1. Mike Ryan says

    Davey Wavey IS a YouTube star and has made a name for himself. This visit with Matthew must be a real thrill and knowing Davey he wasted no time making moves on the guy once the camera was off. He does seem a bit obsessed with Tom Daly but Daly is straight and that loses all appeal for me. Mathew, OTOH, is gay and very hot and handsome. The thing I like most about DW is that on his YouTube channel he talks about everything gay, has fun with it, is very creative, witty and charming in the process. Davey Wavey is a good thing for the gay community. BTW, have you seen RuPaul Drives web series? Another clever YouTube show. Ru can illicit some of the best personal info from his famous passengers – not only interesting to know but also very funny.

  2. DMP says

    I love Matthew Mitcham but I just find Davey Wavey so irritating. I’m glad he is a success and I begrudge him nothing, but he just sets my teeth on edge.

  3. Buster says

    I want so badly to dislike Davey Wavey but for some reason I just can’t manage it. Some of that has to do with the obvious physical stuff. But he also manages to project this complete “out, sexy, comfortable with himself, comfortable with other people” quality that I find hard to resist.

  4. JohnnyB says

    Davey is very cute, proudly out, and completely vapid – as deep as a birdbath. His entire appeal is based not on what he has to say, but how good he looks shirtless. Put what comes out of his mouth in an average face & body and his videos would have received 5 hits apiece. He has an out Olympic medalist next to him and asks him idiotic and insulting questions, and Matthew plays along because he seems like a sweetheart. Shallow dweebs like Davey aren’t doing us any favors.

  5. D.R.H. says

    I like Davey, I think he’s more intelligent than most of the silliness he talks about. But I found it a bit insulting that he was sitting next to a proud and out gold-medal winning olympian and the only thing he kept talking about was Tom Daley.

  6. Bill says

    @ D.R.H.: he probably is a lot more intelligent than people think – otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get the income needed to travel around making these videos.

    As an example, there was a “TV” bimbo (forget her name) who came across on the tube as a complete airhead. Then someone showed some footage of her playing classical music reasonably well. It turns out that she graduated from a good school (maybe Stanford, but I forget which one). Her “airhead” persona was just an act.

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