1. JMC says

    Generally I don’t like it when stars are defensive about gay rumors, but considering the main fuel behind these rumors is the fact that Hugh’s wife is older than him and not particularly thin or beautiful I can’t blame her for being annoyed/upset/hurt over the rumors or Hugh for showing concern towards her feelings.

  2. pedro says

    Whoever did her nose should lose their plastic surgery license. She looks like Latoya Jackson’s long lost sister. As far as Hugh’s sexuality, that is his business.

  3. Paul says

    Not only do they have to deal with a bunch of idiotic gay men wishing he was gay, but they also have to deal with a bunch of bitchy queens making comments about her looks? I’d be annoyed as well.

  4. says

    Australian 60 Minutes frequently does puff pieces on celebrities. I’m not sure about the American version, but being on the show doesn’t mean he’s “desperate” for anything.

    Naturally, the comments attack her appearance and her inability to “move on” rather than anything else. The world keeps spinning, I guess.

  5. Bob R says

    It is poor behavior to define others’ sexuality to them — celebrity or no.

    I don’t like it when someone does it to me — even when I would use the exact same words. It’s just not anyone else’s bailiwick but mine own to talk about.

  6. Kieran says

    I feel bad for them. If he was gay, he wouldn’t be so supportive of the gay community, he’d just be gay. I think he loves her very much.

  7. David in the O.C. says

    No. If you were gay, you would not simply be gay. Your acting career as a leading man and an action hero would be over. That’s the reality of a homophobic world. Just ask John Travolta. Whether you are actually gay or bi is a different story.

  8. robroy says

    I agree with the others that the gay rumors about him have always been fed by the perceived imbalance in their attractiveness. And because they adopted children when she was infertile. And because she was older.

    Its pretty tired and sexist. I’ve never seen anyone accuse a hot, younger while who adopted or used invitro of being a lesbian or her older hubby of being a prop. And as we want our ‘non-traditional’ families respected we should repect theirs.

    That said- mother of Mary is he a gorgeous man at times. I had too laugh out loud once when Oprah described him as wreaking of masculinity/sex appeal.

  9. SFshawn says

    Sorry but history has PROVEN over and over again that where there is smoke there is FIRE! Richard Gere used the same tactics and it never works. Honesty is the best policy. The time for deception is over.

  10. Jack M says

    If he’s not gay, why don’t they just ignore the people who say he is? If he’s straight and faithful, then his wife gets the last laugh.

  11. Jerry says

    I agree. If he is straight and faithful then why would they need to go on TV and blab about it? Looks like a cry for free publicity to me because NO celebrity ever does anything unless it is for publicity or money. Hugh is no exception.

  12. J Y says

    SFshawn, get a life. Maybe he just loves his wife, and maybe you don’t have to sign off on it any more than Maggie Gallagher needs to sign off on your relationship.

  13. Belthazar says

    @Robroy – “Its pretty tired and sexist. I’ve never seen anyone accuse a hot, younger [while] who adopted or used invitro of being a lesbian or her older hubby of being a prop. And as we want our ‘non-traditional’ families respected we should [repect] theirs.”

    My sentiments exactly! Moreover, who wants to constantly fend off accusations of “lying” [implicitly calling him a liar] and being in a “fraudulent” marriage [she’s a beard]?

    Anyone faced with that would rightfully be upset.

  14. Dback says

    Darn, does this mean that Hugh won’t play Molina if/when they film the musical version of “Kiss of the Spider Woman”? (The original, of course, won William Hurt an Oscar.) Well, we can still hope for Neil Patrick Harris, Eddie Redmayne, Jonathan Groff, or someone of that ilk. Would’ve been more likely to get green-lit with a star of Jackman’s magnitude, though.

  15. Critifur says

    Ah, first world problems. SMH, girl you live the life of a multi-millionarie, with a lovely family and complete security. You are looking for something to complain about. As long as you know he is straight and you are having good sex, then keep it to yourself and move on.

  16. Nirgal says

    Let’s face it. We wonder and gossip about him possibly being gay because we WANT him to be gay (like that would give us more chances to score with him anyway, yeah, but that’s human nature).

    Anythin else (Broadway, Oz, an older, supposedly-ugly wife, which by the way I don’t see as ugly) is secondary. Even if none of that were present, we would still ask if he’s gay.

  17. Michael says

    Hey if you’re not gay then maybe you shouldn’t have your boyfriend live with and maybe you shouldn’t have brought him as your date to the People’s Choice Awards three years ago.

    Just sayin….

  18. Drew says

    Jesus, now I remember why I never click through to Towleroad from my client. Andy’s great but the commenters are about 95% horrible mean girls.

