1. Ron says

    Yet another singer with a fake mid-atlantic accent! This will do well in the clubs, I’m sure but it’s definitely more the producers’ song than it is about her. Also, what’s with the strung-out stripper look she’s working on the cover?

  2. Bob says

    Recipe for a Britney Spears’ song: get sound of cat coughing up a fur ball, put on repeat, and add a dash of Auto Tune.

    Then get gay blogs to call it ‘hot’ and ‘fierce’.

  3. PJ says

    Ok, this is a Ball song. I mean straight out of a Ball. The kidz will vogue and the queens will say this is the best she’s ever made and call her their TRUE gay icon.

    It’s sad that this is where she’s come to. She was never the creator of her sound or image but at least in the old days it made more sense and was pop through and through. You guys have fun with this. I’ll stick to actual artists and musicians, not what’s ‘popular’ or ‘iconic.’

  4. don't a tell la says

    Now Shitney will need to be added to the list of posts on vapid/insipid music that Towleroad has been promoting lately.

    I’m listening and it’s not good.

  5. steve says

    I wish she would stay clear of or whatever…their other song together I thought was terrible…but apparently this is the music she feels inspired to do – go for it. there are more than enough artists out there making good stuff…

  6. JT says

    I don’t understand her British accent. She sounds more cockney than Eliza Doolittle. And this song is pretty floptastic at best. If I want a song with “Work” in the title about the ball scene, I’ll stick with Ciara thank you very much.

  7. Bob says

    If Britney hadn’t ripped off millions from her fans by miming or using pre-record in her concerts , people might be kinder to her. She’s the definition of ‘fake’.

  8. David From Canada says

    Is Britney Spears still making music? Is she still relevant? It’s gotten to the point where she’s Old School in todays music world. She’s out of the loop.

  9. Billy says

    This post is full of negative critics. Guess I’ll join in by saying she spelt “WERK” wrong. LOL I actually don’t mind the song. Lighting up people, it’s a dance song.

  10. Ramsey says

    It’s ok. Nothing special. Britney needs to contact that Danja guy and do a Blackout part 2 album. I have no idea why she would let produce her music, he’s a crap artist to begin with.

  11. says

    I’ll pass. I think she peaked at “Slave4u”.

    In brighter music news, George Barnett just released “The Red Tape” — a free mix tape (also on youtube) which includes a few full-length covers and sniplets of soon-to-be-released originals. His cover of “Down On Me” is positively addictive.

    The guy plays all the instruments, sings all the vocal tracks, and does all his own editing. Phenomenal.

    Youtube stream

    Free download of zipped mp3s

  12. Michael Cisneros says

    Hottt!! Love it. And the bitchy people trying to negate will see that this too will be another huge hit. It’s a fun awesome song, can’t wait to dance to it. LOVE IT!!!

  13. Lazycrockett says

    Britney is so medicated that she is just doing what her handlers are making her due. If her father didn’t have dollar signs in his eyes he would be more concerned bout his daughter’s well being. SMH

  14. tonyc says

    I’m not a Vegas person ..I do enjoy her I told my younger brother, I want to see her perform when she takes over the Hardrock Cafe for two years.,that should be fun

  15. CHRISTOPHER I says

    I love all the comments proclaiming her “over” and “out of the loop.” Clearly you haven’t seen the iTunes chart this morning…the song’s been out less than 19 hours and already top 4 (and that’s without a “clean” edit for sale).

    Also, this song is more Swedish House Mafia-sounding than Will.I.Am. It’s a legit ‘EDM’ track; whether you like that or not is a different story. And FYI, the song is not as camp as we gays want it to be…straights love it (that’s also a byproduct of the SHM connection).

    Word is there are actual melodies and more mature songs coming from this new album (though all you bitter Madonna fans will likely bash them since some were done with William Ørbit).

    This song is a shrewdly calculated move, and it is paying off in spades. This will be (and already appears to be) a huge mainstream hit for her.

  16. Luke says

    @Bob, really? Lol. Really!? How old are you, 12?

    I love the song. It’s dance music people, it’s supposed to be fun and light. Don’t take it too seriously and just shake your ass :) The queen is back!

  17. JAMES says

    This… this is awful. I am so disappointed with you Britney.

    I’m looking at you too Christina. What a unbelievably huge let down Lotus was.

    What happened to these girls? I miss them.

    The only Mouseketeers that seem to be doing quality work these days is Ryan and Justin.

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