1. says

    Great excuse for a mayor! I’m not responsible for my actions cause I was in a drunken stupor the whole time. Probably caused him to be anti-gay, too. Time for Toronto to finally get rid of this big embarrassment.

  2. whitneyisadude says

    This is one of the reason I love ‘Murikah. Had this happened in the states this swollen genmod turkey would be DONE. The video would leak and he’d hand in his resignation within an hour. His party would turn in him and his colleagues would get him out of office post haste. In Canada tho no one seems to have the authority to just remove him and he clearly lacks the self respect to just leave. He’s beyond an embarrassment to a great city and great country.

  3. Nick says

    Ford: I just drink ’til I black out, so no problem! I remember smoking that crack that I can’t remember smoking.

    How on earth does any of that make sense?

  4. says

    Mayor Fraud was only elected due to the greater city’s preposterous amalgamation in the 1990s – he won literally no votes in the actual *city* of Toronto, and was voted in by the ‘burbs. We have an anti-city mayor voted in by anti-city folks in the city’s outer-boroughs, and he’s been an embarrassment ever since. That embarrassment, however, has (as to be expected from The Stupids) energized his loyal fanebase of beer-guzzling neanderthals. They don’t see shame and hypocrisy in Mayor Fraud – they’re too busy being happy that “big city folks with their fancy schmancy educations and full sets of teeth” are frustrated and embarrassed by Mayor Fraud. It’s pathetic.

    Ford could be filmed having sex with a dead hooker and his loyal fanbase of mouthbreathers would still delight that “it was pissing off liberals”.

    I love, though, that “drunken stupors” is being passed off as an excuse for smoking crack. face. palm.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    I love, though, that “drunken stupors” is being passed off as an excuse for smoking crack. face. palm.

    Canadian seem to think it’s a reasonable explanation.

  6. Dan Cobb says

    CLASSIC B U L L Y and these reporters are like lambs to the slaughter.
    He’s completely controlling them. How pathetic. Too much “niceness” in Canada. They need a little moral indignation.

  7. david from Edmonton says

    Seriously it amazes me that even in my home country only stupidity reigns supreme in that his polling number have increased. Just what one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world needs is drunken, crack smoking buffoon as the mayor. It’s amazing anything ever get done with screwballs like this at the helm. People from Toronto need to give their heads a shake and make it clear that this is beyond acceptable behaviour of a politician.

  8. RonCharles says

    Hmmm, drunken stupor? This is not quite up there with the Reverend Ted Haggard’s claiming of Crystal Meth inducing a gay f**k fest, but Mayor Rob Ford has given it his best shot!

  9. BETTY says

    Seems there are few queens here who are using this as an excuse to bash all Canadians. What’s the matter, get turned down by a couple of Canucks who didn’t want to play hide the back bacon with you? Grow up.

  10. gordon says

    A great Canadian city lead by a drunken crack who cares? Apparently not citizens of Toronto or they would throw him out and put in a person of better character to represent their great city to the world. Don’t they have recall elections there?

  11. BETTY says

    Gordon – No. There is no recall provision in the province of Ontario sadly. The only way he can be removed from office is if he is convicted of a crime. He has not been charged with any crime at this point. He was convicted of conflict of interest charges last year and ordered removed from office but won on an appeal.

    Toronto has had to put up with this buffoon and his councillor brother and all of their shenanigans for 3 years now, the term of office is 4 years.

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