1. sundayboy says

    I like this. This kind of tactic has an immeasurably profound effect. The message is homophobia is bad for business, no matter where in the world you conduct it.
    They should take the name of the American potential investor who made the howlingly homophobic statement too. It’s important to note who these neo-fascists are and what their connections are. He used strong language. They start with taunts but they rarely end there.

  2. Randi Reitan says

    Bless their hearts! No company should be investing in Russia … and they should let Russia know they are not investing as a way to support the Russian gay community.

  3. FFS says

    Love the passion. Love the initiative.

    Love it enough to overlook the fact that the assertion that Russia is devoid of the rule of law is completely backwards. Rule of Law in Russia has run amok. Important distinction.

    But, bless their hearts, indeed. What militant activists lack in brains, they more than make up for with chutzpah.

  4. Robert says

    As a former San Francisco Queer National, its good to see the old institution resurrected in NYC. Direct action like this keeps the topic alive and the focus where it should be: Queer rights in Russia are as important as they are here.

    Great job!!

  5. Vint says

    I’m sure many Princeton alumni will be shocked to hear that the Princeton Club is used as a forum for such repulsive anti-social conferences.

    They need to make their voices heard on the matter!

  6. emjayay says

    Too bad there wasn’t a fouth guy to say “Cultural death….you mean like all the actually advanced countries on earth you want to invest in Russia which now not only don’t vilify and persecute gay people any more but have gay marriage too?”

    Anyway, good job guys.

  7. Rob says

    Well put, Sundayboy. And I agree Princeton alumni should lash out. The Cornell Club nearby lives in fear of alienating alumni. Princeton’s should, too.

    It takes guts to disrupt an occasion like this, but it must be very fortifying to the persecuted gays in Russia. This kind of gesture is picked up by the press and is very effective. As, incidentally, was the movement to divest from companies doing business in Apartheid South Africa.

  8. Inis Magrath says

    I’m generally not a fan of disruption for the sake of disruption (like glitter bombing which makes no point). But in this case, these protesters make cogent points and valid statements that needed to be said. My heroes for the day.

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