1. Francis #1 says

    They’re apologizing because they can’t get away with not apologizing.

    The fact that MAJOR athletes, big named athletes, are still using gay slurs without any recoil says a lot about the work that is still necessary in the world of sports.

  2. PKLIFFORD says

    “[…] If I have offended the gay community, I apologize. […]”

    When are the handlers of these people – or better yet, these people themselves – going to realize that including this sentence in their apologies makes it sound like they aren’t apologizing at all… The exact same apology with that sentence removed actually feels genuine and acceptable.
    What are they trying to convey with that phrasing… that they wouldn’t apologize if we all collectively said “meh… not offended..” or that there’s a way to take his slur as anything else than offensive? Truth is you did offend the gay community – that’s what you’re apologizing for… No need to wonder…

  3. Daymian says

    Another thug sports player. They’re all just a bunch of man-children. Morons with big bank accounts. I always find it hilarious that when they hit their 40s, most of them seem to be broke after insanely lavish spending habits and parasitic family + “posses” who suck them dry. Ha ha ha ha.

  4. Pierrot says

    He didn’t actually say ‘fag’, the french ‘tapettes’ is less violent than ‘fag’ (for which we have ‘pédé’ pronounce ‘payday’ without the Ys) and is closer to ‘sissies’ or ‘wussies’ or ‘wimps’, and is normally applied in a derogatory manner to people you want to equate to effeminate homosexuals.

    And @ken, Tony Parker is french, so, the correct exclamation would be: a french guy who can play basketball, incredible!

  5. says

    Message to David Stern.

    The number of incidences where gay slurs are used in professional basketball is way down but unfortunately still present. Every month or so there’s another instance of a player being caught and the process works itself out the same way. Forced apology, fine, second apology and let’s put this behind us. Is the policy working? Is it working as well as it could?

    How about this. The next time a player uses an anti-gay slur he is forced to do community service with LGBT kids who are bullied. To sit in on counseling sessions of young kids who have tried to take their own lives due to mistreatment fueled by language he uses. Let him see first hand the direct affects his words have on young LGBT kids.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Nevermind. I looked up images of Tony. He’s kinda’ skinny. My fantasies will stay on the football field not the basketball court.

    Oh, and he’s Belgian, not French.

  7. IceBaron says

    “I did not want to offend them”. “It was not my intention at all” – We don’t care what your intentions were, we only care about the consequences of your behaviours. Stop making excuses for yourself. Saying your homophobia was just ‘casual’ and not malicious doesn’t help your case.

    “If I offended the gay community, I apologise” – There’s no need to qualify ‘if’, because CLEARLY we ARE offended. The conditional is self-serving, dummy. And you’re fooling no one but fellow str8 people and those gays who unfortunately don’t even know what a real apology looks like if they see one.

    Thanks to Chescaleigh for making a “Getting Called Out: How to Apologise” video.

    The people who manage these ignorant assholes should watch this, and put its discourse into their approach when coaching outspoken anti-gays.

  8. Mischa Cazeaux says

    In france tapette means more cissy than fag, as willy said a lot of people use it (even me) everyday, and btw he said ” WE played like cissies…”