1. Mike says

    I’ll spare you the 30 mins: she got no support outside Manhattan. The other boroughs don’t like gays. She got no vote from blacks or Hispanics. And there you have it.

  2. D.B. says

    Completely agree that the election’s outcome for Quinn had nothing to do with discrimination. Quinn lost because informed NY voters didn’t like her politics, particularly her self-interested support of Bloomberg’s third term. And that included the majority of LGBT voters.

    There seems to be a lot of “sour grapes” in the media over Quinn’s loss, as she was definitely the “establishment” candidate who had the support of Democratic party leaders, the major media, and the LGBT “elites” — they still can’t believe NY voters didn’t line up behind their anointed candidate.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Why minorities are always the ones supporting discrimination?”

    Well, Lipter, let’s start by asking the minority in New York who supported Giuliani and Bloomberg.

  4. Andre says

    Personally, I’m a pretty big Bloomberg fan. It’s mayors like him and Giuliani that kept crime in check.

    Just wait until we get DeBlasio in office. With the end of ‘stop and frisk’ and other pragmatic approaches to crime control, we’re going to see crime skyrocket in NYC. All in the name of political correctness. So what if assaults, thefts, batteries, and murders go up by double digits? At least we’ll be super PC New Yorkers!

  5. NYCer says

    Agree with Andre. Crime is definitely going to rise. So many people cry racist, but when 13% of the population commits 65% of the crime, it’s simple math and common sense to use tactics like stop and frisk. Ironically, the people crying the loudest that it’s racist are going to be the ones most hardly hit by the inevitable rise in crime. Oh well – have fun with that!

  6. Derrick from Philly says


    you just got your answer from Andre. Now, that’s quick service, aint it?


    stop and fisk isn’t going to end. The city will have to answer how it will implemented fairly (or cops will pretend to). It’s been around long before Bloomberg–in every part of America. He was just pompous enough to make it an official NYPD policy. That was a Constitutional No No.

  7. says

    Nick little doc, but what it fails to mention is Bloomberg saying that De Blaisio “brought race into the campaign” by featuring his son Dante in those ads. That really did it. New Yorkers loved Dante and because of Bloomberg had a new reason to turn on Quinn.

  8. Ryan says

    So basically the NYT has a sad that Quinn lost. That’s what I gather from this video, because they don’t really point out the fact that she lost because she deserved to lose. It wasn’t a bunch of bigots and horse-lovers who voted against her… it was the vast majority of the members of her party in the city.

    Let’s not forget that de Blasio won the LGBT vote. Quinn lost it. There’s a reason why.

  9. jonathan says

    Little known fact, almost everything Giuliani did on crime was implemented by Dinkins but he was out of office by the time the results started coming in. So you need read up before you post. Quinn was universally disliked by EVERYBODY. She didn’t even come in 2nd. Why they are wasting 30 minutes on her I can’t understand. Why this site is wasting time a spectacular failure who has no support is unclear, no wait, it’s very clear why.

    Thankfully, New Yorkers were sane got rid of this monster.

  10. Albert says

    The documentary was a pretty fair representation of what happened. Yeah, there were those who bigotedly opposed to Quinn as being a lesbian, but the majority of voters were not into her because of her past record. That third term push really did her in.

  11. Carlie says

    @Mike @Lipter

    The NYT exit poll does not support your conclusions. de Blasio was plus 19% among white voters (who were 47% of all voters).
    Also, he was plus 13% among those who identified as LGB.

    There is no correlation between stop-and-frisk and crime rates. That’s mythology.

    “As crime has gone down, stop-and-frisk–they don’t correlate. When stop-question-and-frisk has peaked, crime has not been plummeting at the same level.” –Christine Quinn

  12. reader says

    It is entirely possible that Quinn was opposed by many people because she is a lesbian and a woman, and also that she was opposed by a plurality of LGBT voters because she wasn’t their liberal hero. It’s absurd to suggest everyone voted as they did for one reason alone (term limits, horses, stop-n-frisk, bigotry, sexism), but it’s equally absurd to suggest her sexual orientation or gender played no part in her loss.

  13. NYCer says

    From CARLIE: “There is no correlation between stop-and-frisk and crime rates. That’s mythology.”

    Umm, you’re delusional. Why don’t you ask Bill Bratton, who has been chief of police for NYC, Boston, LA, and almost Oakland.

    Oakland, one of the most dangerous cesspools in America, decided not to hire him, even though Bratton has a proven track record of drastically reducing crime. Bratton is an advocate of stop and frisk. Oakland, in the meantime, remains more dangerous than Irag or Afghanistan).

  14. Qj201 says

    It was like Hillary and Obama in 2008 all over again.

    The moderate “establishment” candidate didn’t work hard enough on messaging and he “left leaning” candidate came in gangbusters with talking points and slogans that resonated with primary voters.

  15. ratbastard says

    I’ll tell you right now the fact she’s gay [lesbian] without a doubt played a role among some of our ‘allies’. That said, she also carries a lot of baggage.

  16. ratbastard says

    There is a HUGE correlation between stop&frisk, and violent gun related crime rates. I am not an advocate of any kind of police state, and do think our civilian police forces have become a little too militarized, primarily due to the heavy hand and $influence$ of the federal government. That said, violent gun related and non-gun related street crime and gang/drug trafficking related violent crime in some cities [whole cities] and some neighborhoods in some cities, is so out-of-control [has been for a very long time, decades] that drastic action is called for.

  17. anon says

    She slapped voters in the face with the term limits vote and the voters slapped her back. Once out of her safe seat district she had to face voters that had a choice in the election.

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