  19. Booker says

    Drew, no kidding. Wishful thinking is harmless and fun, but this nastiness and hostility is something else.

    Why is it that on this site (and certain other LGBT forums) when posters speculate about the sexual orientation of celebrities, the tone is accusatory and snide, and sounds indistinguishable from the bullying homophobes I remember all too well from junior high school?

  20. HankNYC says

    What I find offensive is that they find being called gay “offensive” – if it is truly not an issue, then Let it Go.

    Just smile – as long as it bothers you people will do it just to get a rise out of you.

    Do like many other celebrities that let it slide off their back.

  21. Mike in the tundra says

    They would have been better off just not saging anything. It’s really not important to me if he’s gay or not. I’m certain I’m not listed in his phone’s contacts. Damn!

  22. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but i’m starting to think the rumours are true.
    The first time i heard them i thought it were ridiculous. Jackman didn’t fit the mold of closeted gay actor at all. He was married way before being famous, he didn’t hesitate to play gay roles, and he spoke openly in favour of gay rights.

    I know it must be annoying being called a liar, but given the rumours too much importance is not the best way to denie them. And even worse, she is showing her insecurities wich probably will make the rumours to increase

  23. woodroad34d says

    I find it curious that she’s the one always making the denunciations. She sort of seems to be the one wearing the pants in the family and she seems unduly defensive and a little scary.

  24. kevin says

    I honestly have never even read anywhere that he is gay. they should just ignore it. I saw his one man play and actually thought he should have played more into the gay audience. lots of jokes about hot girls and no acknowledgement that one third the audience was gay

  25. throwslikeagirl says

    This is just ridiculous. I’m more interested in the real truth about someone who matters. Neil Patrick Harris is STRAIGHT!!!! Allegedly. You can tell by the way he walks. And that voice! Yup. Totally straight.

  26. Seattle Mike says

    If people kept insisting that I was straight after I’ve told them repeatedly I’m gay, yeah, I’d get pretty bent out of shape about that as well. Hugh Jackman is a great straight ally. This kind of persistent rumor really is offensive because it means people are accusing him of lying. This is just a case of wishful thinking on the part of some really immature people.

  27. says

    Considering how bloody awesome the openly-gay actors/performers are, that I’m proud to call Family, I’m not sure why folks are spending so much time making suppositions about someone else.

    Why wonder when the folks we have choosing to stand up to be counted are more than worthy of our discussion?

  28. M says

    Remember kids: this is all part of the rolling out for ‘Wolverine’ that bows next month.

    This won’t be the last time they will talk about this.

    I do love how defensive some of these comments here are though.


  29. SFshawn says

    Gay men have ‘wished’ for years that Ricky Martin,Anderson Cooper,etc. were GAY and guess what it works…they are!
    The folks who claim he’s ‘straight’ have no more evidence than those who claim he’s a closet case. He and his shrill wife need to take Richard Gere’s route and STFU about it already if it isn’t true?

  30. Countervail says

    Hugh Jackman makes it pretty hard for anyone to swallow (pun intended) that he’s purely heterosexual. When he first settled his family, with a wife 13 years older and their two adopted children, in LA, he had a gay assistant, who later became his producing partner, who lived on their compound (who he also thanked in the same breath during his Golden Globe award speech as Deborra). He starred both in Australia and the US as Peter Allen and is in reputed talks to star on Broadway in the stage version of the Liberace biopic on HBO. I mean he’s more comfortable with gay things than Bruce Villanch. Mind you, I have never heard rumors that he’s either cheated on Deborra-Lee with either a man or a woman, and I have some first hand connections to Hugh (and he and Deborrah are sweet people by all accounts including my own), but it’s just an odd set of circumstances all around.

  31. Bryan says

    As someone who doesn’t care for or follow Hugh Jackman outside the X-men series, can anyone explain where the gay rumours came from? He’s never pinged my gaydar at all and until reading this, I never even knew it was a persistent rumour. Weird.

  32. omi says

    Ah, first world problems. SMH, girl you live the life of a multi-millionarie, with a lovely family and complete security. You are looking for something to complain about. As long as you know he is straight and you are having good sex, then keep it to yourself and move on.

    Posted by: Critifur | Jul 1, 2013 1:07:35 PM

    Well said! Hollywood is the mecca of gossip, let it go and quit bitching.

  33. says

    It might slow down the rumors if he got caught with another woman. But in general, I think the speculation could be more respectful.

    Just because a hot leading man type doesn’t serial date emaciated supermodels and can carry a tune at the Broadway level, doesn’t make him gay.

