1. Jay says

    Wonder if this too is part of the Heritage Foundation Michael Needham’s strategy. This is just another sad example of the ends not justifying the means. We’re not the only ones losing here. They too are losing while they erode the democratic process, Republicans just don’t realize it yet.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Typical of republicans: if they can’t win a vote on the merits, they will use devious means to cheat or get-around the rules. This party has almost self-destructed (self-destroyed?) and I fervently hope they finish the job.

  3. EdA says

    I watched part of the video of the House Rules Committee meeting that adopted this at midnight October 1.

    The Dems queried Chair Pete Sessions on this and objected, voting against it, although Sessions claimed that its purpose was to keep Teatotalitarians from interfering with a clean continuing resolution. Of course, as a Republiscum AND a Texan AND a Methodist, Sessions lied, but there were seven “Democrats” who did vote for it.

  4. Geoff says

    That they have, and are continuing to, threaten the economic stability of America – threatens the economic stability of the world. The blame will be solidly placed…and will go down in history…along with all their names…forever. Period.

  5. gr8guyca says

    This has me really mad.

    I was a Senate Page and I revere the workings of the Congress. That the Republicans should use subterfuge to overrule the rights of the people – meaning their representatives in Congress – is a serious threat to our entire Democracy. And I am not being over-dramatic.

    This is a major change to the regular functioning of the Congress. It allows a total chokehold on the government by a single member of Congress – the Speaker. Until now, the Senate could pass a bill and it could then be brought to the House floor by any Representative.
    Now, that is not possible.

    If the Republicans believe that they have the stronger position, then let them bring it to a vote. It may pass – or it may not. But to prevent it from reaching the floor is unconscionable.

  6. MaryM says

    The Republicans are scum of the earth.

    Such a pity the USA is not a democracy, because if we were a democratic country we’d be able to vote these disgusting pigs out of office.

    Sadly with our undemocratic electoral system the Republican pigs will get re-elected.

    Oh to be living in a democratic country.

  7. tinkerbelle says

    I agree with Will, treason, sedition, all apply for any persons openly working to take down their government. My fervent dream is that Obama has the tea-party members who have publically admitted their real mission arrested, tried and hopefully convicted.

    Someone else commented recently that democracies in Europe, for example—Italy, Great Britain…—have governmental coalitions that can be dissolved by their parliaments when this kind of thing happens. The only option available in the States is to wait for the next election and vote the scum out of office, but even that process has been corrupted—the USA looks more and more like a banana republic every day.

    My favorite disgusting moment has been the repub pigs demonstrating against the closure of government monuments that are closed because they closed them. They must assume that their constituents are brain dead. Or dead. Dead people seem to vote republican these days.

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    Employment has a very simple philosophy, do the job you are paid to do. Some politicians seem to forget they are working for the good of the people not the financial backers and donors.

  9. Rowan says

    I hope, pray this is a wake up call for all those idiots who didn’t go out to vote because they were angry at Obama. YOU did this. You got the GOP to control the house.

    Hope you’re pleased.

  10. anon says

    I like all the frenetic excitement that govt. shutdowns provide. Of course, there’s always a last second deal to save the day. Govt. workers like to get paid, so the pressure to produce a deal is extremely intense. Essentially, if the politicians can’t work out a deal, a deal will be worked out for them. They don’t have much choice.

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