle works as a ‘writer'”.

  15. mike/ says

    there is an article up (more like an op-ed) on Bilerico with a different observation: “Gay Country Singer: Gay Men Are Sad, Predatory Drunks?” it’s what the writer is wondering. not me.

    i feel duped because of all the other info coming out about him. he came across as innocent & sincere but when you are on the cover of “DNA”, what do you think people believe about you? especially with the words “Man Candy” right next to you? sorry.

  16. wiredream says

    If he didn’t look like he did, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about his mediocre-at-best talent. It’s a con. He’s a con. And because he looks like he does, you’re all buying into the con.
    Sickening, shallow. And totally typical.

  17. JONES says

    Gotta love that absolutely everyone has a take on this video, even haters.

    Gay predatory drunk! LMAO.
    Like horny str8 guys never try it on when they have a bit of liquid courage in them.
    Does the line ‘I was so drunk last night I don’t remember a thing’ ring a bell?

    Pay them no mind Steve, we got your back.

  18. andrew says

    Steve Grand is more physically beautiful than it is possible for any mere mortal to be. Perhaps Mount Olympus and not Chicago is his real birthplace.

  19. says

    I love this boys, a lot!Wiredboy, you’re wrong. The fact that he had the guts to do what he’s done is what impresses me. His looks are great, but secondary. Bitter bitches, I swear!

  20. bravo says

    I only go by 4 different screen names. That’s not too many, right?

    Love him and all of his names. He’s a grand starchild, and Finn Diesel is hotter than Vin Diesel. Chatham is probably a town he grew up in.

  21. Billy Crytical says

    Time and Chicago Sun Times have written articles about the song. That’s amazing. I wish him continued success.

  22. Bill Michael says

    I don’t care if it may have been “staged” or “planned”. Steve Grand is GREEEAATTT…!!! Go Steve, GO…!!!

  23. JeffNYC says

    I don’t care how many names he has or if he’s done modeling shots showing the outline of his peen–even if he’s shown his peen itself.

  24. Ju_werneck says

    So hot! Another hottie also is Guto in the video Down to Rio! Yummyy! God, pls keep sending more hot guys our way!

  25. says

    Nicholas Alan was the actor portraying the straight male, unrequited love interest of Steve Grand, in the music video, All-American Boy produced by Digital Skylight. This is the caption for Nick Alan’s video. His video was put up on July 14th:

    “The All American boy makes his debut at GayHoopla. Don’t let debut fake you out, because this All American Boy is no stranger to the camera. After leaving the Steve Grand’s set, he came straight here to shake it and jerk it for the masses. Check out this stud as he is so eager to show.”