Nick Jonas Exercises His Right to Bare Arms: PHOTO


The Jonas Brothers dropped some behind-the-scenes photos from a new OUT magazine photoshoot on their iPhone app. Do you think the other two appreciate being upstaged?



  1. QJ201 says

    Gee if I were rich…and wasn’t doing much of anything…(exactly where is the JBros career these days?)…I could hire a personal trainer to work me out for hours everyday and a chef to cook muscle building meals for me.

  2. Paul R says

    Oh, and the Christianity thing seems to be a thing of the past or deeply shelved. I saw them on TV talking about how they have tons of gay friends and love them all and wish them equal rights, and how the gay rumors about them don’t bother them but just happen not to be true.

    I hardly know a thing about them, but they seemed much brighter than I expected.

  3. Josh says

    You can have Joe. Even though you can’t. Keep searching for that imaginary guy. If you’ve even been with the Nick type you wouldn’t last long. Tired?? Perfect. Joe looks tired–literally.

  4. gomez says

    @furyoffirestorm. i’m talking way back, like years ago. i remember all the online comments bagging nick’s looks.

    /sad that i know this. hanging head in shame now.

  5. says

    “Gee if I were rich…and wasn’t doing much of anything…(exactly where is the JBros career these days?)…I could hire a personal trainer to work me out for hours everyday and a chef to cook muscle building meals for me.”

    You forgot a doctor to prescribe HGH, testosterone or various other things. Some people his age can look that way naturally, but it’s a small minority and they clearly didn’t have the genes for it.

  6. WAKE UP says

    I see why people dislike some gays. Some of you are just perverts who turn everything into a sexual situation, while some of you are arrogant without cause. One of you even accused him of doing steroids! You can’t even give him credit for working out. That’s why many of you bitter monsters will die alone. You are void of anything even remotely close to human compassion or love. You give the good and the great gay guys a bad name!

  7. EchtKultig says

    Wake Up, your Mom called, you’re late for dinner and if you do it again, she’s not letting you try out for the cheerleading squad…which we all know is your personal goal for 9th grade.

    But seriously, I love teen fan girls. I’ll never forget being banned from a forum in 2006 for insisting Benji Schwimmer was gay. Probably my last experiment with being a full-on troll just for fun. Guess who was right?

  8. David From Canada says

    Nick has always been my favourite Jonas brother, and even more so now – what a Hottie!!! They’re young and they are gay-friendly(a sign of the times for all young religious people out there), so good for them. Love them all. GO Nick and brothers!!

  9. bravo says

    As the Jonas brothers have gotten older, we’ve noted a decrease in
    1) albums
    2) concerts
    3) espousing orthodox Christianity
    and an increase in
    1) muscle
    2) hair (facial and body)
    3) homo tolerance

    I always suspected Kevin and Joe had a thing going on. I can imagine Joe might have also started to include Nick…

    (I’m going to hell….)

  10. andrew says

    @FFS: “Dial back the ‘roid use, Juice Monkey”. Rash judge very often? It is highly unlikely that Nick uses steroids. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 13. The use of steroids would seriously interfere with his insulin regimen to control that disease. It is most likely that Nick’s muscles are the result of hard work at the gym and eating a proper diet.

  11. Paul R says

    Jebus. His arms don’t actually look like that. He’s flexing and pushing his ceps forward with his hands like every bodybuilder and model does. No one’s arms pop like that. I’m happy that he’s healthy, but he’s not magical (or evil). He’s a celebrity. Fakery is involved.

  12. Kelbel says

    He is not that big. Although Nick is jacked the angle of the pic makes him look even bigger. They may not wear the rings anymore but they are all Christians. Nick recently got a new tatoo about how God is greater. Their dad was a minister and I think they were introduced to the rings before Disney. No doubt they were told to keep them on. Joe took his off right after their last Disney tour when he moved in with Ashley Green.

  13. FFS says

    @Andrew: Are you new? The only reason anyone comments on Towleroad, anymore, is to express our viciously judgmental opinions. Where have you been?

    As for Nick’s diabetes, Google “HGH and insulin are friends.”

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