1. AdamTh says

    The lawsuit may be directed at Shannon, but keep in mind Shannon is only about 10 miles south of Tupelo, MS – world headquarters of Bryan Fischer’s American Family Assciation. I’m pretty sure a lot of that hostility was a direct result of AFA’s involvement.

  2. woody says

    Until 2007, Shannon was home to Rumors, the gay bar featured in the Kevin Smith/Malcolm Ingram film Small Town Gay Bar.

  3. gr8guyca says

    Why did she have to explain what type of bar it was going to be?
    Is anyone required to describe the future clientele of an establishment? Does any bar owner have to say, “This will be a biker bar,” or, “This will be a stupid redneck bar” ?

    I would think that one just needs a license to open a business and a liquor license – and that’s it.

    But this is the Deep South. Not long ago the people in the meeting would have been wearing white hoods and burning a cross in the parking lot.

  4. woody says

    my sister moved from long island to mississippi 20 years ago and turned into a huckabee loving, fox news watching bigot.
    it’s in the water.
    now, i’m like “who are you?”

  5. Mary says

    This is just unbelievable. There is no reason to deny this woman a license to open a gay bar – except homophobia. If people don’t like gays then all the more reason why gays people having “their own bars” is what you’d want. This way their gayness won’t have to be “in your face.” Right?

    I’m suspecting that the most vociferous opponents of this bar are probably terrified that their secret stash of gay (or lesbian) porn may be discovered one day!

  6. Chaz says

    WHY didn’t they film the crowd? One three minute youtube videos of screaming bigots is worth a million hours of heartfelt explanation.

  7. anon says

    Had enough cash been exchanged under the table this would not have happened. The applied leverage stinks of corruption. I doubt the aldermen care about gay issues one way or the other.

  8. GH says

    Thank goodness for the courts. They’ve saved many a gay. Otherwise they might be run out of town.

  9. Rich says

    It’s ironic that a community that would have enthusiastically supported separate facilities for African Americans would deny a license to one for LGBT Americans.

  10. Robert says

    Woody – yep it is, like a lot of cities in Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana. All red states, all full of minorities, most of which are too stupid to realize they’re voting against themselves at the polls every single year.

    When you look at all the close-mindedness and hate and IGNORANCE in this country, it’s hard to imagine we were ever the greatest country in the world.

  11. FFS says

    This is why we donate to the ACLU.

    Get’em! Spend our donations laying the smackdown on these skidmarks. Kick their asses so hard the siblings they’re sexually involved with will feel it!

  12. Art says

    Does anyone expect respect from MissingAssPeeians? The real problems is that their brains and hearts are in the MissingAsses that got pee’d in.

  13. Hagatha says

    From the history of Shannon (on official website)

    “The old downtown part of Shannon was built on land owned by two bachelor brothers, the late George and Ed Shannon, sons of founder Samuel Shannon. Soon people were flocking to the railroad and the new little town was born.”

    Bachelor brothers?

  14. Hagatha says

    I would say that we need to send this woman some money so she can afford to fight these people. However, I can’t imagine that O’Hara’s will be able to make it even if the town is forced to issue a license. Surely the resentful psycho-christians will get the police to harass the place and its patrons. It would probably be smarter by some assessments to drive to Birmingham or Memphis and spend the night to go to a gay bar the way people from rural Virginia do to Richmond and DC gay bars.

  15. Raleighrob says

    The article in Reuters quoted the town’s lawyer as saying it had nothing to do with the fact she’s gay and because the town had voted to allow no more bars in the city limits.
    Ok, fine. Let’s test that out—get her license to open a Gay Coffeehouse then. No reason to deny that, eh?? Hmmm??
    *crickets chirping*