  34. Mike W says

    @Ted “It comes across as someone trying to cover something up….She apparently is not secure in HIS sexuality.”

    They are both rightly pissed off at the ad hominem attacks on her throughout the media, and the bitchy commentariat seen above. She’s a lovely woman and a fine actress (I respected her work long before Hugh was even a blip on the radar).

  35. bostonbeat says

    I’m not buying it. We shall see in 40 years when all the truth comes out about all these long dead stars….like someone else stated here, “where there is smoke…”

  36. M2 says

    Sweetie, when your hubby sings show tunes and is cranked on steroids people are going to talk. And no he can’t be gay because ‘the industry’ would not invest in him as they have.

  37. Zeta says

    He’s gay, she’s a beard. That’s life. When he’s ready to come out, I don’t know where that leaves her; maybe she doesn’t, either.

  38. Zeta says

    I’m not buying it. We shall see in 40 years when all the truth comes out about all these long dead stars….like someone else stated here, “where there is smoke…”

    Posted by: bostonbeat | Jul 1, 2013 7:01:09 PM

    It’s happening a lot sooner now, a la Lance Bass, which I’m happy about. All of those sham marriages with sham children were disgraces, back in the golden age. I really have to wonder about the kind of woman who intentionally beards for a man, though. It’s one thing to be in the dark; it’s another thing to live the lie as well.

  39. Zeta says

    Ah, first world problems. SMH, girl you live the life of a multi-millionarie, with a lovely family and complete security. You are looking for something to complain about. As long as you know he is straight and you are having good sex, then keep it to yourself and move on.

    Posted by: Critifur | Jul 1, 2013 1:07:35 PM

    You’re forgetting: for some women, security is all the sex they need. When something threatens their security or social standing, look out! But they don’t need an orgasm as long as they have the money and the social standing.

  40. Richard says

    They should be approaching this with grace and humor rather than anger and defensiveness. He’s suspected of being homosexual, not homicidal.

  41. DDM says

    Who cares? I mean, if he isn’t gay the he isn’t gay. His wife seems more bothered by it than him. I understand that though, he’s younger, very successful and miles out of her league; but if he loves her isn’t that enough for her. I don’t care if Hugh Jackman (or anyone for that matter) is or isn’t gay, but this kind of damage control is never a good idea. I mean, if he says that he’s not gay I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s just that gay or not he is quite faggy.

  42. says

    Hmm…So what I’m reading from the comments is…

    He’s been comfortable around gay people, had very close gay friends, did a few gay roles, and he has an older wife so that means he’s gay.

    So in essence, what you’re saying as gay folks is the same thing that supposed homophobes say…which is you can catch gay?

    I mean why use the same thought process as the “haters”…while at the same time, criticize it…seems very hypocritical even nonsensical. I thought the whole point was, straight men and women can have platonic relationships with gay folks all they want and still be straight…but a lot of you seem to be arguing against that.

    I do wish however, that she’d have kept her mouth shut, cause all this will do is add fuel to the fire…they’ll have to explain that the lies are offensive not being gay, because people will purposefully misconstrue what she said. And we can check that off the list, cause I read a comment doing just that.

    More to the point, like he said, sexuality is the least of concerns…if your identity is only wrapped up in who you rub your gentials with…you’ve got a pretty insignificant existence.

    She quelled zero rumors with this declaration, and is probably shooting off an email to GLAAD to apologize for her poor choice of words.

    And the world keeps spinning.

  43. thineownself says

    the rumors about him started because Crazy Days and Nights has repeatedly said a married man had his longtime lover installed right next door in NYC to his wife and kids (w consent from all parties) and everyone guesses Hugh. two gossip columnists on Adam Carolla’s radio show 5 years back said ‘Know who is gay? Hugh Jackman works out at our friend’s gym..’ and then Adam cut them off. Also, I know some background movie folk who say on a set, he is out. that it is a well known thing. (I state all this as answer to those who ask where the rumors come from)

  44. Evan says

    In no way did Hugh or his wife bring this issue up, or bring attention to the ridiculous lie. This has nothing to do with gay or straight, and should be considered the same thing as a rumor starting regarding Hugh being attracted to other woman. Either way it devalues and diminishes the strong and loving relationship he has with his wife. Imagine how she must feel being the butt of jokes. To Towleroad, you should not treat such an ally to the LGBTE community in this manner, or it may make men reluctant to join our cause in the future. THINK before you post, this isn’t TMZ or the National Enquirer.

  45. Just_a_guy says

    Honestly, Jackman and his wife deserve the treatment that Sarah Palin got for her loud-mouthed, superfluous, and spotlight-seeking statement:

    “Who cares?”

