1. Moz's says


    and the destruction of orang habitat for oil palm plantations is horrible. They are the smartest animal after man, the earliest to be self aware and pass mirror test, use tools more and in ways chimps never do like making shelter and using leaves as umbrellas…..we also have more similarities to orangs morphologically = bones, teeth, ligaments etc than with chimps

    also Orangs go through menstrus cycle like human females and unlike chimps that are estrus

  2. Mike Ryan says

    I watched it on YouTube so I could see it full screen and the comments posted there were so childish and stupid. It was a beautiful moment and nothing disgusting about it at all. Nature at her finest! A new baby has arrived!

  3. andrew says

    Thanks for posting. It was awesome to see that, especially when she brought the baby over to show it off.

  4. L Goethe says

    totally a great posting! nature at its very VERY best! bless her. too bad humans can NOT be as “natural”

  5. Iban4yesu says

    The destruction of the habitat also O involves the mass creation of greenhouse gas as they burn the forests for the plantations. Simply horrible upon horrible.

  6. darkorient says

    “Orangutan” in our language means
    “person of the forest” while “orang” means “person”. Please don’t call them “orangs”. Thanks :)