News: Waterspout, Corey Johnson, Texas Senate, Neil Tennant

RoadThe Salzburg Global LGBT statement.

RoadAllyson Robinson announces resignation as head of Outserve-SLDN.

RoadAsk California Governor Jerry Brown to sign AB1266, a bill protecting trans youth.

WaterspoutRoadMan captures incredible images, video of waterspout north of Tampa.

RoadVIDEO: Jay-Z lip-synchs for 6 hours at NY gallery.

RoadAlexander Meadows, Corey Johnson's rival in NYC City Council race, drops out and endorses him over candidate Yetta Kurland. "I am endorsing Corey today because, over the course of the campaign, I have seen him really listen to voters and show a deep understanding of the issues." Johnson also gets the endorsement of Assemblymember Deborah Glick.

RoadGoogle fundraising for anti-gay climate denier Senator James Inhofe.

RoadSan Francisco Asiana crash 911 calls released.

RoadGay couple banned from worshiping in English church: "Labour MP Ben Bradshaw said a 'local conservative evangelical church' had turned away the unnamed couple, who do not want to be identified....He told the House: 'I recently came across a case of a Christian couple in a same-sex relationship and with children in the local church primary school to whom it was made clear by the local conservative evangelical church that they would not be welcome to worship in it.' He added: 'Intolerance and bigotry have no place whatever in the Church of England.'"

RoadJake Gyllenhaal takes his Boston terrier for a walk.

RoadMale model fix: Christian Johnson.

EldridgeRoadNYT puts spotlight on Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes' wealth, political ambitions...

RoadIndian woman confesses to police after killing husband over gay affair: "When asked that why she had committed such a heinous crime, Uttam claimed that all her efforts to change the sexual inclinations of her gay husband had proven futile and she was left with no other choice except killing him. 'He had an affair with a domestic help who used to work at their house. Uttam was upset over the matter and had warned him many teams,' a news report quoted the investigating officer of the case telling."

RoadOMG: Some essentials for Ptown Bear Week.

RoadCarol Channing thrilled that Johnny Depp may play her: "Every time I see someone impersonate me, I can't help but think I must have a hormonal imbalance. Johnny Depp has said he wants to play me in a movie. Wouldn't that be great? People say, "But he is a man," but it doesn't surprise me at all. I can’t remember the last time one of my impersonators didn't have a 5 o'clock shadow."

RoadJames Franco to be roasted.

RoadTexas Senate adjourns for the day, but only after everyone gets their picture taken with Rick Santorum.

MybrothershusbandRoadMy Husband's Lover makes groundbreaking TV in the Phillippines.

RoadOne of Big Brother's resident racists, Aaryn, thinks being called Barbie is an equivalent slur.

RoadA New Hampshire gay couple talks about their experience adopting a child: "Parenthood scared me, there’s no doubt. And it took time for my mind to change. But my husband helped me. Our lawyer helped me. Baxter’s mother helped me. Years of planning and research and saving helped me."

RoadFirst look: Josh Brolin in the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy.

RoadNeil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys talks to Spin about rediscovering the joys of youth in Electric: "We first recorded in New York exactly 30 years ago, and we were listening to Latino dance music on the radio. I had a cassette of Madonna's first album, because I was a journalist and I had an advance. We were listening to 92KTU on the radio, and it was a very powerful influence. Somehow, it's all re-emerged on [Electric], and I don't even know how. It wasn't a deliberate strategy, but it seems to have some of that young flavor of New York in the early '80s. Throughout the album, the music's got a lot of space in it. If you listen to electronic dance music of the early '80s period, like for instance, Madonna's first album [1983's Madonna] — there's a lot of space in the music, too. It's not filled up with samples and clever keyboard parts. [That era's music] has a slightly naïve technological approach in that the synth-bass lines are probably played live, so the timing of the records is a little unsteady. If you listen to Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's [1985 single] "I Wonder if I Take You Home," she's singing totally out of tune, but there's something really great about it."

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  1. People you thought died a long time ago: Carol Channing. Go figure. Good for her.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jul 11, 2013 4:19:36 PM

  2. Sean Elridge and Chris Hughes must have pissed off somebody at the NYT because the paper went from drooling over their giant mansions to basically killing Elridge's chances right out of the gate. Can't say I'm too upset - I don't care if you are gay or straight, it pisses me off when the wealthy use their money to buy their way into politics (fellow gay politican Sean Patrick Mahoney is another who benefited from that playbook).

    Posted by: KT | Jul 11, 2013 4:29:27 PM

  3. Ratbastard,

    google the story on Carol Channing's paternal grandmother. It may surprise you. No wonder she always had rhythm.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 11, 2013 4:33:08 PM

  4. I still can't get over Eldridge's resume. And I am not buying for one minute that he left a top flight law school to campaign for marriage equality. Since the battle is being won- why not return to law school. And the millions he is investing are his???

    If a straight woman his age were pulling this stunt with her rich hubbies $ she would be an absolute laughingstock regardless of party.

    I just don't see what he brings to the table.

    Posted by: robroy | Jul 11, 2013 5:05:34 PM

  5. Thanks for making My Husband's Lover (MHL) in your news. MHL is definitely a groundbeaking gay series. Every episode always trends high. If only I could share an English subbed vid.

    Posted by: tonito | Jul 12, 2013 7:24:36 AM

  6. Not sure what to say about Sean Eldridge, except that I'm glad it's not my community he seeks to "represent."

    Posted by: Keppler | Jul 12, 2013 9:18:22 AM

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