  46. Just_a_guy says

    And, Evan, if Jackman is such an Lgbt ally, how could he allow himself to do this sort of effectively lgbt-bashing interview.

    Not ok. But, yawn.

    But if we have “friends” like Jackman and his wife, all ashamed and embarrassed at imagined association with us–well, who needs enemies.

  47. Just_a_guy says

    We gay folk put up with enough bs from straight people in our lives personally–always striving to ignore their bigotry. You can be darn sure I’m not about to do that for some celebrity who ought to be able to hold himself to a higher standard.

    Shameful. But I never really cared about Jackman or his wife, so meh, in the scheme of things. Maybe these two have such internalized homophobia as straight people that they can’t even keep themselves from partaking in this embarrassing handwringing? Sad. Is it an Australian thing? Ewww.

  48. Just_a_guy says

    Straight or gay, I don’t care: This I attractive behavior by Hugh makes me want to throw up in my mouth when I look at him. Cheap. And low on sense.

  49. Satyr Troll says

    psh… the so called idiotic gay men wanted ‘im gay when he was more str8 acting on the scene… the breeders want ‘im gay for all the musicals.

    though that I can’t believe it’s not buttah he did with meg ryan back in the day was pretty gay.

    meh, he just needs to pull a colin farrell and release a low quality sex tape. though probably not with a black chick, even if she’s a model. hadn’t heard much of farrell since.

    don’t think he’s gay, but it’s likely his wife straps on.

  50. Jackie says

    The reason they are on 60 Minutes is because Hugh is doing promotion for The Wolverine movie. They are hardly there to blab about the gay speculation and the reason it comes up is that some reporters feel compelled to bring it up. Hugh’s usual response is very mild mannered. To over react is to imply that he feels there’s something wrong with being gay. His more simple denials are often construed as evasive. His stronger comments are seen as “protesting too much”. It’s a no win. Both of them usually do let the comments slide as they generally do not care about the speculation. But Deb has recently started to speak of her frustration and use the word offensive in terms of being called a liar. The question apparently keeps being asked in hopes she/he will finally come clean.
    I agree that the perception of a beauty inequality has fed the charge. But Deb is older and when they met, she was considered the catch. Looks, talent and personality were in her favor as he was a bit gawky back then as a young guy fresh out of drama school. Now, most days Deb looks her age but I still think she’s lovely.
    Big deal, his PA lived on the grounds of a place they rented in LA for a bit? Thanked him in acceptance speeches? Hugh sincerely thanks a lot of people and they’ve had staff live with them at various times and no one seems to think that is wild and kinky.

  51. notnerb says

    Gee Countervail… so if a guy dares to marry someone older than him and actually show loyalty to staff even though they are (gasp) gay then he’s queer too?!?!?!?

    It’s kind of hard to ask straight people to dump the old fashioned stereotypes of gays being show tune singing nancy boys if we’re still clinging to them when we decide that we want a hot guy for ourselves.

    I think both Jackman and his wife have been more than generous and patient in dealing with these mean spirited rumours (seemingly based purely on the argueement “he’s too hot for her”) and they are MORE than in their rights to express their annoyance.

  52. mel says

    If homosexuality is to be treated as a normal, natural thing, then perhaps people should STOP MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL about people coming out, whether or not they’re gay. Live and let live.

    The media makes a lot of money from these pageviews so why feed them?

    I’ve had people get nosy, try to screw up my relationships with gossip because they didn’t feel I was worthy and it takes a toll on a person. They love and support each other. That’s what matters. I can’t believe people are cutting her looks, like any of you are so perfect. There’s nothing wrong with her.

    Perhaps this snippet is part of a longer interview and they happened to be asked about it. No matter, celebs are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  53. kim says

    it sounded to me as if they were answering a question. the same thing happens to jennifer anniston; inevitably, the interviewer asks about brad and angie, and she answers, and when they edit the interview they leave that in because it’s what they figure their demo wants to read about, and then everybody says, “obviously she can’t move past it, or WHY ELSE is she still bringing that UP after all these years?”

  54. L.M says

    I cant blame her for speaking about this. I imagine it cant be easy going to Hollywood functions knowing that everyone is mentally dismissing you. Even hanging out with family friends would be wierd. “Do they think I am a fraud? A gold digger? Have they read the latest gossip piece? Do they think my husband is settling and could do better?” I think it would breed insane insecurities and frankly anybody who doesnt think that there can be insecurities within a loving marriage, has never been married.

    They may seem petty to outsiders but if you had to live that for 20 years, you might start to get frustrated too.

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