1. dean says

    “I share your deep concern about the abuse of gay people in Russia. However, I believe we can better challenge prejudice as we attend, rather than boycotting the Winter Olympics.”

    Yes, Mr. Cameron. Because back in 1936 when the world olympians showed them pesky NAZIs how great diversity was, Hitler immediately stopped persecuting Jews and others.

    Oh, no. My Bad. Hitler laughed at the world and went on to kill nearly 20 million people.

    Just wondering Mr. Cameron; Do you hold Russian Human Crematorium company stock in your portfolio? Cause it looks like you’re hoping it sky-rockets into profit after 70 years of languishing.

    Obama blinks. Cameron blinks. Putin laughs at how strong he is against the western world. LGBTs continue to die. NBC profits.

    In Living Color too!

    Oh Canada, please.. Stand up and lead the way.

  2. Jonah says


    The idea of ‘not boycotting’ coming from the president and the PM actually means nothing.

    It is up to all the rest of us, gay and straight, to boycott these olympics. And these leaders have NO say in THAT matter.

    What if someone threw a genocidal maniac’s version of the Olympics, brought to you by McDonalds…and no one tuned in?

    That would be tens of billions of dollars lost by corporations who want the right to be called Citizens, but lack the Balls to actually act like citizens and take on a human monster and his lackies.

    Let’s see the PM and The Pres force We The People to watch.

    Socchi 2013??? Just Say Nyet!

    BTW; You just know that somewhere lurking underneath this mess is good ol’ Homophobe supreme and Olympic Communitee Organizer…

    …Mitt Romney

  3. JONES says

    Mister PM
    Going to the Games is not confronting. Merely showing up is not confronting. That does nothing good and actually does a great amount of harm. As Michigan rowing coach Charley Sullivan pointed out: SILENCE IS ACQUIESCENCE.

    Standing up and speaking out is confronting.

  4. JONES says


    @David_Cameron Export human rights as you proposed by calling on Russia to respect and protect the rights and lives of it’s LGBT citizens.

    Retweet. Spread.

  5. says

    I hope to see a mass of Rainbow T shirts and a myriad of individual protests, whether on the podium or in the stands/bleachers or on the field.
    If they arrest everyone they will be shown to be the New Fascists.

  6. Shawn says

    “I share your deep concern about the abuse of gay people in Russia. However, I believe we can better challenge prejudice as we attend, rather than boycotting the Winter Olympics.”
    That may be true but its hard to judge without Cameron outlining a plan of how ‘we’ will challenge prejudice while attending.

  7. JONES says


    One single athlete in victory lap at IAAF with rainbow flag held overhead says solidarity with Russian LGBT and that the world is watching.

    Retweet. Spread thru the infosphere.

  8. andrew says

    Demonstrations like this one are a sign of a free, open and healthy democracy. In a democracy individuals and groups have the right, even the duty to try to push their government in the direction that the demonstrators think is correct. Cameron is a good friend of the LGBT community. I liked what he said and agree that the Olympics should not be boycotted.

  9. northalabama says

    where are the hundreds of protesters here? i guess glbt rights are of more concern to londoners than americans.

    i’ve already sent emais to the worldwide sponsors, the ioc, and the anoc, and still workin’ my way down the list. show me a protest, and i’ll sign up for that, too.

  10. Randy says

    “I believe we can better challenge prejudice as we attend, rather than boycotting the Winter Olympics.”

    OK. How? Why are politicians allowed to get away with this reasoning, without explaining how they personally are going to do it?

  11. jamal49 says

    Russia is a nationalistic, xenophobic, homophobic mess. Russian culture and attitudes are based in centuries of the Russian Orthodox Church and, quite frankly, alcoholism. It’s a country in serious need of rehab.

    Don’t hold your breath. Russia will not ever change its anti-LGBT laws. The IOC will not abandon Russia as the Winter Olympics venue.

    That leaves, what? Boycott? Won’t work. Won’t change a damned thing and if a massive boycott does take place, there will be pogroms against LGBT people in Russia. Russians are very nasty that way.

    Chto delat’?

  12. Scrammy says

    My thoughts exactly, Jamal49.
    Any perceived interruption with the Olympics due to the current Russian laws against gays and lesbians will cause further backlash to the LGBT community.

  13. Klien says

    This is amazing but I’m startled that the LGBT in Australia, ALL over Europe and even parts of Latin America have been far more engaged and shown their presence of support for our LGBT brothers & sisters in Russia, than the LGBT in the U.S. Why are LGBT in U.S so afraid of activism?

  14. Duration & Convexity says

    This actually embarrasses me as an American GLBT. We’re usually the most apologetic, complacent, and sometimes cowardly when it comes to not only demanding our rights but standing up for the rights of other GLBT.

    No wonder why virtually every western country is LIGHT YEARS ahead of us in terms of rights & respect for GLBT.

  15. Michelle says

    @ Duration & Convexity:

    PREACH! You wouldn’t be able to round up thousands of LGBT in the united states even if we were rounded up and put in camps. Let’s face it, American LGBT are more passive if not timid to actually get our hands dirty. It’s sad but true.

