1. James in Toronto says

    Nice… I liked it, and didn’t think that I would.

    Maiko Watson has a great voice.

  2. shanestud says

    What ever melody they are singing bears no relationship to the “O Canada” national anthem.

  3. says

    Haate them! They prolly aren’t even Canadian. At least 3 of them look Mexican. Why don’t you fat Americans and money grubbing Mexicanos stay out of our country?

  4. says

    Happy Canada Day! And happy post-pride recovery day to everyone who’s in as rough a state as I am this afternoon.

    clearly Anonymous Troll isn’t in a rough state, as he’s once again spouting racism under my name. You didn’t go out to celebrate Pride, did you honeybun? Didn’t think so. Oh well. I did. It was radness.

    Keep spouting bigotry in my name. Wont’ make my life worse, won’t make your life better, and only proves that you’re a tragic mess with a pretty darn intense obsession with me.
    ‘Tis ok. I’m used to it.

    *elegant curtsy*

  5. thrutch says

    I liked it, its not traditional but it has its own charm.
    @littlekiwi That was rude and inappropriate, Canada is made up of many people from around the world as well as our First Nations. If you truly feel that way about mexicans and americans than it might be you that should find somewhere else to live.

  6. says

    A great national anthem and a great exuberant way to sing it. But did you ever stop to think whom they are on guard against? Hint: it ain’t Greenland.

  7. James in Toronto says

    @ James in Halifax: I did prejudge, didn’t I?

    I love acappella performances, but I never expected artists who were quite so young to pull that off in the way that they did.

  8. Squirt says

    Blech. Not to my taste. At least it shows our national anthem lends itself to versatility. I’ll stick with the original.

  9. John says

    Little Kiwi (or person posing to be “Little Kiwi”, as it were) … are you a complete moron? “At least three of them look Mexican”?! There are only TWO of them. The guy (KRNFX – his ethnicity is Korean … duh!) does six parts and the girl two.

    As for their ethnic background, it does not matter from where they hail, they have (wisely, I’d say) chosen Canada as their home. And, they did us proud with this song.

    As Stompin’ Tom said in his great Canadian ballad, Believe in Your Country, “… you can better serve your country by living somewhere else”.

  10. says

    @John – it’s one of this site’s resident racist self-hating homophobic trolls posting in my name. it’s to be expected. im openly gay and love my life, and the sad troll only has the internet with which to anonymously spew their nonsense.

    and things like that remind me of why i’m so happy and proud to be a Canadian ūüėÄ

    celebrate diversity! happy canada day!

  11. Neil says

    Troll Guy, you “prolly” won’t read this, but just to set the record straight, Terry Im aka “krNfx” was born and raised in Toronto (and obviously has a Korean ancestry), and Maiko Watson was born in Winnipeg, but now lives in Toronto. I’m pretty sure no Mexicans were involved, only Canadians.

    @Shanestud: It certainly bears a relationship to the Canadian national anthem, and I like it. The first two lines and last two lines have almost the exact traditional melody. Only the line in the middle are kind of “freestyle” or improvised (not sure of the proper terminology, but krNfx calls it a “remix”).

  12. Mike says

    Loved it , thanks for posting and and a Happy (soon) July 4th to you guys down south.

  13. Darrell says

    OUR Home and Native Land! Why I am so glad I moved back to our great diverse and welcoming country. We are 146 years young! Happy Canada Day! Everyone!