  16. Alejandro says

    It’s not that American LGBT are more cowardly but American society is just more homophobic than other Westernized nations. Religion has made many LGBT in the U.S feel guilty for standing up and speaking up for our rights. You still hear some LGBT say “well, I don’t want to offend anyone being gay. I’d just rather not ruffle feathers” and that’s after you ask them to join in a protest against the visiting Iranian president who allowed the hanging/stoning of Persian teenagers in Iran.

    So yeah, we’ve been cornered to fear here by religion to not be uppity.

  17. Molc says

    A boycott is the only thing that will hit this government where it hurts-financially. Cameron and every other leader are giving lip service only to the murder, torture and persecution of lgbt Russians. As the IAAF President said “Follow russia’s laws and all will be alright”. Some moral compass. Anyone who attends these Olympics are complicit of and approving of Russian human rights violations. Money and glory over murder. Just wonderful

  18. emjayay says

    No, boycotts do not harm the athletes, if we are talking about a boycott of people deciding to go as spectators. It hurts Russia economically, and if this stuff keeps up it’s a PR disaster, and Olympics are supposed to be the opposite for a country.

    Cameron is a modernish version of a Conservative. And a president or PM can’t really tell people to stay away, unless they are actually in danger themselves.

    I hadn’t thought of the idea of spectators wearing gay stuff or waving rainbow flags, but I hope they do. And the cameras actually show it. If Russia arrests them and throws them in jail, it would be a the-whole-world-is-watching PR disaster of the decade for Russia.

  19. emjayay says

    Yes, Alejandro, the modern gay rights as well as not unrelated modern feminist movements started here. And England was doing much more draconian anti-gay stuff than we ever were in the 50’s and had various anti-gay laws until relatively recently. But yes, I think things end up also changing faster in this regard in the UK and Europe because of not having a big ignorant bible thumper contingent like we do.

  20. JONES says

    And that Bible thumping contingency controls the opposition party in the US.

    The IAAF meet today. Opening day. Less than half the stadium was filled even with Mo Farah and Usain Bolt running.

    We’ve been campaigning for all attendees (athletes, trainers, coaches, family, and supporters in the stands) at Sochi who support human rights equality and want to show solidarity with Russian LGBT to wear and display LGBT supportive as well as Russian condemning insignia since the laws were first announced. Strength in numbers.

  21. andrew says

    The Russian LGBT Network put out a statement saying, “Speak up, Don’t walk out”. They went further and said: “Do not boycott the Olympics – boycott homophobia. Stand in solidarity with Russian people and bring LGBT Pride and values of human rights and freedoms to the games in Sochi”.

  22. Booka says

    While what Jamal49 points is true, taking his point to heart is the worst option.. Ok, so you got everything wrong and against you, what do you do? Nothing? Then nothing will change. Change takes just a few brave souls to stand up for what they believe in. History has shown time and time again that against impossible odds, when one person dares to stand, the effect can move metaphorical mountains. You can justify ignoring anything if you try hard enough…I say boycott EVERYTHING, scream, petition…do what it takes, there are many many people that NEED our help.

  23. Constant Cortez says

    I applaud every LGBT across the world who has rolled up their sleeves and done something, ANYTHING, to bring to light the adversity of LGBT throughout the world. The lack of human rights, safety and protection of the LGBT population across the globe is rarely talked about in an honest dialogue on a mainstream manner. THIS story enabled us to do just that.

    Do your part…whatever that may be, to support our gay brothers and gay sisters all over the world, many of whom don’t have a voice and it is OUR DUTY to speak up for them.

  24. Betty Treacle says

    To any company that advertises at these Olympics – I will never EVER buy from them again. I will tell everyone I know not to buy from them. I will tweet about them relentlessly. I will not watch any channel who broadcasts the Olympics. I will not buy any newspaper or read any website that reports on Olympics stories (unless it’s about LGBT rights).

    I urge everyone reading this to do the same if you care about LGBT rights in Russia.

    Because our politicians don’t care enough. In our society now, it’s only money that talks. Big business holds almost all the power. So let’s hit them where it hurts. And advertising boycott and a media blackout of the Olympics (other than the protests about LGBT rights) will humiliate Russia and Putin.

  25. says

    You abroad there might not realise that pretty much most of London property and commerce is now legitimately or not in the hands of Russians (as well as Arabs and Chinese).

    Cameron is scared shitless that he will do something to offend them.


  26. acde says

    Mr Cameron, How can we better address the Russia pogrom of hate by attending. That’s easy to say and appeases the corporate investors and Putin, but do you offer one viable, effective suggestion? Seems to me that you’re blowing smoke out your ass.

  27. andrew says

    I wonder why none of the pro boycotters seem to care what The Russian LGBT Network said: “Speak up, Don’t walk out”. “Do not boycott the Olympics – boycott homophobia. Stand in solidarity with Russian people and bring LGBT pride and values of human rights and freedoms to the games in Sochi”.

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